Everything you do is a reflection of your personality

Last weekend I’ve had a very interesting conversation with a long-time reader of my blog and books. (Thanks again, N.!) We were not talking about pick-up, but instead mostly about trading. To summarize his view on psychological aspects, my interlocutor made the statement that trading is essentially a mirror of one’s personality. Well, books have been written on that topic. There is an even deeper insight to be gained from that statement, though: more or less everything you do is a reflection of your personality.

I don’t think that your personality is necessarily fixed, albeit there is most certainly a wide spectrum among people. Plenty of guys are literally trapped in their personality, with little hope to make a profound change. (Look up concepts like “learned helplessness” or “victim mentality”.). For such individuals to improve their lot in life, arguably professional intervention is needed, which at the very least amounts to cognitive-behavioral therapy. Others are much more fortunate and may even have been shaping their personality actively. Anybody who ever took a leadership role or attempted to improve his public speaking ability is familiar with that. No matter where you may be now, at one point you were a rank beginner.

Assuming that mentally inflexible people are stuck in their personality, it is easy to see why so many people just never really learn anything. Take pick-up as an example. In that regard, my audience is largely self-selected. Gullible idiots who believe in routines and that looks don’t matter consider me a “game denialist”. Yet, the personality type of the kind of guy who never really improves with girls is one I have encountered so many times in a lot of other fields as well. In short, I think their unifying characteristics is blind faith in authority and an almost absolute lack of independent thought. While we laugh at nerds who fail at picking up women with their “routines” and whatnot, the problem is quite different. It’s not so much that those people are necessarily idiots. Some may even be highly intelligent. They may simply never have learnt to question authority. Of course, there is also an element of stupidity, which becomes evident when people are unable to generalize, or realize that some people’s circumstances do not apply to them and never will.

This leads to the question whether such people can even be helped. Arguably, there is a good reason why there are so many gullible idiots in the world. They make great consumers, and they readily vote for the Left. To them, risk, and taking responsibility, are deeply unpalatable thoughts. As a consequence, they end up being deeply unoriginal thinkers, and they find a place anywhere on the bell curve — Paul Krugman is a great example in that regard, by the way. Your average HR drone would see herself in that description, too, were she not convinced that her mainstream tastes and opinions are original, if not subversive.

You won’t progress much in life on your own if all you are good at is licking someone’s balls and regurgitating nonsense. This only works until the gravy train keeps running. Exceptions don’t count, as I am referring to the expected value instead. Some people will get through life rather comfortably like that, but hardly all. That was something I recently had to think about when I was talking to a woman in an “Ethnic Studies” program (don’t ask). She is about to graduate, and together with her class mates, she is now scrambling to find any kind of job; even an unpaid internship would do. Interestingly enough, some of her peers got an internship at the United Nations. The catch is that it’s unpaid, and funding six months of living expenses in New York City or Geneva, Switzerland, isn’t something that’s easy to do for most. This leads to the question whether someone who is able of independent thought would ever put himself or herself in such an unfortunate position that the only option, besides marrying well, is to gamble on an internship that may, via further internship, somehow lead to a stable income in two decades.

To wrap it all up, I think a very good argument can be made that your position in life directly follows from certain personality traits. With a long cultivated victim complex, you would probably think that the world is against you, but it nonetheless owes you handouts, be it in the form of a cushy government job, or welfare and Obama phones. You’ll likely also fall for empty promises — in all regards: money, education, careers, pickup, relationships, health, dieting, and so on, and so forth. On the other hand, how would someone who feels very comfortable in his own skin and with his skills do? Would he (or she) be likely to end up in a similar situation? Or would he first start by asking himself whether something sounds right? While you’re thinking about that, also think about why you can’t fake confidence.

3 thoughts on “Everything you do is a reflection of your personality

  1. Personality does have a big influence on outcomes, but there is also random chance. Actually, the biggest determinant of where one ends up in life relates to who their parents were. Hence the saying: “Most people get rich the old fashioned way-Mom and Dad died….”

  2. I think the reason I keep being a 26 years old virgin is that I’ve already given up trying. Many guys and girls have told me that getting your dick wet is “very easy”. Of course, they are pretty average people with normal social skills, unlike me, I grew pretty much alone with an overbearing grandmother and a weak willed mother (no father, he ran away whem he knew my mom was pregnant). I have been described as clever but with pathological levels of motivation. I spend a lot of years at college -only to stay at limbo at the end of my career. Now I work on a factory, just another drone assembling medical products, surrounded by hot and horny +20 years old single moms that would rather bang a cholo or a douchebag rather than me -because they have the balls to approach them. Some weeks ago I met an incredibly beautiful girl at job. She even put her hand on my back and caress me all the way to my arm and wrist. I just stood there nervously, not knowing what the fuck I should do. At the end I keep doing stupid shit with her and I ended looking like a stupid retard, any attraction she could felt just evaporated. I saw guys talking with girls, teasing them and and shit, like it was something natural, yet for me seems like something impossible to do.
    I guess that having an overbearing figure of authority at my young age really hurt me, as my granma never let me do anything on my own. I got used to get someone else to solve my own problems and issues, instead of growing a pair and handling my own shit. And the worst thing is that I’m pretty much aware of everything that’s wrong with me and I have no idea what to do.
    BTW, I don’t write this so I can receive good willed advice or to receive pity. Instead, I can only say: DON’T BE LIKE ME! BE STRONG AND BRAVE!

    1. Dude, don’t waste your life. It’s clear that you lack a strong male person of authority in your life that would slap some sense into you. First, fix your career, then think of banging women. You certainly don’t want to get involved with single moms who need to do repetitive manual labor to stay afloat. Just get out. If you didn’t learn any marketable skills at college, fix that, and you better start right fucking now. Trades, STEM, nursing, accounting etc. you get the drift, and surely there is something you can do that pays the bills and puts you on a decent career path. In your position, the last thing on your mind should be trying to get laid.

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