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An example of a woman who is facing the wall (video)

The wall is a sad reality of the life of women. Men are very aware of it. Yet, it seems that women doubt its existence. There certainly is no shortage of leftover women who wonder why they are invisible to men, and who are slowly but surely getting impatient because the hot young billionaire with a six-pack who is likewise a cuck and more than happy to marry a woman well past her prime is nowhere to be seen.

Women start to worry about the wall years after having crashed into it with full speed. Have you ever wondered what women think whose looks fade and how they deal with it? Sure, I don’t really care about it either, but here is a great video of a wall-hitting woman, which I would like you to watch:

We learn that she is back on the dating market, and men don’t seem to be all that interested in her anymore. The few hot men out there rather go after women six to eight years younger than her. To her, though, men who would want to meet up with her, and if only for a quick pump-and-dump, are of no interest to her. She isn’t taking it well that her dating pool is a lot smaller than she initially thought.

Of course, I am only focussing on looks. She’s trying to score on Tinder, which is not known to be a platform where personality gets you very far. Not that it helps all that much with hooking up in clubs and bars either, compared to dashing looks. Her looks are pretty shot. What is worse, though, is of course what comes out of her mouth. There is so much you, dear attentive reader, readily infer, but which she is glossing over.

Certainly, one question is what happened to her old boyfriend. Did he leave her, or did she simply dump him, thinking that she’ll easily get someone better. I would bet that it was the latter. Note that listening to her voice is grating. I would thus also find it plausible that her old boyfriend just had enough and traded her in for a younger version of herself. I also could not fail to notice that she seems rather annoyed. But I’m sure she’s a real bundle of joy and super-fun to be around in real life. She’s quite a catch, isn’t she?

The biggest problem, though, is that she does not consider the perspective of men at all. To be fair, though, plenty of men who are unsuccessful with women behave the very same way. Instead of asking themselves why no woman wants them, they accuse women of being too picky or hope that “game” will get them all the 10s who currently don’t even give them the time of day. We all know how well that turns out, though. In the case of women, it is likewise baffling when they don’t seem to realize that men have a choice, too. In fact, given that women tend to have exaggerated expectations and only consider 20% of men to be “above average”, it is obvious that those 20% of men have a lot of choices. Wall-hitting women normally are not among the women they consider.

13 thoughts on “An example of a woman who is facing the wall (video)

  1. Why would a free man, who’s mentally sane voluntarily let his life getting completely wrecked by women like these? (a purely philosophical question, I know…)

  2. In a way I’m actually getting amused by watching such women ranting on and on just without end: she gets no cock, gets no sperm, thus no child => no paycheck from the ca$h couch to settle onto for the rest of her life.

    For women, being neglected this way equals maximum punishment. Such women should be left behind bathing in their own tears.

  3. The fun part: if you mute the video, she still looks pretty good – perfect make-up, perfect lightning. But the video is from 2016, so I checked her channel – this is how she looks only one year later – HOLY COW, she gained weight:

    Full body shown starting at 3:30 – her ass is already really big, and has potential to get ENORMOUS in the next 5-10 years 😉

    1. Jesus! Her ass already is enormous. The video you linked is quite entertaining. So, it seems she’s claiming to make a living off YouTube, which is most certainly not the case. Also, her talk is really cringe-worthy. Spoiler-alert: her videos were indirectly funded by the Canadian taxpayer. What is this world coming to?

      EDIT: The comments are hilarious. People are commenting on her fat ass, and she’s not getting it. One guy told her to “keep up the blooming”.

    2. Her ass is yuuuuuge!! I’ve always thought that tights, skinny jeans, or other types of body hugging pants could help slightly plump women look more in shape. But this is beyond saving to me.

    3. It’s so funny.
      That’s the clothing trend I hate the most. These jeans which just look so idiotic. Like, who the fuck came up with the idea that if you wear them higher, i.e. pull up the cut, so that the belt sits on the height of the belly button, that it would make the ass smaller or make the woman look slimmer?
      And why do women buy the promise that men don’t get this “optical illusion” of sorta like blurring the line of where the ass starts?
      Everytime I see this I almost want to feel offended (not really, she’s fat, so who gives a damn^^) as if she’s saying “yeah, I can fool you about my body with the right clothes”
      No bitch, I can see through the masquerade, evolution has done a good deal at training men’s eyes lol

  4. Well, she does make the right observations, though. The social media vibe and the resulting FOMO. Or that she needs to make kids pretty soon, but when you make the math it’s more like meeting the guy plus 2-3 years.
    I mean, she’s right there.
    Does the right observations, but makes the wrong conclusions. FOMO does not mean we trained our brains to be unhappy, constant comparison with others is unhealthy per se. Conclusion would be to, erhm… get off Facebook. Guess she can’t live without the cat videos her friends post.
    The underlying question of the video is: “Like, seriously? I have to do something to get a man?”
    Yes girl, that’s reality.

  5. Although Hollywood is just trash, at least they still refuse to put aging women on-screen like they do for aging men.

    As per usual in my Facebook, I’m seeing anger from female “friends” about how Blade Runner (and hollywood) refuse to put old women on-screen, as discussed here:

    (Never mind that the Harrison Ford character was the main character in the original film…but hey, let’s not let facts get in a way of a feminist rant…)

    1. Thanks for posting this! I liked the original Blade Runner, and without your comment it would have taken a bit longer until I had learnt about the sequel.

      Of course, there is a clear difference between old men and old women. I think appeals to diversity find their natural limits once the bottom line is negatively affected, which it most likely would be if you replaced good-looking young women with grannies.

  6. “Guys, it is being quite the wake”….

    And that’s as far as I went. Just her voice, her seemingly overinflated lips, and her bitchy face did it for me. Too bad, she could have been at least a trophy wife a la Melania Trump for a rich guy.

  7. 7:53 “I am boyfriendless that’s why I am working”

    Yeah instead of making babies and taking care of her boyfriend she was a bitch and focused on her “career” = making youtube videos.
    No wonder her ex dumped, he got tired of providing for a grown child.
    Fortunately for him!

  8. Still looks ok in this vid, though signs of wall crashing are there. My bet though is that she does have orbiters that she keeps around but never fucks who would love to wife her up, at the same time complaining “no good men”

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