“Asian women are stealing our white men!”

There are quite a few men who have contracted yellow fever. It’s not difficult to see why. If you’re a relatively unaccomplished white man, you’re still very attractive to a low-class girl from Thailand who is lithe and supple, while the equivalent category of women back home you could get consists of trailer trash you wouldn’t go near with a ten-foot pole (thanks to reader Nick for pointing out this correspondence). On the other hand, if you’re an accomplished whitey, you may get a top-shelf Asian woman who went to a name-brand university, is good-looking and petite — and blows her Western competition out of the water because she has a much more pleasant personality. In the best case, she may be nice, smart, hot, and fetishize you as much as you fetishize her.

I have certainly been noticing that a lot of men who could easily have gotten a Western girl prefer Asians. This is particularly ironic because feminists and cucks alike shame top-shelf men for dating Asian, claiming that they only do that because they are not “man enough” for a Western woman. This is quite similar to how we’re all losers because we’re not “strong enough to date single moms”. Nope. If you can have either A or B, and you deliberately pick A, then it’s because you prefer that option.

Anti-Asian tirades don’t seem to have much of an effect. This has some amusing side effects. For instance, recently I googled for phrases like “Asians stealing our men”, which made for some particularly enjoyable reading. The most hilarious one was on a neo nazi forum (nope, won’t link to it), where those nazi women were complaining that Asian girls were stealing “their men”. Here’s an excerpt:

A while back, I was part of a co-ed recreational volleyball team that was all white. Most of the guys were taken, except for this one cute guy that I liked. One of the girls on my team invited an Asian girl onto the team. Immediately, that Asian and the cute guy start hitting it off, and by the end of the season, they were dating.

Anyone else have a story like this? Why do we let Asian women into our social circles when their sole purpose is to steal our men? I’m not sure whether I should be mad at the guy who went after the woman, the Asian, or the girl that brought her onto the team!

Does this remind you of something? It’s like cuck men complaining that white women date black men, instead of them. Yet, I don’t think there are many high-quality white women who slum it. Still, there is a potential problem: if the more eligible among white men go Asian, it leaves fewer of them for white women, so they would have to resort to other ethnicities to which they may not feel the same attraction for. Thus, their dating pool is decreased. Then think about the fact that many Western women believe that they can slut it up in their 20s, while their Asian peers will want to marry and settle down — being 27 and unmarried is a dreadful prospect for a Chinese woman. So, a white man who wants to settle down would have to choose between swathes of wall-hitting Western women post-clubbing age, or a more traditional Asian woman that is much younger and likely to treat her man better. It’s a really tough choice. But, hey, guys like Zuckerberg are surely losers for marrying Asian.

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  1. Regarding the “leftover” label for those unmarried Chinese women… I’m curious if the big cities in China, namely Shanghai and Beijing, have been infected with feminism enough to adopt the Western woman behavior of settling down in their post-wall years.

  2. “It’s like cuck men complaining that white women date black men, instead of them.”

    ==> I wonder if there are Asian men complaining that Asian women date white men, instead of them!

    1. Oh, Asian men and half Asian men hate this a lot. There is a whole subculture of these guys bemoaning how a lot of Asian women prefer white men, and how many white women rarely date Asians. In terms of big city China, the gender imbalance due to the one-child policy has created a situation where a lot of men have no hope of ever getting married or even having a girlfriend. The competition for the available women there is absolutely brutal.

    2. Let’s see how things will turn out in Sweden and Germany, where there is now a staggering surplus of fighting age men from uncivilized countries.

  3. I love asian women. They usually have a great personality. Didn’t had any negative experiences so far. Oh, and I love their exotic looks.

    1. I just took to google following Sleazys comment and had few good laughs.

      One of the top hits
      ( ) is clearly written as satire, as anybody with half a functioning brain can recognize, especially if you take a peek at other columns by that author.

      I find it hilarious how feminists and SJWs have reported it as offensive and written all serious responses to it… and these sourpusses who cannot take a joke are the ones we are supposed to like and love and get hot for?

