Gym BS: Guys experiencing magic growth

Most guys are aware that a lot of women deceive with regards to their looks. Makeup is a given. Some women you don’t even recognize without their makeup on. If you lack experience in that regard, at the very least watch a few YouTube tutorials for girls on various techniques, like temporary lip enlargement or contouring. Of course, cosmetic surgery is not as rare as you may think either. After all, only a comparatively small number of women undergoing cosmetic surgery goes all out, opting for the plastic look.

There are also plenty of guys who aren’t quite so honest. Yet, instead of cosmetic surgery, there are other ways to give your looks a boost. I was reminded of this because of a guy in my local gym: very muscular, low body fat. He has slightly more body fat than the guy from KinoBody, but bigger muscles too. On his Facebook page, you can witness a rather drastic transformation, from being rather skinny, almost unhealthy looking, to bulking up a lot over six to eight months. At the end of his bulking phase, he took a picture of himself, half-naked, stating that finally, after dicking around in the gym for years without making much progress, he found a program that worked for him. He should have said that he had found a “cycle” that worked. That his gains were bullshit became obvious when, for whatever reason, he stopped going to the gym (and juicing), and quickly reverted to his old scrawny self. When using steroids, muscles grow a lot faster and bigger, but they also disappear a lot faster.

This was just an extreme case. Yet, there are also people who are a bit less obvious. Just like a girl who is getting small breast implants to make herself more attractive, but not giving her the porn star look that would hinder her professional career, there are guys who juice to give themselves just a little edge. I suspect that plenty of supposedly natural body builders and YouTube personalities are in that group. Thus, things are not always what they seem. That is not to say that you can’t pack on muscle without taking steroids. Instead, the point is that your competitiveness would be severely misguided if you think you can keep up with guys who take steroids, just like little 12 year-old Susie would be misguided if she thought that her lips will one day be naturally as big as her 16 year-old sister’s who is using a lip plumper.

3 thoughts on “Gym BS: Guys experiencing magic growth

  1. The funny thing is most guys believe him (this type of dude).

    It happens a couple of times a year in my gym. A guy will go from scrawny to as-big-as-the-worlds-biggest naturals in 6 months. And when I tell the nobs that he’s on roids, they don’t believe me.

    Btw, there are other signs (aside from the physical impossibility of doing it in 6 months). The huge acne breakout all over their back, the blown up traps etc… The fact that they “fuck around” the gym, yet make gains is the most telling. Most of these guys don’t even break a sweat when training, you don’t see their faces getting red from intensity…

    If you watch a big natural train, you’ll see him pushing his body to the limits. His training won’t be relaxed and casual, trust me. He pushes to the limits of what’s possible naturally. That’s also true of big roid users of course. They push to the maximum that’s possible with roids.

    That’s why a hard-working roider is bigger than most roid users who are lazy in the gym. It’s also why most roid users are only as big as the bigger naturals.

    They actually did research on this. They actually found that most roid users were only as big as naturals. The imbeciles are actually using roids as a substitute for work/intesnity.

    —> Back to these guys not believe the 6-month miracle was steroid-induced… I just tell them, wait a month or two. You’ll see.

    And in every single case, it always happens. The kid deflates like a baloon. Like he goes from a huge pumped bodybuilder arms to having the arms of a skinny girl. It’s almost like you’re seeing him deflate right in front of your eyes.

    And only THEN do the naive kids believe me. After they witness the deflation.

    1. I work in a gym and I encounter this type of guy as well.

      The only people who succeed with roids are the ones who were already eating well and training consistently.

      I personally don’t have a problem with guys using roids or cycling as long as they’re honest about it. But the people using it to make up for an utter lack of discipline are just scum in my opinion.

  2. I think when it comes to the body, the most significant factor is your body frame, that means the layout of your skeleton ratio. A guy who has a natural wide shoulder (straight clavicles) naturally appear to be more sexually appealing to any guy in narrower shoulders. Sure, you can improve on your proportion by enlarging your delts and lats but this cannot offset entirely this deficit.

    What I want to say is, just like everything posted around here, there is a limit to the improvement brought by bodybuilding. Don’t expect too much and learn to accept your limitations. This will help you to become more grounded.

    The same with muscle growth.

    Of course, if you are tall, you can get away quite well with it. I have seen it before! :O

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