Beware, there are genuinely evil women out there

In my post on Jordan Petersons’s misguided view on MGTOW, blog reader “patriarchal landmine” left the following sarcastic comment:

it’s obvious that when mom locked me in my room and withheld food from me, it was because I was a bitter loser mgtow who just couldn’t get laid at age 8.

First of all, thanks for sharing. Second, this behavior points to an issue that is never addressed in the mainstream and also, to my knowledge, fully ignored by “dating gurus” and “life coaches”: there are genuinely evil and thoroughly fucked up women out there. In particular, inexperienced men need to be warned of that. The issue is that they tend to have a highly idealized view of women. They are harmless guys who don’t swear, don’t start fights, don’t deadlift, don’t cheat, and don’t steal. If there are no rules in place, they create a set of rules to follow. Of course, I’m exaggerating. Yet, the issue is that the average guy is unable to handle the average girl.

The average girl will have had more experience with men (think a second or two how this works out numerically before leaving a comment); she most likely is also a much more social creature. That’s easy to do if you’re female and young. If you’re male and young, nobody gives a shit about you. So, young and inexperienced Mike goes out into the dating world. What could possibly go wrong? With a bit of bad luck, women may even approach him, or they may make it very easy for him. A woman doing all the work for you is a bad sign, but how would Mike know? All he wants it getting his puny pen0r wet. He does not have any reference experiences either. Maybe things work out fine and his first girlfriend is perfect: young, smart, healthy, emotionally stable. It could easily turn out differently, however.

One of the most profound experiences I’ve made is that there are genuinely evil women out there. I don’t want this article to devolve into a “best of” of all the insanity I personally had to experience with the superior sex (oh boy!), so I’ll only mention one particularly pernicious aspect. Do you guys know what gaslighting is? It is a psychological manipulating technique, and it only really works if the victim is in a weakened state. The goal is to make the victim question his perception of reality and doubt his own experience. The method is quite simple: the abuser does something reprehensible and when the victim questions it, the abuser denies it happened. For instance, your girlfriend could ask you for twenty bucks, but when you want the money back, she would deny you lent her any money. She may even claim she never asks you for any money at all. Another example (and a pretty stupid one, but one a girl once tried to play it on me) is her asking why you didn’t call her back — but she hasn’t called you. She then claimed I must have deleted the list of recent calls on my phone, even though I could easily demonstrate that that was not the case. This somehow led to an argument as I didn’t call her back, and never call her back, and don’t care about her. Obviously. Well, I didn’t say that gas lighters are smart or rational. In any case, when I realized that the girl I was seeing was gaslighting me, I knew I had to get out. Of course, there were other red flags, but back then I believed you could “work things out”.

The reason I mention this is that even though you may be an honest and kind person who would never harm anybody else, there is no guarantee that people you interact with behave in a similar way. If a woman starts to pull crap, it’s not because of you. Don’t, for one second, tell yourself that. Do not make any excuse for the crazy behavior of a woman. If it wasn’t you, she would pull that crap on someone else instead. The guiding principle is therefore to be watchful. If you notice that something with her behavior is off, plan your exit. She will not change. It will only get worse.

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  1. I feel like I have seen women’s true face. my entire family is packed full of women, the men never last long and if they do they are broken quickly.

    I considered my abuse completely normal until I was in my 30s. I would see leave it to beaver and “normal” families on tv and immediately considered it some idealized hollywood fantasy.

    this is just the beginning of the new generation of men.

  2. If a woman starts to pull crap, it’s not because of you. Don’t, for one second, tell yourself that.

    The number one advice I give to less experienced men (in real life) is “Dude, it’s never you, trust me”. This was like the single most important discovery I had made. It took me years of reference experience to learn

    – Like I’d have some really crazy experience with a chick i’d hand out with alone… And I would think that she was doing it IN RESPONSE to me.

    – Then I’d meet a guy who had also met her (he asked her out and also went out with her), and he’d have the EXACT SAME experience… Totally different guy, totally same crazy actions from her. Then i’d meet 3-4 other (varied kinds of guys), exact same crazy actions toward them. The guys are the variable, her crazy actions are the constant.

    – Or I’d approach a chick and she’d give me a completely crazy response. I would think it must be me, my approach. I did something to cause it. Then overtime 10 other guys would tell me they got the same crazy response from her. And all 10 guys would take it personally.

    What I tell guys nowadays, if you get crazy behavior from a chick, never take it personally, it’s never you. It’s her.

  3. I recently came across a couple videos where an otherwise decent looking woman chokes her own son on video to torture her ex, the father. Sick.

    1. Yeah, sure, here it is. But users BEWARE, its a gore site, so there is some pretty hardcore uncensored stuff on it, including gory traffic accidents, ISIS executions, photos and videos of rape and murder victims, etc… I advise those with a weak somach to stay away.


      For those who dont speak portuguese, the text at 0:52 says “Thays Caroline. She is the ex of the childs father. She made videos like these 15 days ago, father went to get the child. Yesterday she went to the house of the fathers family with two men, one of them armed, and took the child. Sent new videos after which they left, destination unknown.”

      This was in Curitiba, Brazil, Dec 2015. I did some quick googling in brazilian media sites, apparently the 21 year old woman was trying to coerce her 22 y/o husband to get back to her. A couple days later, after the videos went viral, she showed up with the kid and her lawyer at a police station, where she was promptly arrested. At first it seems they tried to deny it was her on the video (the bitch was dumb enough to show her face on it), that the footage had somehow been edited. But later she confessed and alleged mental health issues.

      If you look around the site under the tag “child abuse” you will see some other horrifying videos of parents and step parents abusing children, even sexually. There is one of a guy in Mexico caught on a CCTV drowning his stepdaughter in a hotel swimming pool. Go in at your own risk.

      If you want to turn your stomach a little more, and see what women are capable to doing to their children:

      or in this case, stepchildren. This happened in Turkey, and its the most disturbing of the three. The father installed a hidden cam after getting suspicions that something was not right. The silver lining is that the woman is now serving a 46 year sentence in a turkish prison.

      Aaron, I advise you look at the videos first and decide if you want to keep the links or, if you find they are too harsh for your blog, edit them out.

  4. women are far more likely to abuse their children then men. specially when they have a son. domestic abuse between partners is for 50 percent done by women and in most cases where the man is the one hitting. the woman did something to drive him over the edge. yet the mainstream media makes it look like men are all mindless brutes and women are all innocent flowers.

  5. my mother poisoned me for years. she gave me 2 types off medicine that would not mix well on purpose so i’ll get sick. then she would care for me and i would seek confort with her. all so she would feel loved and needed by me. and other people would compliment her for taking care for me and being a good mother. i was 4 when this started. when a doctor discovered it when i was 8 she blamed him and threatened him to destroy his career. after that she couldn’t get any off the medicine anymore and she became to scared so it stopped. the worst thing is that my mother has a IQ145 so she knows exactly what she was doing. no benefit off the doubt. a real monster. and she use to be beautiful. making it childsplay for her to manipulate people. when people think of monsters they picture a beast or a brute. while in real life a pretty face can hide a evil mind. even today now she lost her beauty she still raps people around her finger like it’s nothing. they’ll think what a nice old lady. they never see her coming.

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