      Yeah right. Now if you excuse me, I have to go fuck my exotic teenage white-cock-worshipping asian sex slaves….

  4. Aaron,

    What do you think about Eastern European women? In my experience they are a lot more classy clean and nice than I have experienced in the west( my experience has been with Lithuanian and Polish women )

    1. Non-Western doesn’t equal Asian. My experiences with Eastern Europeans have been distinctly positive.

    1. This post was written by a mentally ill boy with autism who had a communist education. He is an outlier, not a statistical representative of the mean for Eurasian boys.

  5. The next blog post should be Why Asian men find it daunting to date women outside of their race, with an emphasis on “white caucasian women”. And, I’ll be greatly happy to write one or two posts there. 🙂

    1. If you’re serious, you’re welcome to send me drafts of those posts. There will soon be a post that is tangentially about the issues of Asian men.

  6. Sure, but give me some times as I am currently extremely busy with works. I need time to structure that post. I intend to make it as comprehensive as possible.

  7. This is an interesting write-up.
    While I’ve never had sex with 100% Asian girls yet (I have with half-Asian-half-European girls, but that doesn’t count), I can clearly see the manifold mutual advantages for guy and girl here.

    On a side note I am reminded of a distant former acquaintance of mine, who not only dated but married a Japanese girl who came to Germany as an exchange student. Comparatively quickly after that one sweet half-Asian toddler appeared on the scene and one year later the second.
    During the subsequent year their marriage went sour and the petite Asian woman displayed remarkable traits of strong-willed determination and leadership in bossing her Western, German wuss husband around.
    She eventually decided to return back to Nippon, take the offspring with her and leave the German gaijin alone back here.
    Granted, this can happen with women of other ethnic backgrounds as well.
    But I found it memorable, that even a sweet’n petite but massively strong willed Asian woman can outfox an average white European dude…

    1. Japanese women have a reputation for being fierce. It is quite customary that their cuck husbands hand them their entire pay check, and the wife then provides her husband with an allowance drawn from the money he earned.

  8. I’m a bit surprised about the overly positive view on asian woman here.
    Sure, look-wise the proportion of woman in shape might be higher among them compared to the average (non-eastern european) western woman. However, personality-wise I have the impression that a lot of man are just reiterrating stuff conveyed by movies and mass-media about them – being shy, timid, submissive and so on.

    My experience is quite different. Living in Germany, having met a bunch, especially of vietnamese descent, I found most of them to have some odd attitudes. A quite conservative/uptight mindset + being rather boring and dispassionate. I guess due to there strict “asian upbringing”. Combined with the arrogance and sometimes even bitchiness of spoiled western girls – probably a phenomenon of growing up in western countries. And on top of that I always had the feeling that they were particularly following more or less overtly the agenda of getting a prosperous boyfriend…
    Actually, some male asian friends also complained about them being greedy and stingy.

    So actually, for me, no competition to eastern european woman, who I had the by far best experiences with, although some of them can be also quite two-face (after being westernized).

    1. Their not true Asians they are brought up in a western country, go to Thailand Vietnam Phillipines Indonesia and you will see for yourself

  9. I think white women are ugly I’m Caucasian and I’ve lots of Asian gfs. First from Thailand then from Indonesia, I’m married to an Indonesian woman now and have two young kids, on the whole they are much nicer than white girls , most white women want everything they always have to try and dominate everything be centre of attention they are not worth the hassle , besides Asian ladies are exotic petite and are very loving, and are great cooks, my advise is don’t bother with ugly white girls Asian women are much better wives

    1. I hope you’re taking good care of your cats. From what I have been hearing, cat ladies don’t necessarily do that, which is arguably due to the fact that they can’t even take care of themselves properly.

  10. White men who date asian women ARE RACE traitors and snowflakes who can’t get a white woman. Thats the truth

    1. LOL. If that were true, then white women wouldn’t be so incredibly butt-hurt over Asian women snagging up a very disproportionate number of high-SMV white men. White guys who are attractive to Asian women can easily get white women. However, they no longer want to.

