The realistic alternative to Western women

Complaining about typical Western women is one thing, discussing alternatives instead of committing to a harpy is quite another. So, let’s talk about that issue. First, we should elaborate on a definition of “non-Western woman”. As a working hypothesis, it seems suitable to instead speak of women who do not exhibit mainstream Western behaviors such as slutting it up, rampant consumerism, vapid personalities and narcissism. In general, this leaves us with traditional women. As bizarre as it may sound at first, to me it seems plausible to consider a traditional Western woman a non-Western one, seeing how rare they are.

If you are looking for a long-term partner, you should look for the following, at the very least:

– her parents are not divorced
– she went to a decent university
– she did not study a complete bullshit subject
– she knows that money needs to be earned (no, this does not necessarily imply anything about her socioeconomic status)
– she wants to have children
– she does not view you as a walking wallet
– she is well-mannered
– she has had a very low number of previous sexual partners
– she is of above average intelligence
– she does not have three wardrobes full of clothes
– she has some genuine interests (no, shopping does not count)
– she does not consider herself a victim of the patriarchy

This is in addition to her being young, slender and attractive.

Now the question is where you find them. Here is a good start: work your ass off, and go to a name-brand university. If that doesn’t work out, aim for at least one of the best ten in your country. From my time at pretty decent universities, I recall that whores were not at all common, compared to the general population or to garbage-tier universities. If you make it to an elite university, you’ll get a pretty great bonus: access to a global alumni network and an alumni association. Those throw plenty of events. Some are boring as shit, but if you want to meet women who are presentable and come from at least a solid middle-class background, it’s an excellent start.

Professional success opens many doors, too. Here’s a nice one: if you live in a college town, maybe you can get an adjunct teaching position. Teach one course, get access to the student body. This doesn’t work so well if you’re a fuck-up, but if not, it’s a pretty sweet gig.

So far, I’ve been focusing on “non-Western Western women”, i.e. more traditional ones. If you don’t want to leave your country, you only have three demographics:

– traditional Western women
– exchange students
– expats

That’s largely it. Outside of university (stay clear of feminists, obviously), meeting traditional, conservative women isn’t so easy. In any bigger city, though, you’ll find events that target expats (expats have an “expat package”; I’m not talking about ESL teachers and waitresses from abroad). This is great because expats are normally smarter and more ambitious than the average. I once checked out my local bible circle. That was bizarre on a whole ‘nother level as the people seemed rather poorly adjusted to normal life.

Of course, what I wrote above is an addition to standard advice like expanding your social circle, finding your niche or get good at some hobby.

In any larger Western city you will find conservative Western women. They may well be the minority. Heck, to me it seems that just finding a woman whose parents aren’t divorced is not so easy. You may have a sizable number of exchange students. Just having a relationship, and even if it only last two or three months, with a traditional girl from Poland or Hungary will make you realize that the typical Western woman isn’t worth your time. If you’re young and have skills that are in-demand world-wide, maybe because you’re a finance or IT professional, your chances of finding a good woman increase dramatically. Instead of being restricted to the non-Western women who come to your city, you may be able to get a nice expat package and spend a few years abroad.

If you can’t attract non-Western women who belong to the middle class, though, you probably shouldn’t bother. Chances are high that she will use you as a ticket to the West, of which she may have a completely distorted view of. Just keep banging Western whores — and make sure to never marry any of them.

4 thoughts on “The realistic alternative to Western women

  1. Just out of curiosity, since I don’t remember having seen this in the forum, would you mind telling us a little more of [REDACTED].

    Although I understand if for privaacy reasons you prefer not to disclose too much.

  2. I’m Polish and I often see this stereotype of Polish women being more traditional, conservative, feminine and so on.
    If you’re looking for a girlfriend or a wife material please be aware of the role religion and mothers/grandmothers play in forming a Polish girl.
    I don’t mean this as positive though. Polish women are very dominant and their main focus is on children and household. Ofcourse they would feed you well, doing the daily chores gives them a sense of happines (something their mothers and gandmothers instilled in them) but sex plays a minor role in a longer term relationship. This is something I observe in many marriages in their 30ties or 40ties.

    So a 2-month relationship with a Polish woman may be interesting for a Western guy but with a longer term commitment you need to be careful to not become a dominated walking wallet that gets little pussy.

    1. Sex will play a comparatively minor role in all long-term relationships. The goal of sex is to have children, after all. Once kids are there, a couple focuses on turning them into proper human beings, ideally.

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