How to ruin relationships in one easy step

I have done a lot of soul searching the last few months. One of the topics I tried gaining some clarity on was on why relationships fail, and what could be done to prevent it. The sobering conclusion I drew is that there is very little you can do to save a relationship once it has gone sour. Yet, there is something even darker hiding in the shadows. Your best bet is to find a person you truly are compatible with. Read on if you want to know what happens if you don’t.

An issue I have observed among friends, acquaintances, and clients alike is that guys get into a relationship almost haphazardly. You meet someone, there is some sympathy and, yes, some sexual attraction. One thing leads to another and before you know it, you’ve got yourself a new girlfriend. Engaging in sex quickly sadly tends to cloud people’s mind. Guys who meet a lot of women are not as vulnerable, as they normally either only get involved with girls for the short term, or do the good ol’ pump-and-dump.

I personally noticed that I have been in quite a few relationships that had very little chance to succeed. Not that it was my intention to move in or marry them, but you get the drill. Luckily I didn’t follow through, so I dodged a bullet. Yet, from the get-go there was no way those relationships could have gone anywhere. The issue is simply that by the time you reach adulthood, you are normally a rather complex person with distinct likes and dislikes. No, you won’t easily change, if at all. The same will be true for your future partner. When you’re in love (or just horny), you will easily overlook aspects of your partner you dislike. Yet, spend an entire day with her, and you’ll notice that this isn’t so easy anymore. How long can you pretend to be someone you’re not? What about her?

When looking back at some of my relationships, I managed to distill a particular pattern: I spend some time with them, something negative happens, I feel growing resentment, and eventually I’ll want to get away. Negative events may include nagging, fighting over trivialities, dodging flying objects, anything, really. After I’ve had my fill, I simply need to spend some time on my own. Wash, rinse, repeat. Unfortunatlely, once you are at the point where you are no longer able to overlook aspects of your relationship that bother you, you are done. Heck, I bet if you charted the amount of time you spend together, how long it takes you until you want to get away, and how much time off you need, you could probably predict when your relationship will fall apart.

The last point leads to a rather sobering insight. People are incredibly bad at judging consequences of past action. Only once the situation is literally fucked up beyond repair do they realize that, geez, maybe they really aren’t doing so hot. You can see this in politics, economics, business, personal finance, drug abuse, at work, and, yes, in sexual relationships. In all cases it’s the same: when Joe Average realizes he’s got a problem he doesn’t just have a problem, he’s genuinelly fucked, like 20-inch-cock-in-the-ass fucked. He had been bending over for years, wanting to get entered, but didn’t even realize it.

Once you are at the point that you notice that, hey, your girlfriend nags everyday, you are already done. Sure, feel free to try talking it out, but chances are that she has already gotten tired of you and only keeps you around for show. As soon as the next cock is available to hop on, you’re done. So, what’s the easy step to ruin your relationship? Picking the wrong woman. Now you may want to ask how to pick the right one. Well, that is not so easy, and the problem is that the vast majority of Western women are, in my opinion, unfit for a relationship. So, go look for that unicorn that is hot, smart, kind, hates drama, wants to please you, and utterly adores you. Or go MGTOW. (Note for morons: don’t draw conclusions about my private life. I’m doing fine.)

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  1. About that “need time off” feeling. Do you also feel that you know quite quickly if you are going to need it soon or not? Like in the morning after, assuming she stays over.
    I used to feel so bad for having it, until I didn’t, once. The encounter led to a great time together. I moved to another city though and unfortunately she was older than me, so I ended it.

  2. You’re quite obsessed with guys getting fucked in the ass, it seems. Visiting faggot venues left a mark on you, I guess.

  3. Great article, Aaron. It reflects my own person experiences and what I heard from other people. Especially true with Western women. I have found from numerous dates with women from different cultures that I seem to do much better with women from non-Western countries. Most of them seem to be more warm, interested, honest and being their true-self even if they already live here for many years. At least this is my experience. Why do you think it is like that?

  4. I think this advice is also applicable to friendships in general. I just lost a long-term friendship with an ex-close friend and all of the signs and signals were there from the beginning that it wasn’t gonna work. It was primarily my weakness and willingness to go along with something that I knew wasn’t beneficial for me (the friendship) that made me keep up for so long. In my case, rather than sexual attraction, it was my loneliness that kept the friendship alive.

  5. “the problem is that the vast majority of Western women are, in my opinion, unfit for a relationship”

    In my opinion there are a high proportion of men who are in denial of this.

    What are the reasons behind this comment? Feminism?

    1. Maybe he means how feminism has neutered/demasculinized most men so they’re unattractive to women?

    1. In essence, your three options are: find a unicorn, go MGTOW, or deal with all the shit the typical Western woman throws at you. The choice is yours.

  6. Option 3. You get used to the bullshit and just ignore it. Super leftist ideologue who thinks Trump is going to set the country back 60 years, just pretend you didn’t hear it. Double divorcee who believes articles about how the most interesting and valuable women in society also have the most relationship issues due to their fierce, passionate nature and unwavering independence, yea cool.

    I’d like to elaborate on ezra moon’s comment myself. You see way to often in America, we call them thirsty, guys who actually go out of their way to lay their nuts on a chopping block in attempts to gain some sort of acknowledgment from really disgusting girls. By disgusting, they might even be hot, but their so self-absorbed, low iq, just all around shitty people, but perhaps not even that bad. Anyway, if a guy happens to land one of these women, he doesn’t know how to act. Saw this guy recently on social media, who for whatever reason had turned his gf off so bad that she distanced herself from him, so instead of taking a hint and pulling back to retain whatever minimal amount of dignity that he had left, he decided to blow her phone up with paragraph after paragraph begging and pleading for here to say. Guy even said he’d do anything for another chance, like having gay sex. When nothing worked, he finally sent a photo of himself holding a knife to his wrist. She took screenshots and posted all over her profile to show everybody what a weak ass, suicidal stalker her ex was.

    So many guys lack ambitions anymore, attaching all their identity to a piece of shit human being of a woman. I blame men just as much as women for being such enablers to this false sense of importance western women have. But really, what do I know?

    1. You’ve hit a lot of nails on the head with your comment.

      The most important for me was guys attaching their whole identities to getting attention from woman, getting laid by woman or having woman somehow validate their existence.

      For me it was realizing this zen nature of my desire for woman and femininity. I want it, i love it, i crave it but just like food i can go without it. Once i realized that i had a level of control over it (not 100% but a degree) then i was free to play with that, rather than have my whole being imprisoned and defined by it.

      that’s just the beginning though…

  7. If you like reading about human trainwrecks, stop by the relationships sub on Reddit. I would say about half of the problems usually go back to trying to have a relationship with someone where there are glaring compatibility issues, and then the sunk cost fallacy preventing people from bailing out of a no-win situation.

  8. @ Aaron

    Instead of MGTOW which I personally believe to be really unhealthy for your masculinity. You could try some other things.

    1. Do the camel. Drink when you have the chance but don’t go out of your way for water. If she there for the taking go for it, but don’t humiliate yourself bending backwards for basic chicks

    2. If you have the money and don’t need the emotional connection pay. Though I don’t think many guys could do this happily, I know I couldn’t

    I am really surprised you think MGOTOW is not counter intuitive.

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