107 thoughts on “The Open Thread: December 2016

  1. I frequent the Red Pill on Reddit, and I have found out PUA is alive and well in some people.
    Attached is part of a post on Reddit, titled how to get laid like a Warlord:


    1. Women are attracted to you because you have a stronger frame than they do.
    That’s all.
    There’s nothing else to it.
    Attraction is purely a function of the fact that:
    1. you’re a man
    2. you have a stronger frame than the girl
    As a man, you naturally have a strong frame of reality whereas women don’t. Therefore they value that. (Having a strong frame is a result of high testosterone levels.)

    2. Women would rather fuck an ugly guy with a strong frame than a handsome guy with a weak one
    Evolution has designed women to be very flexible in terms of who they’ll become attracted to.
    Women would rather fuck an ugly guy with a strong frame (i.e. a natural leader) than a handsome guy with a weak frame (cowardice, uncertainty).
    That’s because women who chose to fuck the latter ultimately had their genes rooted out of existence by the brutal conditions of ancestral life.
    In consequence, women now are very adaptable. They have the capacity to be attracted to almost ANY man so long as his frame is stronger than hers.”

    Read, giggle and discuss.

    1. That’s incredible. Someone should tell those morons that beauty is a direct reflection of the quality of your genes (ugly = bad genes). Furthermore, ugly people are hardly natural leaders, no matter how strong their frame is.

    1. These days, I am tempted to say it was Schopenhauer’s ‘Aphorismen zur Lebensweisheit’. I am not aware of any canonical translation of the title of that book to English.

  2. Aaron, can you do a post sometime about how women perceive men who come across as too “pro-commitment”, or who start talking about/pushing marriage before they themselves do, to be beta*?

    This is the one area of dating and gender relations where I think the manosphere evo-psych guys like Roissy and Tommassi are actually right. Every guy with any street-smarts knows that there is such a thing as “engagement game”, and that there is a correct process to go through to maximize the chances of your girlfriend saying “yes”.

    *Obviously, I am referring to hot, prime girls with options, not thirtysomethings with “baby rabies” desperate to find a sperm donor/gravy train.

    1. It’s not the guy’s job to push for commitment. I’d say if you push for a relationship, you are clearly a “beta”.

    2. Speaking of, whats your opinion on Rollo Tomassi? I’ve been reading up a bit on The Rational Male, he seems little too obsessed with hypergamy and frame, on the other hand some of the things he says seem pretty accurate.

  3. Since first post kinda rambled…
    I’d like to call BS on pretty much anything on the web telling you how to get rich, make money or “build a business”. This includes fucktards like the pretentious wallstreetplayboys, where everybody is soooo busy and sooo hardcore at making soooo much money, they have no time to write replies to posts (but have time to write work hard lose your friends fuck em all get rich posts)
    Also Bullshit: trading books, trading forums, pick up forums, self-help forums which call themselves educational.
    Wallstreetplayboys,Bold and determined, goodlookingloser, in short all these “build your empire online, I have a six figure online business”, my ass. It’s all BS, because:
    “Why on earth would you sell advice (on how to make money) at ANY price assuming that you know how to make money? Answer: because it ain’t working.
    Pretentious losers.

    1. This is nothing new. Back before the Internet and even still to this day, people would advertise real estate courses via late night infomercials as a means to get rich. The problem is the guys running the courses make much more off of enrollment than they do selling real estate.

    2. I also have a roughly similar view, but then where do you find legitamite advice?

      I’m a member of the website stockcharts and my brokers also offers seminars about options etc.

      I’m not really a fan of the “x is bullshit” without offering an alternative. It’s so easy to simply say it doesn’t work.

    3. Those are two different things altogether. Something can be bullshit even if there is no alternative. Think of weight loss products or magic techniques that give you six-pack abs. The substitute is hard work. Sometimes, there may not be any approach that works at all as the entire niche is a scam.

