Why “Entourage” is “Sex and the City” for beta men

Quite some time ago we had a brief discussion on the HBO show “Entourage” in an Open Thread. I would like to revisit that and flesh out my previous remarks.

“Entourage” has often been highlighted by PUA gurus morons as an example of a show full of characters guys wanting to get better with women could learn from: alpha behavior, camaraderie, going out with the boys and all that. It’s an entertaining TV show, even though I think the directors couldn’t really make up their mind with regards to the main story arc. It’s all about Vinny Chase becoming an A-list movie star. He makes a few stupid decisions and eventually hits rock bottom at the end of one of the later seasons. Viewership numbers probably were a tad disappointing, because due to a deus-ex-machina intervention he gets another A-list gig and is quickly back to banging supermodels, partying it up, spending money like a drunken sailor on shore leave, and letting his “boys” make all the important decisions for him.

What irks me about this show is that it is often lauded as a great example of a TV shows made for men. Yet, that is precisely not what it is. Instead, it’s a TV show for cucks. Just think of pretty boy Vinnie: he is overall an incredibly passive character. A bunch of random dudes around him make all decisions for him. The true main character of the show, Ari Gold, constantly makes fun of the fact that Vinnie takes advice from a “pizza boy”, i.e. Eric Murphy, who just so happened to have been Vinnie’s childhood friend. Yet, he’s calling the shots for Vinnnie’s career, and tells him to make utterly stupid decisions, like not taking a $12m gig because “Vinnie does not want to be type-cast as a superhero actor”.

In “Sex and the City” we had a bunch of women in their 30s, which the accompanied into their early 40s. They are not particularly good-looking, with the exception of the tall brunette. Yet, they all get laid like crazy. The main protagonist even has a buff billionaire with a huge cock (“Mr Big”) chase after her. It’s cringe-worthy beyond belief. Yet, weak-minded women lapped it up. The “women can have it all” fantasy is alive and kicking. Just move to NYC, and surely you, too, ugly Suzie from flyover-country with your shitty job will get a handsome billionaire!

“Entourage” likewise appeals to your regular mainstream guy. The main actor hardly ever stands up for himself. His catch phrases are, “Don’t worry.” and “It’ll work out.”. I don’t recall him ever making a sound decision for himself. When he bumps into a porn star at a party, he willingly allows his life to descend into chaos, lives off coke for months, but, still, in the end everything just works out. Likewise, there is no “alpha behavior” on display with regards to women. More or less every woman he comes across readily jumps on his cock. In the last season there is one who doesn’t, which is worthy of its own story arc! (Vinnie the Cuck marries her in the end.) Also note that you basically never ever see Vinnie “working”. Real actors rehearse their role, they memorize their lines. Vinnie just walks in and presumably ad libs everything.

Similarly, the average viewer of “Entourage” is encouraged to identify with the actors. Joe Schmoe is led to believe that Vinnie is the same kind of loser he is. It’s just that Vinnie has been placed in more advantageous circumstances. Joe doesn’t really stand up for himself. He was the little bitch boy of his mom. He rarely gets laid, and when he does, it’s because some woman who looks like a dog wanted his meat for lack of other options. When he’s in a relationship, he gladly turns into a bitch boy again. Joe doesn’t really put in any effort either. He phones it in at work and in his spare time he gets fucked up on drugs and alcohol, just like Vinnie. Joe is also readily influenced by other people around him. But if Joe was Vinnie, the very same personality traits would lead him to live the life of a Hollywood A-lister.

That being said, “Entourage” is still entertaining to watch, for the most part. They lost me when they turned Ari Gold into a pussy, as he was carrying the show.

9 thoughts on “Why “Entourage” is “Sex and the City” for beta men

  1. Always loved Ari, very badass character and actor. The whole show is based on celebrity worship and dues ex machinas though. I couldn’t watch more than the first and second seasons, although a few of my bros swear by it. I was always more into Californication, or Spartacus.

    1. Spartacus was great! It is one of very few TV shows that dares to depict men as driven and aggressive, and (some) women as evil schemers and vain materialists. The guy who replaced the main actor due to its untimely death in season 2 needed some time to grow into the role, so that show peaked very early for me, in season 1. Season 4 was very good, though.

      I enjoyed watching the first season of Californication, but I lost interest during season 2, where they introduced that star-fucking teenage girl who stole Hank’s script. That stretched my suspension of disbelief a bit too much.

  2. I think I stopped watching Californication after the RZA finale. Worst ending to a season I’ve ever fucking seen (season 4 or 5, can’t remember). Spartacus’ new actor did take some time to grow on me, but I didn’t mind. It’s still a great show to watch as a man with other guys and constantly say things like “Jupiter’s Cock!” or “Ahh, it’s been some time since you’ve enjoyed your fill of coin and cunt.” Nothing beats the first season.

  3. Entourage was very entertaining, a show to watch after work and relax, because… it just flows. No worries, something good is going to happen.
    That was the funniest part for me. When shit hits the fan, you can bet that the directors will let some phone ring and miraculously, some super-duper important dude changed his mind about Vinnie, he gets THE big deal and shit can go on as usual (of course Vinnie has to change his mind 5 times about it^^).
    I think the main intention was to show that “just go to Hollywood and things will work out for ya”.
    If you know that this is not real life, it is really fun.
    Btw, Eric’s on-and-off chick, I think Sloan was her name (how does one come up with such a name…?), she was hot. Totally unrealistic to be with such a loser like him, but hey, just go to Hollywood, it’s gonna happen 🙂

    Never heard of Spartacus, gonna take a look. thanks guys.

    1. Sloan is not only super-hot. She is also a good foot taller than Eric and is the daughter of a billionaire. That pairing was a lot less believable than Turtle getting Jamie-Lynn Sigler aka Meadow Soprano. In Entourage they make it sound as if she was an A-lister, when in reality, she was taking roles like playing the checkout girl in the music video “Jizz in My Pants” back then.

  4. I could only manage a few minutes of Entourage as the characters were just too annoying. Usually, these shows have one “idiot” character and in Entourage, they all seemed to be idiots. Sex and the City was another tv show where I sat down to watch it once and found out rapidly I hated all four of the main female characters. Their lives also seemed ridiculously implausible.

  5. Far worse fodder of a TV show for beta schmucks is “big bang theory”.

    They’re you have four stunted males who are such thirsty betas. One character, the Indian guy, literally is incapable of talking to anyone with a vagina (I..e he shuts down and becomes a weirdo creep).

    Then you have Leonard who has one itis for his blonde bimbo neighbor. But wait his nice guy ways are rewarded as he gets to marry her…and be grateful for her giving him sex.

    The first few seasons were good but as more female characters were asded, it became a sitcom of ‘nerd boys learn about life from the (smarter) women they have oneits for.”

    I hear ‘Last man standing’ is a conservative show…maybe that’s a nice respite from all these fempowerment crap on tv.

    1. TBBT is one of those shows you believed were cool and funny just because they seemed to appeal to “geeks”.
      Then you forgot about it, you came back to it years later, and you realize that is actually quite cringy, only reinforced stereotypes, and created a surge of interest for those kind of interests. You know what I’m talking about: young women with tight bodies, claiming to be “geeks” just because they bought a comic or they saw the last Star Wars movie, and made a cosplay of Slave Leia. And only was worsened when the feminists put their claws on this kind of media.

  6. lol these kind of shows are gay as fuck. I can vividly imagine the type of “alpha bro” that religiously watches this shit. It’s just life porn for losers.

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