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Anti-Trump Aerobics

People love hiding behind “irony”. If something looks subpar, just claim it wasn’t your best effort. Instead, you were being ironic with your creation. People write ironic books, songs, even source code. Some dress in an “ironic” way. It’s a convenient excuse to escape any criticism. It’s also a great way to make sure you never grow up, such as the two “ironic” artists who created “Anti-Trump Aerobics”:

It boggles my mind.

7 thoughts on “Anti-Trump Aerobics

  1. When you realize that they actually believe in what they do… that’s when it becomes scary.

  2. I still find it baffling how people were so damn upset about Trump saying you can “grab women by the pussy” [when you’re rich/famous, although this aspect gets ignored] BUT it’s okay for the new German ahem immigrants to actually grab women by the pussy.

    1. They not only grab them by the pussy. Rape, as in “actual rape” is the new normal in the West, thanks to the influx of around two million savages.

  3. i’m from the netherlands and the migrant rape isn’t a new thing here. it’s going on for 40 years or so. it’s just getting worse now there more off them. and it’s harder to keep it out off the news because off social media. sadly the second and third generation is even worse. some off the migrants children that are born here are even more fucked up. there is only one possible outcome to all off this. WAR!!! these animals raped my sister when she was 14. this happened 30 years ago. back then if you would say that immigrants did it you would be called a nazi for pointing out their background. i’m glad that the silence is finally broken. it’s sad most western men are pussyfied. i dont see most men ready for war anytime soon. we moved 2 times because these animals took over the place. this time i’m moving to thailand. far away from these animals and the lefty a holes that keep giving them our money.

  4. as for the Anti-Trump Aerobics it’s just a way to make money for the feminist. i dont think it would sell if they call it Jump For Feminism. luckily most feminist aren’t even capable off jumping. i wouldn’t bet on a large profit.

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