Sophia Thiel and sour grapes — or not?

In the comment section of my article Sour grapes and hot women, reader Dan mentioned Sophia Thiel, an Internet marketer focussing on fitness. He wrote:

What I know and see a lot are women who don’t have the best looks (face) who work out a lot, keep a strict diet and dress well. A good example for that (she’s known on the media) is Sophia Thiel. Some “social media guys” made fun of her face and voice.

At first I was inclined to label this a good example of sour grapes. In fact, I recall going out with some dudes, pulling some girl, only to have a guy who hasn’t gotten laid for years talking shit about a girl I was going to bang. I’m not talking about uglos, but pretty good looking women. However, for Joe Virgin an average face on a banging body is apparently a deal breaker. She had the most perfect legs I had ever seen, yet Joe didn’t like that she had “the face of an accountant”. Good thing he didn’t bang her.

Anyway, back to Sophia Thiel! Frankly, I didn’t know who she was, so I looked her up. That’s her:

Your pants are getting tight, right?

Then I looked up her website. She’s selling a 12-week program on how to get in shape, following the standard marketing template for bullshit products. But, hey, as long as you are only looking at images, you may not realize the downsides. Go check out her YouTube channel! Don’t mute it, but instead take it all in. At that point you should realize that something is up:

  • her voice is incredibly deep
  • she’s got hydrocephalus (don’t let the picture above fool you)
  • she puts on a ton of makeup, possibly to cover up her acne
  • her body fat levels are unnaturally low (not on all pictures)
  • her traps are ridiculously large

All signs point to her being a roider. Yes, she probably makes a ton of money, and she made an effort to improve her looks. However, I think she clearly overextended herself. My perception is, admittedly, shaped by personal experience. One fine day, I approached a woman who was very well-trained. Sour grapes or not, you’d probably take a second look if Sophia Thiel-quality glutes in tight pants walked past you. Where was I? Right, so as I enter the climbing hall, I see this tall brunette with a fabulously tight ass. She turned around, realizes that I was checking her out, and responds with a massive smile. I go right in and I ask her how she’s doing — and as she responds, she triggered a flight response in me. Her voice was incredibly off-putting. It wasn’t even as deep as Sophia Thiel’s voice, just deeper than the vocal range of women I find pleasant.

Now that I have heard Sophia Thiel’s voice, my cock tells me to GTFO when I look at pictures that show off her impressive glutes. But, who knows, maybe I’m just a hypocrite and don’t want to admit to myself that I’m applying a double standard, first mocking Joe Virgin, only to disparage women with masculine voices moments later. Nah, I’m okay.

10 thoughts on “Sophia Thiel and sour grapes — or not?

  1. It might be just masculine genetics + roids, or just masculine genetics. Her face is soooo masculine (in terms of shape, size), it must be primarily genetics… or perhaps a lot of HGH… who knows.

    If i’m not mistaken, it works like this

    – Roids mostly masculinize a face by making the skin more masculine, the shape changing is less

    – HGH is more of the dramatically “changing actual shape and size of head” variety.

    1. I’m not an expert on supplements, but from what I have read, HGH and steroids are often used together. Steroids can cause bone growth, and most certainly affect chin size. A dude like Dwayne Johnson probably takes both. (Look at before/after pictures of him. His head has grown enormously large.)

    2. Of course. I’m just saying I doubt she started off with a very feminine face/very feminine voice in the first place. It’s just a general trend that’s noticed in female fitness models. Most of them were very masculine to begin with. They were “tomboys” even before they touched a weight. Very few naturally feminine women decide to top out their muscle growth (naturally or not). Exceptions might exist, but they’re rare.

      I’m not expert either, but I’ve just noticed that for a face to grow so much from “supplementation” other parts would have to grow massively as well. I doubt her face went from feminine to hyper-masculine, while at the same time the rest of her body is only “slightly suspicious”. Aside from the low bodyfat levels, she’s not that “hyooge” as you’d expect her to be if she took “massively face altering levels of supplementation”.

  2. There are definitely better examples out there of roid broads than this little Sophia Thiel chick. Women reaching 30 tend to have deeper voices, which can sometimes be sensual and yet other times be off putting, and it sounds like her hormones have reached that late 30s point. When a chick is on roids, it tends to be their obliques and jawline that buffs up first, as you can see on her.

    I’d still definitely bang her, but her looks definitely will not last long. Especially if she continues to cycle.

    1. Yes, there are more obvious female roiders out there, but she is an interesting case because she can more plausibly downplay it. That being said, you would have to be pretty naive to fall for her marketing. She seems to be doing well as there is no shortages of naive people out there. Wasn’t it P.T. Barnum who said that no businessman ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the average American? (EDIT: It was H.L. Mencken.)

  3. Barnum allegedly said the one about “there is a sucker born every minute”, but a quick google search indicates this was most likely misattributed to him.

  4. I’m going to get some hate for this most likely, but I don’t find her even remotely attractive. Quite frankly, her “before” pic is a lot more fetching. In her present incarnation. Ms. Thiel looks somewhat intermediate between the two sexes.

    Give me a pudgy girl-next-door with coke bottle glasses and no makeup (or synthetic androgens) over this beast in the making ten times out of ten and I will be happy.

  5. Well there are definetely hot fitness models out there who are more feminine than Sophia Thiel imo, check out Stephanie Davis:
    Feminine voice, feminine face, and I’m pretty sure she doesnt rely heavily on supps or roids 😉
    So I think Sophia Thiel can be the exception in this case right?

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