    4. Geert, simple but sobering question:
      If you were the operator of that stockcharts website and actually KNEW how to make money with stocks, options, whatever, WOULD YOU OFFER SEMINARS?
      Oh and please don’t come with: “Well ya know, I like teaching and giving back to the community.”
      I don’t even take the excuse “Well, there are coders and there are traders” when it comes to programs for sale which help you get something done like analyzing data or creating trading robots like e.g. strategyquant(dot)com.
      Because: Whatever money the seller made selling these products, IF THE WORKED, HE’D MAKE MORE.
      Why? Because you can’t sell as many subscriptions as there is money to be made in the markets.
      So, Geert, foregt that membership.
      Only thing worth paying for in the financial markets is data (historical or fresh, and boy, both can be expensive…) and to a lesser extent trading platform software.
      Everything else: bullshit.

    5. Well with stockcharts is quite easy to put together graphs and I can easily look up different S&P sectors. There are also interesting articles on techncial and market analysis.

      I don’t really see the problem with you’re observation. So whenever someone teaches (and I’ll use this very broadly), it’s an indication that what he’s doing isn’t the most effective because he can make more money in the markets.

      I can roughly follow that logic, but why do you make a distinction between both of them? It’s really very common for people in the financial markets to publish leaflets that you can subscribe to. You can also follow the ROI on their portfolio’s. So in fact, they’re doing both, selling memberships and making money in the markets.

      Personally I don’t see how when they sell their leaflets, which is usually their method of trading, they would limit how much money they make in the markets.

      Where do you buy data then?

    6. Ya agree fuck WallStreetPlayboys his theories and out of touch reality BS. Whole image is now some cryptocurrency inside trader expert, real estate stockbroker e-business high roller who peddles ebooks for “fun”. In reality, he’s seriously disturbed also not transparent at all, shows no proof of ventures. Just overhyped “trust the messiah” self-help fagotry with a fuckhead twist based on his retarded view.

  4. “It’s not the guy’s job to push for commitment. I’d say if you push for a relationship, you are clearly a “beta”.”

    Mitchell over at SimpleGuySkills (a guy and site that I think you basically respect and agree with, even if he is much “kinder and gentler” than you are) has specifically stated “it is not beta to want a girlfriend or wife”. He seems to be a fairly alpha guy, at least if you take his presentation of himself at face value. I assume you do, because he states a lot of what you say (in gentler fashion), recommends you on his site, and you’ve done interviews with him.

    I’m not arguing with you, just asking for some clarification (and if on this one topic you disagree with Mitchell).

    1. We are talking about two entirely different things. It is not “beta” to want a girlfriend, but it is “beta” to beg a girl to become your girlfriend.

    2. “even if he is much “kinder and gentler” than you are”
      You’d be surprised what a nice guy Aaron actually is. (2 hours on Skype with him recently)

  5. I really think guys put WAAAAAAAAAAYYY too much stock into what a woman looks like. This is true with pickup companies and with society in general. There’s this HUGE myth out there that hotter women are funner to be with, give better sex, are better educated, are best suited to do well in whatever job they’re applying for, etc., and nothing could be further from the truth. That’s not to say looks aren’t important – you’re attracted to what you’re attracted to. However, it’s rare to find a girl who is physically attractive and has a great personality, among other things. Most of the time women will rate high in the looks department but rate low in the personality department, or vise versa. Sadly this is a point missed by my friend years older than me who badgers me in going to trashy venues just because the women are OMG TEH HAWT and hangs out with really trashy HAWT women who are drama magnets and complain about everything.

    1. In my experience, better looking women have much more pleasant personalities. Also, look up studies on beauty. Symmetry is generally interpreted as beautiful. It is also an expression of health and “good genes”. Thus, if you take a woman who is of mediocre physical quality, you are also taking one who is of inferior genetical quality, and who is more likely to have a shit personality. The equation “looks like shit = great personality” is utter nonsense.

    2. “my friend years older than me who badgers me in going to trashy venues just because the women are OMG TEH HAWT and hangs out with really trashy HAWT women who are drama magnets and complain about everything.”

      Is he going there to fuck them or is he going there to marry them?

    3. On a side note, “trashy venues” and “hot women” don’t necessarily go together.

    4. Neutralrandomthoughts – Neither; he’s going there to stare and brag about any iota of validation he receives. In other words, hooking up means getting a picture with some drunk 21 year old girl and then getting her flaky phone number after.

