Why Western men put up with crappy Western women

On my last post How to ruin relationships in one easy step, blog reader Houdini stated that a lot of men are in denial of the fact that the vast majority of Western women are unfit for a relationship, and wondered why that was the case. So why is that?

The answer is simple: if all you have ever eaten in your life is junk food and you don’t even know that better options exist, then you will be happy with eating junk food.

Nearly all of my readers live in the West, based on my data. Life in the West is hardly as paradisiacal as our propaganda machines may make you think. I don’t even want to wax lyrical about big issues like mass immigration of low-IQ savages, declining safety, or plummeting standard of living. Instead, let’s consider something very simple: how much trash and dirt do you see on your streets and pavements? Chances are that you may never have thought about it. A bit of dirt on the street, who cares? A pot hole here and there, who gives a fuck? Litter at every corner? Geez, dude, you’re so anal. Go see a shrink, man!

Now, look at this picture:

This is from a movie, right?

This picture was cut from a larger picture of the busiest crossing in the world, right outside Shibuya station in Tokyo. The concrete is perfectly clean, and the main reason is that the Japanese don’t just throw their trash wherever they go. You could be forgiven for believing that it’s all staged. Now contrast this to, for instance, a district like Berlin-Kreuzberg, which is stuffed to the brim with third-world immigrants and lefties. There you’ll find streets in which people throw their trash from the balcony down to the pavement. I’m talking about trash bags that pop open as they land on the ground, TVs, fridges, furniture. It’s bonkers. Heck, in the middle-class neighborhood I live in, with an average age well above 40, there is a lot of litter.

It’s the same with Western women. Most men are simply so used to taking metric tons of shit from them that they believe it is normal. Tell a guy that you and your girlfriend not only never fight, despite hanging out constantly, but that she is a genuinely positive influence on your life, which you wouldn’t want to miss, and they think you’re bullshitting them: What, you’re telling me she gives you a massage in the morning, then gets up and prepares warm breakfast for you? Get the fuck out, dude!

13 thoughts on “Why Western men put up with crappy Western women

  1. @Aaron, would it be a good idea to move to Singapore in your opinion considering the nature of this blog and keeping a pickup perspective? A simple yes or no answer would suffice but feel free to elaborate as well. I have my own prejudice on this but I would like the opinion of everyone here who knows about Singapore.

    1. I had sex with a singaporean tourist who came to visit Argentina some time back. She was from chinese descent, as is 80% of the singaporean population.

      I do not want to extrapolate too much from a single sample, but my experience was the girl had generally nice personality, but a bit detached or closed off compared to latinas. Very proactive in bed, tight body, but a but too plain for my taste. Compared to our curvy latinas, she barely had any hips or boobs.

    2. Different strokes… Looks are a matter of taste, but I would say that a pleasant personality is universally attractive. Only cucks and masochists enjoy being abused.

    3. I think women in Singapore compete for money too much. That’s a problem as well as that they are highly westernized so they aren’t much different from western women. That’s my prejudice about Singapore. But I don’t want to go to Vietnam for example like the above commenter said because it is a poor country with a lot of criminals. Now you see my dilemma.

    4. The issue is that you need to be highly skilled to get into SG, so it shouldn’t bother you that much that the women want a man who draws a decent salary (why shouldn’t they?). There is also a quota for low-skilled workers, but if you’re in that boat, then good luck on the dating market!

  2. I remember reading an interview with a hooker in a local magazine where she mentioned that the bulk of her regular clientele were married men. There is an idea was that most guys see hookers to satisfy kinks their wives would not entertain. Her comment was that most guys were pretty vanilla and the vast majority just wanted a woman to be nice to them. That says a lot about the state of a lot of marriages.

  3. Men are in denial because it’s a bitter pill to swallow.

    I think you’re explanation is spot on, Western Men are socially programmed and have huge peer pressure to fulfill a certain role in life, and the pill of reality if too bitter to swallow.

    I do think that Feminism has caused Western women to behave in certain ways (and this is what men are in denial of).

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