Tailspinning Sweden: Gender-neutral snow removal

Do you want to know what would happen if Tumblr ran a country? Look no further than Sweden! The ultra-progressive government of the Great Nation of Sweden recently figured out that its snow removal regime was disadvantaging women. Their reasoning went roughly as follows:

– more women than men walk to work
– more men than women commute to work via car or public transport
– thus (?) it is discriminatory if snow is first removed from roads, as this would disadvantage women

I really don’t know how stupid someone has to be to make that kind of argument. If anything, you are disadvantaged if you need to spend more time on a commute as this eats into your spare time. Furthermore, it seems safe to assume that more people commute to work than walk to work.

But, hey, in progressive Sweden reality has to bend to the will of the loony Left. Except that it doesn’t. As it turned out, there recently was a wee bit of snow, and the gender-neutral administration made sure that Marie, Maya, Lisa, and Linnea were able to walk to their bullshit public service jobs unhindered, while Malte, Bjorn, Erik, and Anders got stuck in traffic. You may be curious about what happened next? Well, Stockholm ground to a halt.

The government couldn’t name a cause for the problems they faces, but they knew that gender-neutral snow removal was not to blame:

“Gender equal snow-cleaning is not to blame here,” Daniel Helldén, the city’s Green Party transport head told the Expressen newspaper, stressing that the policy, which prioritises cleaning pavements and cycle lanes over roads, did not even appear to have even been followed.

“There is a lack of gender equal snow-clearing now, according to the reports I’m getting,” he said. “It’s still difficult to walk on the pavements — and it is important that snow-clearing prioritises walkways, public transport and cycle paths.”

Evidence is to the contrary, though, as it is hardly the case that the Swedish administration isn’t used to dealing with snowfall. Well, they used to, but there are apparently some rough patches that need to be worked out.

10 thoughts on “Tailspinning Sweden: Gender-neutral snow removal

  1. Sweden was a really nice country that suddenly decided it wanted to adopt a lot of policies that insured it would eventually become a basket case. It got worse because Sweden’s policy makers have favoured ideology over reality. It got even worse when the media jumped on the bandwagon and started censoring itself rather than pointing out some of the challenges in modern Sweden. When you have people worrying about gender equality in snow removal, you know you are really far gone….

  2. Whenever I read such a story I just can’t help but feel that it’s time to put testosterone back in charge. This is actually more gender neutral then you might think, because when I see today’s men, I just can’t help but wonder whether they actually had testosterone in the first place.

    I really hope Trump’s presidency is going to be legendary and really destroy political correctness.

  3. One slight correction: this was not the national government, but the Stockholm city council (snow removal usually falls on the municipalities). Traditionally very blue (in Sweden blue is the colour of the right wing), Stockholm for some reason went insane and elected a red-pink city council in the last election.

    The pinks, Feminist Initiative, fortunately gained no seats in the national legislature.

  4. I have come to the conclusion that Swedish women are just as fat as them in Norway. Lets just say there aren’t any shield maidens left.

    Besides that, I heard in a video that was filmed at a rally in Sweden that said “Out with the racists and in with the feminists”.

    That being said, I don’t care about Sweden. At least not anymore. Because the women are fat there (compared to let say eastern Europe or southeast Asia) just like most else where. So, tell Sweden to go home and go hide and go fuck itself.

    1. All I am saying is there are places with better options.

      I haven’t spent too much time there but I know enough.

      The problem with Swedish women is that they will turn you into a feminist slowly but surely. (Stressing on the word slowly)

      Besides that, Swedish women don’t easily put out. (Stressing on easily) So, if they don’t put out, why should I care about how hot they are?

    2. I would say that they put out more easily than some others. Their in-your-face “feminism” is grating, though. I would say their worst aspect is their distinct lack of femininity. Of course, not all of them are, but plenty, even rather feminine looking ones, exhibit typical male behavior.

    3. They might put out to you although, they don’t for me because I am just 180 cm tall I guess. (Heck, you even mentioned that somewhere in your book Minimal Game) However, If find it different in Helsinki although, I haven’t spent much time there. If I am going back to the Viking country I will definitely go to Helsinki again. I will steer clear from Sweden, Norway and Denmark. (and Iceland)

      Like you say in your book, for me its all about improving my numbers. So, I like places where girls put out easily. (Should I say very easily at times)

  5. Yikes, thx for this update on looney feminist-based policy making.

    You know, let’s do some more looney thinking.

    Where I am from (in Canada), we also have the streets plowed first since it’s a bigger surface area. Also, the snow that is plowed overflows onto the sidewalk (since the sidewalk abuts the road).

    That way, you shovel the sidewalk last since it would have that extra snow from the street.

    So, the new Swedish policy is actually anti-women yet again! How? Well, here it goes:

    1) Snow from sidewalk is initially shoveled;
    2) then the snow from road is cleared, but there is snow pushed onto the sidewalk
    3) Sidewalk has to be shoveled…again!
    4) More likely, the snow shovellers will be men
    5) So shoveling the sidewalk a second time is extra time (i.e. over time) leading to overtime pay.
    6) So these male snowplowers will earning extra money
    7) the “pay gap” is therefore widened!!!!!

    OK, taking off my feminist cap before I blow my brains out…

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