      For great personality, I guess it’s all one man’s opinion then. For me, a great personality means having a sense of uniqueness and intrigue on top of being easy to connect with. IME, a lot of the more physically attractive girls, especially the ones in their early 20’s, are very boring and predictable. Many of them listen to the same music and are into extremely cliche things like sports and pop culture. There are exceptions, I get that. My thought has always been that many of the more physically attractive women don’t have to develop a personality because they know no matter what they’re going to have guys hit on them, especially if they throw some pictures up on Tinder.

    5. You should have attended an elite university as you would be surprised how much more than the average the typical female student is. No, this does of course not apply to all of them, but it holds in general. There is most certainly a correlation between beauty and parental wealth as well. However, if your definition of “hot” means having a ton of “tats”, lots of makeup, and slutty clothing, you’d probably be disappointing.

    6. To “good genes”:

      The mating game is much more complicated than most guys want to believe.

      Let’s take Chris from GLL for example. He did an experiment where he asked out 100 girls.
      He is a tall, handsome, intelligent and athletic maddafakka and makes 5 to 6 figures a month.

      He slept with 7 those 100 girls. That means he still got rejected 93 times. Rejected by women with boyfriends who are way way way uglier and inferior to Chris.

      But why? Because humans aren’t linear robots. Or brains make mistakes and you cannot predict the outcome.

      It doesn’t matter how you look, who you are or what you do, you won’t sleep with 99% of the women. Heck 99% of people don’t care about you!
      If looking good and being athletic would be enough, picking up women wouldn’t be a numbers game.

      Conclusion: Get your shit together and just talk to every girl you like and try to get her!

    7. The first hint I ever got about PUAs being a total scam, is when I got a lot of experience with beatiful women.

      In my experience the most attractive women also have the most pleasant personalities. Yet all these PUAs talking about needing to battle through shit-tests, her cocky attitude etc etc…

      And then I got a glimpse into private PUA forums, and it now all made sense. These are duded banging the “seven in a tight skirt, pretending to be a ten”. Actual tens don’t have an attitude. Only sevens with a “I should have been born a ten” complex.

    8. @Stanford. Look up earlier discussions on “long term vs short term mating”. This is a conflation often used to sell “pua” and “attraction creating magic potions”.

      Yes, these girls might be in a relationship with less attractive boyfriends than GLL (let’s say those boyfriends are sixes and gll is an eight, just for the sake of argument).

      What you’re not getting is that you’re comparing apples and oranges. GLL was trying to instabang them. The boyfriends at home had to jump through months of hoops, dates and the three-month-wait-for-sex.

      Girl’s criteria for a provider are much different than those for an instabang. PUAs often purposefully conflate in order to sell a false narrative. See hotties can go for less attractive guys in a relationship (looking at personality more and looks less) THEREFORE [logical leap] you can insta bang strangers without worrying about looks and its all personality!!

      Let’s assume GLL is an eight, and he got 7 out of 100 girls from cold approach.
      If you take one of those average boyfriends and get him to get random girls from cold, he might get as low as 4 out of a 100 repeating the same experiment, and the exact same behaviour and actions as GLL. Why? Because he’s a six physically…

    9. “He slept with 7 those 100 girls.”
      “It doesn’t matter how you look, who you are or what you do, you won’t sleep with 99% of the women. ”

      I see you are very strong at math….

    10. @ Standford:
      I’d be very suspiscious of any statement GLL makes, starting from his penis pump enlargment shit over to his kratom recommendation (it’s not like he owns the shop he recommends, noooooooo who woulda thought….) and his other supplements. Oh and putting glue (yep, fucking paper glue) on your nose to get blackheads out…. yeah right.
      I’l give him credit for his phenibut review, because phenibut works, but he stole it from the guy from personalpowermeditation. He puts girls on phenibut and then records their moaning while fucking them. And oh… it sounds to good to be true and guess what, it is. He slowed the tape down at specific moments. How do I know? Well the fucktard forgot to turn off the music while he was fucking, so everytime the recording is manipulated, Lana del Rey starts singing really low and slow… ah you don’t trick an ex-musician, not me.
      Look, GLL is nothing but a jacked up dude who seems to have money, takes it easy and escaltes fast.
      Oh, did I mention that he sells shit online? This is always my first BS red flag.

    1. The flow state is not dissimilar to what you can experience through meditation, but only on a particular level, namely the temporary loss of sense of time. Regarding “flow” in video games, I am tempted to say that you are much more likely to experience it in difficult games that test pure mechanical skill, like Super Hexagon, or Japanese shmups like Mushihimesama (both are on Steam). In the shmup community the expression “being in the zone” is well established, by the way.

