There is a psycho woman outside my apartment building

I’ve been writing for a few hours, until I heard some woman scream. I didn’t think much of it at first as there are a few families living in the area. I quickly realized that it wasn’t a woman shouting at her kids (way to go, mom!). It didn’t stop, so I got up and looked outside the window. It was quite ridiculous. Outside my apartment building there was a woman in workout clothes shouting on the phone. She was berating what seemed to be her ex-boyfriend or just some dude who pumped and dumped her. I heard something like “I’m gonna stand here all day until you come out”, “No, you won’t do that to me!”, a lot of garbled nonsense, and also, which cracked me up, “This is [country in Europe] — men and women are equal here!”.

This ties in nicely with some of my recent posts on crazy women. Some are so crazy that you will need to file a restraining order. That won’t help you if she throws a kitchen knife at you, though. From what I gathered, she had the euro-whore look pat down: hair dyed platinum blonde, fake tan, slutty outfit at 1 pm, looking like 30 but is probably in her mid-20s. Think of the guy for a moment! He put his dick into crazy, was probably pretty happy he got his dick wet, and didn’t think of the consequences. It serves that guy right, and I hope he learns from that experience.

You may now rightly think what women want to gain by flying off the handle. That would be the wrong way to think about it. They aren’t acting rationally. Even worse, once they snap out of their temporal insanity, they act as if all their craziness wasn’t real.

To you guys out there, I really hope you’ve experienced how crazy women can be because it will teach you to stay the fuck away from them.

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