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Gluten intolerance as a discipline in the victimhood Olympics

Today I overheard a female acquaintance of mine talk about a get-together she had with a few of her female friends last weekend. They had to celebrate something and thus cooked dinner together. So far so good. It got interesting when she elaborated on the various constraints those women brought up. Of a total of eight women, three were lactose intolerant, two claimed to have a gluten allergy, and one, not counted among the previous women, even went for the hattrick of lactose intolerance plus gluten allergy plus self-inflicted veganism. They had to prepare a special meal for her.

My numbers may be off, but my perception is that gluten intolerance is exceedingly rare, something like 1 in 200. Lactose intolerance is a sliding scale. Quite a few people are probably somewhat lactose intolerant. Heck, if I drink a gallon of milk a day, my body rebels as well. Probably people for which lactose intolerance is a severe issue are as rare as 1 in 200 if not a lot less. Veganism is, of course, a poor lifestyle choice. You can join that kind of militant food activism yourself if you are so inclined. Yet, those people are a minority as well.

As I was aware of those odds, my knee-jerk response was that those women probably don’t suffer from any of this but simply like the attention that comes with claiming to have some kind of food allergy. This might sound absurd, but then you have to recall that small children sometimes pretend to be sick because they know they get a lot of attention from their parents as well as their friends.

This reminds me that I once dated a girl who seemed to have fairly regular eating habits. One time, though, I opened the fridge and saw ersatz products like so-called soy milk — this is not milk; it’s also not particularly healthy — and other products for people with lactose intolerance. I asked her what the matter was as I did not have the impression that she had an issue with eating dairy products. Her response was the following:

“I just wanted to try out those products to see if I like them.”

I concluded that she was bonkers. She deliberately bought products that were more expensive and, presumably, of a worse quality than the real thing. Furthermore, her motivation was to see if she would find those products palatable. If they didn’t taste that bad, she could then pull out a victim card that states “lactose intolerance” and have other people bend over for her to accommodate her supposed issue. Just imagine you are a dumb chick with nothing going for yourself, and then you figure out that “one weird trick” that makes people pay attention! I can certainly see the appeal of that.

Of course, some of you may now claim that I belittle the suffering of the truly lactose intolerant. Give me a break! We are talking about a minuscule number of people. Furthermore, those people are a lot more inclined to just avoid certain kinds of food instead of drawing attention to their issues.

On a related note, if you go through the people you know who publicly declare to have a gluten allergy or are lactose intolerant, what kind of person do you see? I did this exercise myself, and I all I could conjure up were images of weak leftist cretins. Among women having a gluten allergy seems to be all the rage these days. However, I also recall encounters with weak, effeminate men who proclaimed to have various food allergies. It’s basically always just little whiny bitches, male or female.

12 thoughts on “Gluten intolerance as a discipline in the victimhood Olympics

  1. You should check out the Angry Chef… he calls out BS on all these diet fads…. Like “clean eating”.

    Another trendy ” sacrifice” people (typically women) make are ‘detox’ programs… like ” I won’t eat sugar or carbs cos I’m on a detox” (but then continues to smoke or continue with another set of bad habits.

    Interesting take, sleazy, that these diet fads are simply attention whoring. While there are ppl who are truly gluten intolerant (e.g. celiac disease being the cause), the rest are just fad followers and/or suckers for marketing gimmicks. (Atkins diet any one?????)

  2. Not going to delve into the intolerances because I agree with you, one statement here is utterly illogical that is “Veganism is, of course, a poor lifestyle choice”. Defiantly some faux manhood on the line in accepting that Veganism is the most logical choice in terms of resources land to yield, decline in all cause mortality and environmental impacts (which I know you aren’t concerned with). People won’t acknowledge veganism as a viable choice are often cursed with a case of “youthinkyourbetterthanme syndrome” and serve lack of knowledge on the topic and get trigger by some nut whiny about meat eaters are all evil ect ect. hell I used think exactly the same way about the issue but if your open to new information you might be surprised at what you find. It starkly conflicts with traditionalists values and is often associated with vocal whiny faggots but there are some real men who get around it.