  6. “It is not “beta” to want a girlfriend, but it is “beta” to beg a girl to become your girlfriend.”

    Okay, gotcha, thanks. I definitely agree with that. I guess what I was driving at, is, I’d like to see you make a post on what the best technique is to get a girl to want to be exclusive with you and not do other guys, or to attract the kind of woman who will be loyal to you and not two-time on you. (Maybe you don’t deal with LTR “game” at all, but still, it would be an interesting post.)

    1. @Aaron

      A lot of PUAs are now releasing “new revelations” you had talked about a decade ago.

  7. Hi Aaron,

    Nice blog. I’ve been a regular reader the last few years.

    My question is not about dating or pickup but careers.

    What do you think is a good vocational well paying field for people who are mediocre at maths?

    I’ve worked as a journalist the last five years but want a change. Looking at physiotherapy (but most degrees are not part time) and law (but there is a huge oversupply of lawyers in Australia and the work is being automated)


    1. Hi Tom,

      personal advice is only available via coaching sessions. Feel free to read up on that and contact me when you are ready.

    2. Don’t do a law degree if you actually want to be a lawyer in Australia, behind psychology it would have to be the most oversupplied useless degree,serves no purpose other than looking good on you resume. Physio is a better degree but as you mentioned is mostly full-time delivery at unit. Maybe look into exercise and health science degrees or other degrees along those lines.

      -Fellow Australian

  8. The sense I get from you is that those who are not of the 6’2 Aryan master race variety should just kill themselves because they won’t live happy lives anyway. By saying people of lower genetic quality are more likely to be nasty people, are you saying that anyone below a certain standard of beauty/symmetry and intelligence has no hope in this society? That these people, being who they are, have no choice but to procreate with females that have shitty genes and therefore shitty personalities, thereby perpetuating the cycle?

    1. I’m 6’3″.

      Well, based on my interactions with women, of which there are many, I draw the conclusion that better looking women are nicer. People like you want to cling to a fantasy according to which nature somehow evens out deficiencies in one area by lavishing you with gifts in another. It’s bollocks, though. Life is not fair. Taller people are smarter too, by the way.

      Of course your mating success is largely determined by the quality of the genes you were endowed with. Sorry to burst your bubble. If you are short and ugly, you will have a hard time procreating. Why should it be any other way? Do you think sexuality is “democratic” or “socialist”, making sure even the biggest loser gets to fuck supermodels?

    2. @ Aaron

      Not sure about the taller people being smarter idea. I think intelligence is a combination of having self awareness, realising patterns in your surroundings, having the ability to understand new information and having a good amount of EQ to understand how emotions can blind yourself and others. Most of ‘intelligence’ that people have is likely gained through collective knowledge but with that being said all those things will be determined genetics just not height.

      Btw before I’m accused of being a short troll I’m 6’4″.


      Even though this statement may look harsh I think its true to an extent. People with shit genetics (ugly and low intelligence) are more likely to have soured world view as they are more likely have bad experiences in life. This is not obviously true in all cases but seems to be a bit of a motif in my experience. There are defiantly people with bad genetics out there doing fine.

    3. You can find studies on the correlation between height and IQ. I’m not talking about any ad hoc definition of intelligence according to which anybody could claim to be intelligent based on some arbitrary metrics.

    4. @Shawn. You can always:

      – Acquire status
      – Acquire a physique

      Those 2 help compensate. An otherwise average-gened guy with above-average physique and status will do pretty good.

    5. And yet Aaron Sleazy has recently turned quite nasty and obnoxious…and alek novy has always had a nasty petsonality.

      What are we to make of this?

      The truth is I have long suspected both of them have been experiencing a steady decline in life success, illustrating this theory very well.

      Sleazy, a man of such high IQ might want to be a bit more aware of ironies and contradictions in your postings lol….or maybe your high IQ isn’t enough to notice how your posts reflect on each other?


    6. Who is the group — “we” — you refer to? All I see is one lone dipshit posting from an IP address I have encountered before.

      As I replied to, er, someone like you some time ago, don’t project your frustrations on me. I’m doing fine.

