Tailspinning Sweden: Let’s control our borders after a terrorist attack!

Swedish libshits love jerking each other off because they successfully deluded themselves to be a “humanitarian superpower” and not, which is much closer to the truth, the laughing stock of the Western world. It was only a matter of time until they got to experience a terrorist attack on their own soil. This is what they get for invading Morocco, wait, er, this is the kind of gratitude they can expect for mistreating, er, showering third-world immigrants with welfare money and taking care of their every need. There have been terrorist attacks before, but so far the party line was to waffle about madmen or simply ignore that they have happened. That doesn’t work so well when a muzzie rams a truck into a department store.

Swedish police couldn’t catch the perpetrator. Guess what the government did next? They ordered to have border controls on exiting the country! Let this sink in: for years you could walk into Sweden without papers, claim to be politically prosecuted, get permanent residence and full access to the welfare state. Border controls were so passé, so nazi! Yet, once shit really hits the fan so that you no longer can deny reality, then suddenly they are useful. I guess such people put on a helmet after they’ve been in a deadly accident. Oh, wait…

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