  11. I live in Canada and had, until recently, dated exclusively Canadian women. I recently spent over a month in Thailand on vacation. Before I left, I hired a 35 year old Thai woman (who is part Chinese) to be my guide/interpreter. She is university educated, speaks four languages, works for a major institution in Bangkok and took her vacation time from work to earn extra cash and a guide/interpreter on my vacation

    Within a week on being on vacation we were “dating”. And, yes, I realize that she may or may not have ulterior motives. But, I cannot say enough about the way she took care of me throughout our trip. Apart from being an intelligent, fun and kind woman, she took amazing care of me. I don’t mean as a guide/interpreter, I mean as a partner. I have NEVER felt that cared for in my life.

    That changed everything for me. I want to feel that cared for again. I want her back. We will be getting together again next year, once we both have more vacation time. I can only hope that she doesn’t get snapped up by someone else in the mean time.

    I will say that she is NOT a submissive little Asian girl to be taken advantage of. She is very strong willed (did I mention that she was born/raised in Bangkok). She has no problem telling you her opinion, and why she feels that way. But, as I mentioned before, she is very intelligent. So when she spoke of her opinions, she had thought them through.

    I am going to invite her to come to Canada to see if she would move here.

    I am sick to death of the North American female attitudes. So, if they don’t like the Asian women ‘stealing’ their men, they have nobody to blame but themselves.

    1. Thanks for this fantastic comment, Jake! It is now featured on the front page of my blog.

    2. Wow you are a loser if you can’t handle a real woman. You just wait till she gets her residency card and you’ll be shit to her. And suddenly she’s gonna be a worse bitch.
      That’s the problem with the Asians they pretend they are demure until you marry them and then their fangs and claws come out. Too late you fell for the bait.

    3. There are very few men left who subscribe to your definition of a “real woman”, i.e. a bitchy Western woman with a piss-poor attitude and bad looks who adds nothing positive to a man’s life.

    4. Very few men left? I’m sorry, Aaron, but where I’m from most men don’t know any better. They’d all just assume that’s “normal female behavior, and they’re just hard for us guys to understand.”

      However, the way your woman sounds is legit. I mean, at least from what I gather she is intelligent, open minded, probably gorgeous, has hobbies and informs herself so that she can better raise potential future children. Sounds like just a normal decent person. And that’s increasingly a rare find, especially around these parts. Well, if there are women around that at least meet the not a bitch and not fat prerequisites, then the overwhelming majority of guys will never have access to them anyway since those particular women are such a rare commodity.

    5. My sample may be skewed. Certainly I know of betas who shack up with women years older than them, but I have acquaintances who embrace bachelorhood for various reasons, and a high proportion of my friends does not want to settle down with women. It seems all it takes is one nasty divorce in your wider social circle.

      I would say that the really desirable men have become more apprehensive about entering a relationship as they have been exposed to too much of the kind of bad behavior Western women are now infamous for.

    6. I’d also like to note the various red pill or manosphere types of literature that devote themselves to handling female shit tests and creating dread and anxiety in your women to keep them hooked and attracted. I mean, I know the whole PUA scene is ridiculous, though there is something to be said about shitty femal behaviour and guys finding ways around it.

  12. some people in this comment session seem to be a little harsh there. But, I still do not get how people say such and such people steal their men? Unless he is your husband, then you have no claim. People just have to realize, that no one is obligated to stay or date anyone within and love has no boundaries or a passport. If you met a woman who surely showed you love, respect and has a good head on her shoulder, why not go for it? Sometimes opposites attract. As long as the two people involved are in a happy and healthy relationship that is all that matters. Find your happiness where the hell you can find it.

  13. Do you all live in a fucking fantasy world? Not only are some of you racist as fuck, you’re sexist too (to both genders). My guess would be most of you are the exact demographic (white men) being discussed here.

    Is it not that people are attracted to other people? What is the fuss about race all about? Are you a fucking monkey? Don’t be a moron.

  14. don’t matter what woman you marry they can all be a pain and have weird ideas I’ m married we are still together after 46 years and yes she is Asian from Okinawa.

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