    7. https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-scientific-fundamentalist/200901/why-are-taller-people-more-intelligent-shorter-people

      I guess that’s why so many people commit suicide. Why live in a world that always works against you? (Rhetorical question)

      My question is, why do people say that those who have a higher IQ are more likely to suffer from depression?

      Also, question to Aaron, how did you learn English to such a level? Did you move to an English speaking country at a young age? And do you have an accent when speaking?

    8. I am not familiar with any studies linking high IQ and depression, but it sounds rather plausible to me. There is even the proverb, “ignorance is bliss”. It surely is a lot easier to be happy if you are too dumb to realize that there is more to life than living off welfare, getting high, playing video games, and fucking trailer trash women living on welfare too. Now compare this to having an IQ of 130+, which allows you to draw an enormous amount of rather depressing conclusions. For instance, you will quickly learn that success is not necessarily correlated to how smart you are or how hard you work, corruption is rampant, a large number of people are both stupid and egomaniacal, and flat out reject logical arguments (Angela Merkel is wrecking an entire country just so that she can bask in her imagined moral superiority, for instance).

  9. Aaron, Minimal Game seems out of stock at amazon. Just wanted to buy 2 copies but just one was available, I guess it’s printed on demand or somehing like that?

    1. Amazon.com has it in stock, and some of the European Amazon stores as well. Yes, it is print-on-demand.

  10. Aaron, as a general rule don’t taller people live longer and have lower rates of obesity, artery disease, dementia, etc.?

    1. I don’t know. But feel free to look up some studies online. However, a key takeaway is that tallness implies better health while growing up. It also implies better parenting, as the parents or caretakers of someone who turned out tall obviously ensured proper nutrition and no stupid nonsense like forcing a vegan diet onto their children.

  11. Hey Aaron et all,

    did you guys ever run into girls that have ‘stalker fantasies’? Much like rape fantasies, but with wanting to be stalked by her suitor. This fantasy doesn’t have to end in rape either, just a ‘reunion’ with the stalker.

    I’m asking because I think this girl from work is giving me warm signals even though she doesn’t want to be in a relationship with me.

    1. Yes. I don’t see how the first and second paragraph are related, though. You think (!) she is giving you warm signals, thus you deduce she is interested in playing out stalker fantasies. If that isn’t a leap of logic, I wouldn’t know what is.

  12. Are allowed to post questions relating to situational circumstances, like something we experienced today or yesterday involving girls/women?

  13. BTW what are good sites and resources you guys have on sites relating to looks, style, and facial hair? Does facial hair necessarily make you look more attractive on average? I just recently grew a beard, and in my early 20’s but people say that I look like I am 35 or something, is this necessarily a good thing?

    1. Depends.
      I was working at the front desk for threee years in hotels. Only the last year I was allowed to have a beard.
      Note, that I was experimenting with phenibut at that time, which alters yoir facial lools (dilatet pupils and generally more relaxed facial muscles, which I both found to make me extremely more attractive to women).
      BUT: I think that wearing a beard makes me look more pissed, and more aggressive, so I got less shit from hotel guests, both men and women. You’ll be kind of more polarizing when going out, either it’s “she likes” or “she doesn’t like”. One thing you might want to watch out for:
      If you have a well grown beard (starts after 3 weeks for me) your face gets thicker and if you don’t wear tight clothes to show that you’re not fat, then I found that I get a lot less attention, sice, well… I guess your face looks fatter and people seems to think that you hide in sort of baggy clothes. Not sure if this is true, but that’s my observation.
      Fuck the people who say you look old. A beard is cool, chest hair is cool, it’s manly. I found women who don’t like my beard to sooner or later reveal having some daddy issues. Again just correlation, not necessarily causality, just personal observation.

    2. On the beard thing : there’s no “in general” regarding that. On me, I’m not sure but it probably wouldn’t look great, however I have friends who gain a lot from having one. It’s like everything, baseball caps may look super cool on somebody, but whenever I put one I look like a stereotypical wigger. And not a good-looking one lol. More like the skinny white boy who tries to be Ice Cube but fails.

  14. Why does anyone have anything against socialism?

    In case you guys missed this;
    This summer it was discovered that french president Hollande has used over 10000 USD on a private hair dresser, EVERY MONTH since he was elected.
    Of his own money you ask- you silly jokster- what would be the point of socialism then??
    Seems this guy could give even Kim Kardashian a “run for the money” so to speak.

