Tailspinning Sweden: “Let’s hope criminals stop committing crimes”

To me it seems that the average person in Europe is blissfully unaware how incredibly fucked the West really is. The situation is so much out of control that only radical measures, and by this I mean Duterte-style interventions, would change things for the better. However, such a strong leader seems unlikely to emerge as the communist mainstream is still strong.

On that note, here is a somewhat recent article on Sweden, in which a (the?) prosecutor of Gothenburg states that they have lost control over criminal gangs. Instead of eradicating those little shits, they throw in the towel. That cuck states that they are “perplexed” and “can only hope that [gang criminality] will disappear”. I hope you fucking cucks disappear one day too.

How about a different approach: round those fuckers up and deport them. The vast majority are immigrants anyway, and probably plenty are illegal ones. Another approach — and I do hope that we will see this happen at least in some countries — is to stop with this perverted interpretation of “human rights” that only apply to perpetrators, and not to victims. Duterte-style executions on the spot would clean up a shit hole like “Little Mogadishu” near Stockholm (!) in no time.

Alas, that certainly won’t happen anytime soon in communist Sweden.

2 thoughts on “Tailspinning Sweden: “Let’s hope criminals stop committing crimes”

  1. I read about random (?) acid attacks against some 20-something Berlin women.

    Meanwhile In Canada…there’s laws or prohibition against “Islamophobia”….and refugees making their way to Toronto…no doubt to contribute as gimme-grants …

    Funny how they seem selective in hitting the major cities…

  2. You know things are pretty far gone when the police strategy is capitulation. Something comparable happened in the US with respect to financial crime. The FBI and SEC are underfunded, the crimes are complex, and the financial institutions can hire a lot of lawyers making any prosecution a long ordeal. The trend now is for the Department of Justice to allow settlements with no admission of wrongdoing. What is funny is often the financial penalties are tax deductible. Not surprisingly, “being too big to jail” is not much of a deterrent for financiers and mobsters.

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