Sex is Serious

We take the advances of technology as well as the erosion of morality for granted. Yet, a mere twenty years ago access to the Internet was not easy to get by. Ten years ago, you would have been an early adopter with an account on Facebook. Five years ago Tinder was far from being mainstream. Yet, the average social media drone these days couldn’t imagine life without Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp and a plethora of dating apps. What was life like before that?

Many of you can probably remember life before the Internet went mainstream. However, probably very few of you are old enough to have memories of a time before the pill. I’m not that old yet either, so I lack such memories too. When the historical significance of the pill is discussed, people generally point out how revolutionary it was that women were able to control their reproduction. Afterwards Jane and Jill could slut it up as long as they wanted, or at the very least until they hit the wall.

As I am getting more and more turned off by Western women, I can’t help to notice that loose morals keep us from realizing some rather significant aspects of human mating and dating. Two such insights are pretty obvious, if you think about it:

1) Sex is serious: Joe and Jill get horny, but they get horny because it is part of every successful species on earth to procreate.

2) Relationships serve the biological purpose of raising children.

Let that sink in for a moment and contrast this with how your regular Western whore perceives this. No, I’m not applying some alleged double standards, because due to the fact that women are gatekeepers to sex, it is self-evident that promiscuity is only possible because there are enough women who live degenerate lives and happily take one dick after another. If that wasn’t the case, you would need to fork out hard-earned cash and purchase the service of actual whores if you wanted to get laid.

To the “modern”, i.e. degenerate, woman, sex is “fun”. They jump from Joe to Jack to Jeff who in turn are more than willing to accept them as partners. It doesn’t strike them as odd that they have already had half a dozen sexual partners before their 20th birthday. This leads to the second problem: relationships aren’t all fun and games either. You fall in love and, if things go well, subsequently pair-bond because Mother Nature wants you to have kids. Keep fucking a woman long enough with protection, and chances are that you will fall out of love with her again. Yet, if you managed to knock her up, you would most likely “man up” and make sure to provide for your kids. In the underclass, this may be different, as the dregs of society have the welfare state to fall back upon.

I made those realizations when I started actively seeking out conservative women. Quite frankly, when some Western whore lets me wait, I lose patience and move on. It’s not as if I would want to date her anyway. On the other hand, the selectivity of a more conservative woman is rather refreshing. It seems they are aware that sex is indeed serious. As a consequence, for instance, they don’t fuck around like stupid whores because they listened to their daddy instead who told them to carefully vet a guy before playing with this cock. Thus, by keeping their legs together, they won’t risk falling in love with some bad boy who gives them earth-shattering orgasms but would be a highly unsuitable partner. Likewise, they don’t want to waste their time in relationships that don’t have any long-term potential because they, well, don’t want to waste their time.

What is the alternative? That’s easy to see: women with high partner counts and perverted expectations on relationships who think they can get a kid in their 30s just as easily. Sex and casual relationships are all fun and games for women until they are not, and by the time your average whore makes this realization, it will be far too late.

7 thoughts on “Sex is Serious

  1. What is the realistic alternative to a western woman? A mail order bride from the middle east? Assuming you do find this conservative and traditional woman, then you have to hope they do not acquire a more modern outlook. In a recent TV show, they portrayed a bunch of Amish kids that just left the community. In short order, most of the girls went pretty mainstream.

  2. I would not take to TV shows to do an informed choice about pretty much anything.

    Especially if it is some “reality TV” show, which are as realistic as a $3 dollar bill.

    Rather, seek out research or actual people who go through the process and compare notes. Its imperfect for sure, but it beats TV make-believe.

  3. Call me what insults you can, but for the most of my younger life, I could tell a virgin after 30 minutes of facebook conversation. If she was nice, patient and had some interests then she was basically a virgin. After girl has sex for first 5-10 times she loses all interest in hobbys from my observation and she loses iq (only in conversation) by at least 10 points. Well, if she is still a virgin but had 10 boyfriends by now, the effect is basically the same.

    1. I’ve noticed this sad trend myself. And I will relate it back to masculine girls you mentioned in the other thread.

      Over the past 15 years I’ve tested many different hobbies to see what I like. So I was involved with a ton of different things. Everything from martial artists to dancing to yoga to language classes to art communities to fitness communities etc etc…

      The one trend I noticed is that any time a girl got a boyfriend (or became sexually active in a different way) she’d quit the hobby. Yeah she’d pop back in here and there… but no longer will she be a regular.

      Like literally the only girls to passion stick to something are girls who don’t have a boyfriend OR masculine girls. You just don’t see non-masculine girls being passionate about an interest if they have a sex-life. It’s sad in a way.

  4. Yes, sex is serious. While the pill was available in 1960 the average woman couldn’t get it without their husbands permission, it wasn’t until 1969 that single women over the age of 18 could legally get it, and then it was available in a few states.
    It wasn’t until the establishment of “the welfare state” that women went “male hunting”. Mostly because they had two “fall upon” safety nets, Those are; the pill,and welfare. The pill provided them a safe way to play “the field”, and welfare provides a finical safety net.
    I personally know several ladies that are in their mid 20’s and have 3, 4,6 kids each of the kids has a different biological father. These young ladies receive between$2100 and $3200 a month from the state of Oregon’s (welfare) I’m including section 8 (free/low cost rent) and food stamps. But, this situation is common in many high unemployment rural areas.
    Using the young lady with 3 kids, She has a nice house where her mom and grandmother live with her and the kids. So there are 4 generations living under the same roof. Which is provided by welfare through the section 8 program.
    While the pill liberated women in general for sex any where any time, the welfare state allows women the finical ability to really sleep around. Especially with illegal aliens. As they get turned in when the woman is tired of him, so he doesn’t have to pay child support.

    1. @ Randy: Very well put, Randy!
      As the saying goes: „Modernity“ is nothing but rationalized sexual misbehaviour.”
      I guess, I read that somewhere in E. Michael Jones’s books…

    2. Let us also not forget that – in this day and age – sex is just another elaborate form of political control. (Yes, you read that correctly.) A man has as many masters, as he has vices. It took a seducer and whoremonger like me quite some time to fully grasp this.

      And it’s an fairly old scheme as well. A certain Greek tyrant once came to a colleague of his and asked, “How can I ensure that rebellion will not be raised against me?” He answered by sayng: “Lead the most intelligent and influential citizens to harlots – and they will no longer to be a threat to you.”

      And this has been achieved in our time.

      No, I’m not rooting for the AfPak Talibs, but they were able to defeat the Soviet and American empire in Afghanistan, after all, precisely because they were NOT watching pornography, they were NOT trying to match with secular girls on Tinder, or going to bars to get drunk and score a ONS. All their innate masculine energy was focused on defeating the biggest empire in the world, and this is one crucial aspect of why they succeeded in doing so.

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