  15. I bought your book Club Game. I have a question

    In the section “Sexual Escalation” you say establish physical contact right when you approach her. How do you pull that off in front of her friends? Or do you wait to isolate her.


    1. There were a few instances when I put my arm around a girl whom was interested but her friends were quite hostile.

      Is that just situational or should I engage the group first?

  16. The theory that the ability to procreate is highly correlated to your genes is a sad one but it is very true. Besides plastic and bariatric surgery you have no options but to play with the cards you are dealt.

    Think of it this way to console yourself. Although I don’t remember where it was (probably the Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins), the author mentioned that throughout history the dominant males battled the submissive ones in mate selection. It is the purest sense of the theory natural selection. However, in todays world no one battles or kills others for mating purposes. Yet there is another less well known type of selection. Sexual selection. Women tend to like the dominant male as well.

    Therefore, in todays world more so than others sexual selection is common place. Your genes regardless of what you believe about personality is the key factor in making you procreate. Its just that we have plastic surgery and bariatric surgery as well.

    If you think about it, the reasons why you aren’t getting laid is the following and not some nonsense like you don’t have friends.

    They are:
    Not enough money (to meet people and go out)
    Not enough looks (laziness)
    Not enough time to talk to girls. (Cowardice)

    YOU CAN (stressing on can) change things for the better for yourself. However just like taking running classes to beat Usain Bolt, you are no match for the elite.

    Sexual selection is a good thing. If not we all will be fools, uggs and cowards. If you feel entitled to high end pussy nevertheless, you probably are a fool, ugg and coward anyway. But I don’t think its a bad idea to do a surgery or something and change things either.

  17. A newish article about “flirt” workshops in Germany. PUA/scammer “Mr Flirt”? is volunteering for refugees.



    Last comment was interesting:

    But Kadib al Ban, the perky Syrian with the flowery pick-up lines, remained somewhat unconvinced.

    “I’d happily have a German girlfriend,” he said. “But when I get married, I want to have a girl from my country who shares my culture and my traditions.”

  18. So I joined Instagram for the first time yesterday, checking out the comments on the Victoria Secrets photos, and wow the thin-shaming is just totally out of control…

    1. I’ve found that I like how already attractive women look with glasses on, and I’ve met some guys who think the same. To boost an unattractive face? I don’t think so. That might be where Aaron’s “depends” comes from, even if the question was related to the other sex.

    1. There is none. You’ll have to approach Mensa International or seek out a psychologist.

  19. What is your opinion on Eugenics? There are arguments that weeding out the bottom end of the gene pool, done consistently over a long period of time, will cause inbreeding to occur due to people of similar genes mating. But the idea of taking out the lowest tier of society without causing any pain to anyone seems good, no? It would lessen the amount of human suffering, but of course there are many human rights issues to be considered in implementing it.

    1. This is a can of worms I don’t want to open at this point. However, let me draw your attention to the fact that the world is massively overpopulated. We either need to find ways to reduce the number of humans on this planet, and eventually stabilize it at a sustainable level, or deal with a Malthusian implosion. This doesn’t mean that one would have to chose eugenics. You could disincentivize having children (China had a one-child policy for a long time), for instance, or meddle with social engineering (feminism, expanding tertiary education) in order to get the birth rate down.

      The inbreeding argument against eugenics is utter bullshit, by the way. Maybe you want to do some research on your own on that before rejoining this discussion.

    2. That was eye-opening to say the least. What particularly struck me was the notion that language can alter the brain and leave a lasting genetic imprint, rather than people being blank slates from birth. Thanks!

  20. I know that I’m outing myself as unexperienced with this question: If in a club a girl asks you for drugs, how probable is it that she actually asks for your cock?

  21. Hi Aaron,have you ever read Mate by Tucker Max and Dr. Geoffrey Miller? Mitchell from simpleguyskills (a legit guy,and I believe you agree) recommends it so I’m curious to know your thoughts.

  22. I read it. Easily one of the worst pieces of shit ever. I want a refund, and then I want them to pay damages for making my head hurt every other 2 pages. At times I wanted to smash my smartphone in anger at what I was seeing at the screen. Like this guy is actually gaslighting young men and insulting them?

