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She “forgot to mention” that she has a child from another man?

The other day I heard, once again, a phrase that never fails to crack me up. As so often, the context was online dating, which is apparently an excellent venue for hooking up with single mothers, willingly or not. A guy told me he has been exploring Plenty of Fish. His success was more along the lines of hit-or-miss, but if you’re favoring the scattershot approach to dating, that’s the best you can hope for anyway. He met up with some gal a few times. She seemed to be playing hard to get, but with a bit of desperation, guys play along just fine, just like he did. It did take him three dates, but eventually he took her to his place and banged her.

Given the title of this post, you can probably guess where this is going. So, he bangs her. She hangs around for a while. He bangs her again. She checks her phone, realizes that it is 9 p.m. already and freaks out, stammering something about her babysitter and having to head home like right fucking now. I have been told similar stories by other guys, too. In a few cases, though, guys were engaging in some rather absurd mental gymnastics to justify the behavior of the woman they got to bang.

Let’s be perfectly clear, though: women don’t just “forget” that they actually have a kid sitting at home. No, she is not so enamored by you that she just so happened to forget mentioning it. No, that “the right moment” hasn’t come up isn’t a plausible excuse either. Instead, it’s quite easy to see how this works. Women are well-aware that having a child from another man does not make them more attractive. Quite the opposite is the case. Thus, some women don’t openly mention it and hope that some sucker will just play along. It seems they are hoping that once they hand out some pussy, an extra mouth to feed won’t be much of a problem for the guy. Isn’t that the case, Joe Loser? Aren’t you supposed to “man up” anyway?

But that’s nothing compared to a buddy of mine who pulled a chick home from the club, and railed her so hard that her moaning woke her little daughter who started to scream. That ruined the mood quite a bit. No, he didn’t finish. Instead he pulled out, saying, “I think you should look after your kid.” As soon as she was in the other room, placating her daughter, he packed his stuff and tried sneaking out. As he closed the door, he heard an angry mother shout, “Yeah, just fucking go, you loser”. That was quite an interesting choice of words, I think. You can’t put any blame on him because you may not assume that single mothers with a little two-year old at home go out looking for dick. If you are ever in such a situation and you seriously consider accepting that kind of behavior then — you probably deserve it.

Knowingly getting involved with single moms is a horrible idea. Single moms know this, too, which is why they may try to deceive you. In that case, you’re better off bailing once you realize what is up. Under no circumstances should you allow yourself to “feel sorry” or think you need to “man up” and play Captain Save-a-Ho. A relationship that starts off with a lie, and even if it’s just a lie by omission, probably won’t go very well. Yet, that is nothing compared to the prospect of playing cuck for years or decades, raising another man’s child.

4 thoughts on “She “forgot to mention” that she has a child from another man?

  1. Whew, you’re telling me. I almost pursued one this month knowingly because she seemed decent. Boy was I wrong. Best that I cuck off before I become another mothercucker (a Moco? Has a good ring to it).

  2. Moco is “snot” in spanish, so no, it does not sound good to me. 🙂

    That being said, whats wrong with giving some dick to single mommy if she is hot enough and you are giving her nothing more that dick? I am mentally going down the list of past lovers and at first glance I cannot remember any of them being a single mom but hey, they probably have their urges too.

    I am aware that some may try to nail you down, so alway use your own condoms, just in case (thats already my policy for all sexual contact anyway) 🙂

    1. Single moms are great for pumping and dumping, but only a very small number of guys actually have the balls to do that. All too often, they stick around, and risk getting trapped. Thus, it’s better to cut them off very early. Also, single moms can be incredibly hot, so it’s not as if they are necessarily second-rate. One of the hottest girls I ever had was a 20 year-old who had a two-year old kid. You wouldn’t have guessed that when looking at her naked body, though. On the other hand, pregnancy takes a rather considerable toll on older women.

  3. that little girl in the story has already had her life ruined twice in one night and is going to end up like her mom (or worse).

    single motherhood is the definition of child abuse.

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