Ladies, this is how you can get basically every man

I’m currently going through enormous email backlog, and came across an email I received last October, where one of my readers (thanks again, R.!) gave me some very detailed insider insights into the whoring business. One remark stood out in particular, as he shared his observation that it is not necessarily the hottest whores who make the most money. Instead, it is a lot more common to see girl-next-door types making bank. I think this is quite interesting. I also think this generalizes to dating in general.

Most men don’t want hot trophy wives that drain your finances — and your balls only as long as they are happy with the amount of money you hand them over. Instead, I’m fairly confident that most men would be very happy with a woman that has the following attributes:
– not ugly
– not dirty
– not bitchy

Note that this is a definition by negatives. I have met many men who went through absolute hell in their relationships. Some are broken men now, and look years older than they actually are. It’s not a pretty sight.

For guys who haven’t endured years of abuse, standards may be a bit higher. In that case you’ll probably want the following:
– cute
– clean
– nice

As shocking as it is, the average Western woman just doesn’t make that cut. Sure, you can find someone who is cute, or even hot. But good luck finding someone who meets all three criteria. Quite seriously, a woman who is cute, clean, and nice is hot property on the dating market. You’ll go through a lot of Western women until you find someone who has a genuinely pleasant personality. In fact, only after I began dating non-Western women have I realized how rotten the fruit I used to consume was. Heck, I used to be very happy with women that only infrequently gave me shit (“Man, she’s really nice to you!”), and thought that it was just an unavoidable part of having a relationship.

Some of you may scoff at the notion of cleanliness. Every girl has good hygiene, right? Well, let me ask you this: how often has a girl you were with taken a shower before having sex with you? In my experience, only very few do that. I wash my dick before I ask a girl to please me orally. Similarly, I don’t want to go down on a dirty pussy (and I don’t).

Some of the horny guys among my readers now probably think that I’m way too harsh. As long as she’s hot, she’s worth pursuing, right? No, I don’t think so at all. Even a one-night stand with an unpleasant person is not worth the effort in my opinion. The way I dealt with that problem was to just not talk very much with women, and capitalize on mutual sexual attraction. After all, the more you talk to your typical Western woman, the more you’ll resent spending time with her. On the other hand, resenting banging a woman in a bathroom stall after minimal conversation is quite difficult. This is more of a problem if you’re of superior intelligence as you then may find women of average intelligence dreadful and you may legitimately ask yourself why you are talking to a moron just to get laid.

What I find so utterly shocking about all of this is that it would be relatively trivial for most Western women to be really attractive. That’s because the competition of their peers is so bad. Get a gym membership, stay in shape, take frequent showers, and don’t give lip. How fucking hard can this be?

4 thoughts on “Ladies, this is how you can get basically every man

  1. Probably should have read this post before I commented on the last one. I sort of thought it was common sense that relationships are supposed to be mutually beneficial. If your only option is some fat woman who lacks in personal hygiene, bleeds you dry financially, and is miserable to be around, how exactly is this better than being single?

  2. Coincidentally, I read somewhere that the girl-next-door porn was also very high in demand (together with amateur). I will admit it is one of my preferred porn niches as well. I care little about the likes of Jenna Jameson, and Pamela Anderson even at her prime will do nothing for me.

    Funny thing you mention cleanliness – guys often asume girls are cleaner, I have had a few female roommates that prove otherwise. Once at my favorite bar I was talking to the guy who cleans the toilets, and he told me the ladies toilet was always in worse shape than the mens toilets.

    1. Yes, I think only guys who have very little experience with women think they are cleaner than men.

  3. You make it sound like women want the “good man”. What if she doesn’t care at all? Who says western women even like men, much less a boyfriend. I think women are bitchy so they can find the guy willing to put up with her shit. IOW she wants a pet, not a man.

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