    I’ve read thousands of books in my life, hundreds on this topic in particular. The single worst book I have fucking ever read. Yes, much worse than even the worst of the PUA books. It’s soooo full of shit. It could have easily been written by our feminist trolls on here. Read any dating advice for men written by a feminist… Stretch it to the length of a book – presto.

    My favorite example… They spend like 10 pages discussing how to trim your nails… Plenty of chapters like that. Like, by the time a chick is seeing your toenails, the deal is already sealed.

    And the author himself admits he only started getting laid after learning how to waste himself… yet he gives all this mainstream bullshit non-advice. But he himself had never gotten laid sober, ever, in his entire life.

    1. Phew thought it was just me who thought it was crap… similar to Neil Strauss…seems a new niche i.e. reformed PUA sees the light…. and realizes:

      “Women / marriage are the salvation”


    2. Tucker Max is married to a masculine feminist “chick” who “edited” the book. The cover even has a picture of him with “it” and it says “you” on his face. Implying if you followed all the pussybegging advice in the book and marry a feminist, you shall be “saved” from your idiocy.

      It is so obvious the book structure/advice/everything is coming from her (his feminist tranny wife). The book is literally the mainstream “ignore who women fuck, ignore your very own eyes, be a good little boy, and beg your way into marriage”.

      The reason I was so angry reading the book can be summed up in two things:

      1) Every single (mainstreamey) rule that they gave about what NOT TO DO… you can break EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE RULES and get laid… In fact “badboys” break everyone one of those rules and ratched up 3 digit laycounts.

      2) Every single rule they give about what you MUST DO… I PERSONALLY HAVE NEVER DONE EVER, nor have any of the guys I know who get laid a ton.

      Those two factors right there tell you how bullshit the book is. There isn’t a single advice that logically holds up. If it’s true that you must do X to get laid… then there wouldn’t be millions of guys getting laid without x, now would there?

      It’s literally a feminist gas-lighting column-turned-book, trying to tell boys to wait and scrap up the dreg after she’s done banging all the badboys.

  23. Aaron, do you mind sharing your experience with the KitKat and Sisyphos regarding crowd composition and door policy (Do they have “Selekteure”)?

  24. Aaron and/or Alek, what good books or studies on female sexuality can you recommend?

    I collected a few over the yrs and started lately to study that topic again, but the books i have are mostly drivel and have been published in times of “sexual movies” like 50 shades of grey.

    1. I was lucky in that respect. I never followed the recommendations of PUAs to read “books on female sexuality”. I only read a few out of boredom, but by that time I had plenty of porn-like scenes in real life. So when I read those books I could connect them to my real-world experiences with “female sexuality”… i.e. just how fucking freaky most women are.

      If I had read the books first, I think they would have done me a disservice… I know this because unfortunately I wasn’t so lucky on avoiding other “book recommendations”. I read hundreds of books on mating, anthropology, social psychology, seduction, pua etc… Long before I had any “real results” in the real world. I wasted years on theory before I actually did anything noteworthy in the real world. All that reading just made me more awkward and prolonged my journey.

      In my defense, minimal game wasn’t out back then, and we didn’t really have a “go to simplified and practical guide”. Everything was impractical fluff-filled BS. The pua community today is like 100x less worse today than it was 15 years ago. Aaron can atest to this. You guys should feel fortunate. A lot of the BS has been cut-out, dispelled, removed/ cleaned up for you.


      – Read minimal game and club game by Aaron
      – Apply
      – After you’ve laid at least 20-30 girls in real life (and/or had 5-10 super-freaky porn-like experiences with women)… THEN go read a few of those books

  25. @the guy/girl with a similar username (dan) to mine,

    Get laid first and don’t read books about getting laid in the hopes that’ll help you get laid.

    What you are missing here is that what ever you do with women works as long as she likes you. Except for some few foolish things you can do. Since, human females don’t advertise like other animals when they are horny you are going to have to find out by testing the waters.

    Now, I know I can’t step into your shoes and tell you what to do. But besides looking your best there is nothing much to it.

