Any Amy Schumer fans around here?

I just thought I’d end the day with a movie, so I started watching Trainwreck. Amy Schumer plays a typical slut in her 20s. The premise sounded interesting enough, but something like two minutes in, you suddenly see a fat woman in lingerie, and get exposed to this:


This is just gross. How am I supposed to watch this movie?

EDIT: I managed to watch it for around five minutes. Schumer is unbearable.

4 thoughts on “Any Amy Schumer fans around here?

  1. I watched the whole movie. Hard to believe the character she plays being plump and getting laid like men drooling all over to get laid with her. Also how did they get so many sports personalities in the movie!

  2. I was wondering, after your bridesmaid post, whether you’d bring up Amy Schumer.

    A funny blog post wrote about “Trainwreck”, The site is dead but I recommend checking the google cache post:
    (Just scroll down to the post dated 7/20/2015 about mid-way down the page.)

    I don’t “get” why Amy Schumer or Melissa McCarthy are popular. Er, wait, maybe it’s the whole ‘fat girl can get decent guy’ charade that resonates with the female targeted audience.

    I guess it’s the same dumb-down reason why people like Adam Sandler movies (although ‘Don’t Mess with the Zohan’ is pretty funny).

  3. I do not know much about her, but kept hearing her mentioned in the media so I tried watching her comedy show on Netflix. I do not know how she has a career. She is just not that funny. Also, while it is not too hard for overweight women to get sex, the quality of the guys may not be that great.

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