    Here is a video of some vegan body builders:

    1. I have only briefly looked into veganism. The main issue I saw was replacing protein sources such as meat and eggs with soy, in particular tofu. What I read about soy products made me very skeptical. I have no problem admitting that my aversion is due to cultural factors as well, which you so fittingly summarized by calling that group “whiny faggots” (excellent choice of words!).

      To me at least one of the bodybuilders in the video looks like a “fake natty”. If you have other sources to share, please do so. I’m certainly interested in exploring this topic further.

    2. Actually, fotosynthesis or living of cosmic spiritual energy is the only logical choice, as plants have conciousness and experience pain, as science recently discovered. It also discovered trees, just like humans, are born as communists.

      Humanity needs to stop eating meat and plants and start living from a different energy source like doing fotosynthesis if it wants to stop inflicting suffering on other concious beings.

    3. Not that I dont applaud your efforts ryry, im very proud of you. But you should understand veganism is not the endpoint. Eventually we also need to think about the ethics of killing bacteria, viruses or insects. In other words, humanity must evolve to a higher spiritual plane where it doesnt have the same physical presence that hurts other living beings. Ascension(maybe through buddhism and meditation.?) . Or uploading our conciousness to a computer since that can live of solar panels without hurting plants or animals.

    4. I don’t get it.
      Not being a vegan has worked pretty well so far, no? Tens of thousands of years, right?
      Why change a winning team?

  3. Yeah a common complaint, I personally tend to avoid excess soy consumption not because of oestrogen (soy only has pyhtoesptrogen btw) but just cause you don’t really get that much protein when compared to other sources. Lentils, chickpeas and other beans such a kidney and canalini beans are generally the staples. Quinoa is a complete protein, nuts are also pretty good. If you are lifting often supplement that with rice + pea protein powder and you should be good as far as protein is concerned, (it is easier then eating a shittone of legumes and beans).

    “I have no problem admitting that my aversion is due to cultural factors as well, which you so fittingly summarized by calling that group “whiny faggots” ”

    hahaha completely normal reaction here, I know those were my initial thoughts for sure. Its really funny how they can take a solid science backed proposal and just turn it irrational name calling.

    haha yeah who isn’t on fucking roids these days man.

    As far as resources go there is allot of bullshit out there. Trying to be unbiased here I would say the main drawbacks of veganism are it is inconvenient at times, it can be difficult to balance Marcos as you get a lot of carbs and the actual volume of food can be hard to get in especially if you are new to it. Though that being said it can’t hurt to have some vegan meals in your repertoire, as most people can’t be fucked to go all out, maybe toy around with one or two meals that look good for some variety, there is a lot more out than you would think at first glance.

    Cory MaCarthy sticks out as one of the least pussy most logical youtubers I can think off, though he gets a bit into unit ageing supplements which I personally think are a bit bs.

  4. when i eat wheat in somewhat big quantities
    my body react badly

    i got skin bumps ,acne and i get depressed also
    i seem to lose sleep.
    when i dont eat wheat this shit magically disapear.
    my guess my gut becomes “leaky” in the presence of this shit. needless to say i avoid this shit like a plaque and also wish i didnt have this shit.

    so it is kind of ironic (is it the right word?)that you speak about this and here i am getting shit faced when consume wheat.

    also i wasnt always like this , i developed it in the past two years. (i think it is a consequence of some kind of a chronic infection)

    lactose on the other hand i consume alot and dont seem to have an issue.

    1. I think you misunderstood the point of the article. I explicitly state that a very small number of people suffer from food allergies or other adverse reactions. However, the number of people who claim to suffer from such problems is quite certainly orders of magnitude greater than the number of people who actually do suffer from them.

  5. Most studies suggest gluten sensitivity impacts on around 1% of the population, though probably 10% of people think they have it. Generally, excessive grain consumption is probably not a good thing, unless you are trying to fatten up, like cattle. Veganism is a fad, with little or no parallels to how humans ate for most of their time in existence. Your average hunter-gatherer derived around two-thirds of his or her calories from animal products and seemed to be in pretty good shape.

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