    1. I think you guys missunderstood me here. I am a male in his late twenties and have experience with girls over the last 15 yrs. Dont know how many nights i went out, girls i talked to, kissed, collected numbers, got rejected and so on (like aaron in his book sleazy stories). What i know is that i had over that time 4 serious relationships, many sexual encounters…just the usual stuff a man will experience if he goes out regularly, talks to girls and – most important – stand up for his sexuality. So the real intention of this question has not be asking for books or studies on female sexuality to get laid.

      Nevertheless males in my sports club and some of my friends dont get along with girls at all. They ask me for advice and i try to help, that women want men who are confident and dominant. These males want to be those men, but logic gets in their way and they start to argue “but if i touch her and she does not like it i will be defined as sexuall harassment.” I think its a new phenomenon lately, that guys dont know how to behave and stand up for their sexuality.

      The reason why i asked for books or studies on female sexuality was therefore, to see logical arguments written from scientists that women need dominant men to open up sexual because confidence and competence go hand in hand. I know on your forum and here on the blog guys with experience know this all and he have internalized it, but it someone asks me why i do this i can just say “because it works” but not point to science.

    2. How about being a good real-world example by getting laid instead of trying to find some papers in which some libshit associate professor conducted an experiment with a highly selected sample of the population and drew some ludicrous conclusions from it? Psychology is, for the very most part, a complete joke of an academic discipline. Read up on “replication crisis”, for starters.

    3. The same logic applies… If you want to “reform/educate/debrainwash” male friends… practical examples will be far more influential than “on page 65 of book such and such”.

      Heck, I’ve sometimes done something just to de-brainwash a male-friend acquaintance. Let’s say he believes women want you to take it slow and take months to get to intimacy… And he’s trying to impress a girl by having endless asexual conversations with her.

      I’ll go very sexual with her right in front of him, just to prove a point. He might be brainwashed that women don’t respond to “upfront sexuality” and needs hours of conversation… So he believes she’ll dislike me for doing it. He probably even thinks “heh, she’ll come to me next time and talk about how disgusting Alek was for objectifying her”.

      Then of course, she’ll go home that night and start sexting me, and I’ll show him those messages. He’ll also see from the log that she went home and she messaged me FIRST like “heeeeey what’s up :* :* :*” and the messages get sexual real fast… Or she even writes in her very first message something like “Sooo whatcha doing tonight (photo of her in lingerie)”… . He sees that chat and it blows his reality.

      It shouldn’t be possible. Everything he’s been taught says that she should see me as a “sleazebag”, “ahole” for having shown sexuality so quickly… she should have been offended.

      In short… lead by example. It’s only 56784% more influential than quoting papers or books.

    4. @Alek

      And that’s something that I also had to learn and still am learning. I really don’t know how we get thaught this but if you just keep talking asexually with women you’re “friendzoning” yourself and you’ll start to think that you’re this super unattractive guy.

      Off course women gladly use you to talk about bullshit, but when you do make you’re move you realize she’s not interested and doesn’t see you that way. This sucks, just think about all of that emotional investment and all of that wasted time.

      I’ve definetly abadoned contact with some women because of this.

      Also it’s much better to be “rejected” upfront then to waste hours for a return that’s never going to happen. Another valuable lesson learned.

    1. Too bad that the SJW hipster fags at Adult Swim decided to lay off MDE because of Sam Hyde’s alleged connections to the alt-right.

      Seems like someone messed with MDE’s wikipedia page:

      ” All members are trans and gender-fluid.”

      “World Peace was subject to internal controversy at Adult Swim over speculation and accusations of MDE’s connection to the al Qaeda in Iraq movement, following several “comedy” skits seeming to show support for Wahhabist Islamic extremism. These fears were seemingly confirmed following the release of a startling video of Sam Hyde, where he appears to pledge allegiance to deceased terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden. A Three weeks later, it was announced that the show would not be renewed for a second season.”

      “the network faced internal opposition to its continuation, mainly regarding accusations of MDE’s possible connections to the Earth Liberation Front and modern secular veganism.”

      Lol, seems like Sam Hyde and his crew have become too dangerous for these fuckers.

  26. Same-sex adoption wherever i read they all say “its A-okei! Its actually better then the traditonal!” and i cant talk about it either…but is it beneficial for a child to be raised by same gender? And why?

    1. It is not. It’s simply part of the liberal/leftist camp to undermine the traditional family unit.

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