What you can learn from Grizzly Man for dating

I recently watched Grizzly Man, a documentary on a rather unfortunate fellow named Timothy Treadwell. That guy devoted his life to befriending bears, grizzly bears, to be exact. The documentary is well-made. You have Werner Herzog narrating with a heavy German accent, and see plenty of videos of Timothy interacting with bears. There was just one problem with Timothy’s life goal: Bears are not the friends of humans. Timothy believed otherwise. One fine day, one bear had enough of Timothy, and just killed him.

It’s easy to dismiss that guy as a kook, which he most certainly was. However, the madness of not being willing to accept reality is rather common. We don’t even have to talk about deluded libshits and all the crap they believe. No, instead we can look at “game”, and its core promise. It is that if you’re a complete loser, you can still get girls by “hijacking their brain” and “exploiting loopholes in their matrix”. There is just one little problem: It just doesn’t fucking work.

As arguably the first outspoken critic of mainstream game, I’ve received a lot of angry mail by blithering idiots, and, for some time, a seemingly endless stream of bizarre blog comments, of which most made it to the trash folder. It didn’t take me long to just ignore all of that and keep crusading. These days, though, I’m so tired of people questioning the importance of looks, money, status, and location, that I just don’t care anymore. Go ahead and try “running game” on women that are completely out of your league. Meanwhile, the “beta cucks” you losers make fun of get their Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering, and pull down six figures in their mid-twenties. In Europe the difference between guys with shitty jobs and guys with great jobs isn’t quite so obvious on the payment slip, but an extra 1000 EUR a month in disposable income goes a long way with regards to “creating attraction”. (Crappy pay for the highly skilled is a main reason for their emigration, but according to the ruling communists that’s not a problem because a savage with an IQ of 70 is just as valuable for the economy as an engineer with an IQ of 130+.)

Truth is a hard pill to swallow. You can spend waste your entire life believing that billions of years of evolution don’t apply to you, and that women will jump your bone even if all you have going for you is “game”. Or you can make an actual effort in improving your life. You could buckle down, and have $200k in the bank by the time you reach your mid-30s, while enjoying a stable middle class life style, and marry a nice woman in her mid-to-late 20s who wants to settle down — or you become Joe the Barista who still struggles to make ends meet in his 40s, and by then the young cum guzzlers aren’t all that into him anymore.

In the end, the problem of getting girls isn’t so different from essentially everything else in life. Put in the work, or shut up. I went to high school in Germany, which has been under the ideological control of leftists since the 1960s. As a consequence, doing well in class was not considered something laudable. You literally had the biggest fucking idiots in class mock the smart kids. It’s the same with the biggest fucking losers nowadays who can’t get girls, not even the trashy ones, but who mock others for using “crutches” like money and status, or working hard on their appearance. It boggles my mind. Meanwhile, Germany is no longer able to finish large-scale construction projects on time, and the Chinese are eating their lunch. That country is as good as done. The same is true for every fucking loser on this planet who thinks that he’ll get girls with “game”. Nope, it just won’t happen. Fix your life and the women will come. Sure, morons, email me and tell me that I know jack shit about “real game” — in the end you guys still don’t get laid without paying for it.

Lastly, I have to point out that the alleged problems of STEM kids with women seem extremely overblown. Sure, they may not fuck the slutty chicks in high school and college (that’s good!), and their “lay count” will be far below Joe Stud’s, but based on what I see, they never stay single for too long. Besides, the kind of woman your typical “gamer” lusts after is really not what you should pursue for a relationship anyway, and if the number of one-night stands or flings is your yardstick for success with women, you may want to reevaluate your priorities. (Here is a hint: smarter, more educated, and conservative women make for much more reliable spouses, and if you just want to fuck, you’re arguably better off with paying for hookers.)

6 thoughts on “What you can learn from Grizzly Man for dating

  1. but who mock others for using “crutches” like money and status, or working hard on their appearance

    I.e. the old “it doesn’t count coz it wasn’t real game. Related article here for those who haven’t see nit:

    It exists in all these spheres. Like a guy will build a great physique in the gym… and gymrats will say “it doesn’t count” since he didn’t do it with compounds… He did it with “sissy machines”.

    1. Alek, I wanted to thank you for making me want to start lifting weights.

      Been doing only machines + adequate amount of protein for 3 months and I’ve put on 3 kg of muscle. It’s not much but there’s already a slight difference in thr mirror. I’m 6’3 so of course my gains will be harder to notice.

      But I guess those 3 kg of muscle are not real muscle since I didn’t build them with free weights :p.

      I love how I have all the machines for myself and like 90% of the guys only do free weights.

      About this article: the comment I got the most, being a big fan of online dating: “Online doesn’t count! It’s too easy!” Yeah right, this is usually from the guys who couldn’t get a match on Tinder from a woman who is not fat to save their lives.

  2. Baaaam, Aaron. Great article. Exactly what I observe in the community and/or with many men. I never understood why so many PUAs like those women who have a “fake” personality and put tons of make-up on their faces. Like they want to prove something or brag about how cool they are. I prefer conservative and natural women who don’t need to put themselves in the spotlight.

  3. Hello Aaron, do you think that if possible, one should bail from Germany?
    I graduated high school and wanted to study either Engineering or Chemistry/Material science, both are of equal interest to me. The thing is, a more distant relative works in Switzerland in a big pharma company and I could use these relations to work there and live in Switzerland.

    1. Get out. Switzerland is a good choice. Besides, both ETH and EPFL are far more renowned than any German technical university. Germany is done. In large cities, you’ll find primary school classes in which German kids are a small minority. What do you think it going to happen within ten to fifteen years?

  4. I read an interview with Treadwell about a year before he was killed. I thought he was a Darwin award waiting to happen, though some readers seemed to view him as a romantic figure, similar to the “hero” of “Into the Wild”, Chris McCandless.

    If you want to find true believers in game, have a look at the Red Pill sub on Reddit. A good portion of the readership has a belief in it that is comparable to religious faith. RSD should be thrilled as a number of posters quote their concepts and a lot seem to think of Owen Cook and his minions as living proof of the wonders of game. They also really do not react well when you suggest that game is not a real thing, or that RSD is a collection of fraudsters.

    Here are a couple of examples……
    Recently a fellow wrote in about his difficulties in getting women he dates to have sex with him and he felt it was due to be being 50 kilos overweight. For every one of us on the sub telling him to lose weight, an equal number argued that he should either a)Lose weight but also study more game; b) Just do not worry about the weight and just brush up on his game; c) work more on holding his frame (whatever that means); or d) Get fatter and just get better at game…..

    Another guy wrote about travelling to Thailand and asked for advice on meeting girls. One fellow recommending he be willing to spend $2000 to hire -a PUA to personally coach him on how to get girls….I am not making this up.

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