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66-year old failed presidential candidate Jill Stein is in a better physical shape than most Western women

In the wake of Trump’s phenomenal victory, I was rather surprised to see also-ran Jill Stein, who won a grand total of zero electoral votes, campaign for a recount of the votes. Obviously, it couldn’t have been the case that there were dozens of millions of Jill Stein votes that had been wrongly counted for Trump. Yet, one lefty (Jill Stein) apparently needs to help another lefty (Shillary) out, so an absurd charade took place that led to Jill Stein collecting millions of dollars. That was what I recalled. I wanted to find out what had happened to all those millions of dollars, which most certainly were donated by lefties in the electorate and absolutely not through channels affiliated to Soros and the Democratic Party. So what will happen with that money? Unsurprisingly, it will be spread among crooks. CBSNEWS quotes Jill Stein’s website:

If we raise more than what’s needed, the surplus will also go toward election integrity efforts and to promote voting system reform.

We do the same thing in Europe: officially, gazillions are spent on “combatting fascism”, “creating equality” and whatnot, and in the end, lefties take turns filling their coffers, getting paid hundreds of thousands if not more for basically nothing. From 2000 to 2006, the EU has, for instance, spent a fucking three billion Euros of taxpayer money on “gender mainstreaming”.

But I’m digressing. What I originally wanted to write about was that as obnoxious as Jill Stein may be, there is something good about her, too. Just look at the following picture of her:

Still wouldn’t fuck her.

Check out her arms and shoulder region! I find it highly likely that she underwent cosmetic surgery to get rid of flabby skin, but even taking this into account, she is in a much better shape than basically every woman, no matter what age, I come across in my daily life — and that’s in a country with one of the lower obesity rates in the Western world.

Just seeing a woman with slim arms is rather unusual. Even rarer is it to see women with slim toned arms. The majority show varying levels of flab. (This reminds me about an article about ‘fat fitness models’ I wanted to write.) For a woman to have slim arms, she only needs to stay away from the cookie jar. But why would she? She deserves it, after all! To get slim toned arms, all it takes is staying away from the cookie jar, and do some exercising. Two times 45 minutes a week is probably enough. Heck, they’d probably be halfway there if they wouldn’t behave like a dead fish when they are getting banged.

It’s quite baffling, really. If parents cared for their daughters, they’d pull them by their ears and tell them that geriatric Gill Stein is in better shape than them. Apparently, that’s what’s going in traditional Asian families, where daughters get berated by their family and friends if they gained just a little bit of weight. They are right, of course, because being a fat and unattractive woman reflects incredibly poorly on their personality. With a bit of exercise, women can stay in pretty decent shape for most of your life. They could do that, or just get a big bowl of ice cream, pour some syrup on top, enjoy life, and watch their thighs blow up like crazy — and then wonder why nobody wants to fuck them. Not that I would want to fuck Jill Stein, but you get my point.

7 thoughts on “66-year old failed presidential candidate Jill Stein is in a better physical shape than most Western women

  1. Why do women get fat? Because they can permit it, due to the circumstances. First, the media presents fatties as normal, as average: See also your post here:
    Second, criticising women on their appearance and judging them is not political correct, its rude, disrespectful and objectifying them. But women are allowed to do that:
    And third: Most men newly are insecure about women and dont know how to get along sexually. They appreciate once in a while what they call “hole is hole”. And if she got nice tits and gives good head, its a win-win situation on each side.

  2. Just realized that to “look in shape” for a girl requires much less effort than to “look in shape” for a guy. For a girls it means little fat, and little muscles, for a guy it means little fat and SOME muscles. Not to mention that what’s a 15% BF level for a guy is a 20% for a woman (don’t have exact numbers). Quite unfair if you think about it.

    1. I had the same thought, which then prompted me to write another article right after this one.

  3. Knowing a crazy ass like Jill Stein as the frontrunner for the Green party, she’s likely a vegan that does Yoga, smokes pot with Gary Johnson, and participates in polyamorous orgies.

    1. “participates in polyamorous orgies”

      That makes me think about chicks maturing badly because they let too much strange cock in. Is it really the promiscuity itself or is it the lifestyle that usually goes with it like getting wasted at least every weekend for example?

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