What you can learn from Kanye West

I don’t care about celebrities. Yet, I do follow a few political news sites, such as Breitbart. To my great surprise, they ran a story on Kanye West and his fat greedy wife Kim Kardashian: Kanye West Begs Mark Zuckerberg for $1 Billion. Yes, I know that it was published in February. This should give you an idea of how busy I am. Yet, I am not going to discuss topics of merely ephemeral interest, but much more timeless ones, so it won’t concern us that this story is over half a year old already.

There are a few things to point out.

1) Kanye is fucking pathetic
Just look at the tweets below. He behaves like your typical welfare leech. Others have more money, so he thinks they should share their wealth with him. He is the supercharged version of your typical drop-out stoner who sits on his ass paying video games and voting for government handouts. Personal responsibility? Nah, can’t have that!

Mark Zuckerberg invest 1 billion dollars into Kanye West ideas

Mark, I am publicly asking you for help…

All you dudes in San Fran play rap music in your homes but never help the real artists…

Sure, Kanye, they may play your music, but they most likely paid for it due to their subscription to a streaming service, or by buying it from iTunes. Kanye West is about as logical as some employee who thinks that he is entitled to corporate profits beyond the stipulations of his contract. Sorry, dude, you’ve picked the wrong system. It seems that no matter how much money some people make, you just can’t get the welfare mentality out of them. Did Kanye grow up in the ghetto by any chance, where he had grown accustomed to government handouts?

2) Kanye can’t handle money
You may look at these tweets and wonder why one of the biggest music stars on the planet needs to beg for handouts. Well, he doesn’t know how to prioritize. In addition, that wife of his seems to be a real strain on his finances:

Yes I am personally rich and I can buy furs and houses for my family

but I need access to more money in order to bring more beautiful ideas to the world.

If I spent my money on my ideas I could not afford to take care of my family. I am in a place that so many artist end up.

He talks like basically every loser would if you just spoke to them. No, nothing is ever their fault. No, the problem is not that he is wasting money on frivolous bullshit items for his wife. Instead of investing money into money-making ideas, he needs to buy “furs and houses” for his family. This is just like the typical fucktard mentality in Europe where people make incredibly poor decisions, like taking out a loan to get a car they can’t afford, instead of investing in skills that would make them enough money to actually get to the point where they could enjoy some luxuries, if they were still so inclined then.

Now you may ask what all of this has to do with you. That should be easy, and if you don’t get it, just read this post again. There is more to it, though. One of the dumbest things people say is that “money fixes everything”, variations of which are, “if you throw money at a problem, it will go away”, or “if you have financial problems in your relationship, you need to make more money”. Kanye West is worth a few hundred million dollars. Yet, did this help him with his wife? He is famous, but there are countless regular guys who are in the same predicament: they have greedy wives. The problem with those is that their greed scales with the amount of money they have access to. Kim Kardashian managed to cause financial hardship on Kanye West. Your garden-variety gold-digging whore probably won’t ask for a second house if you can’t afford it, but they surely will try squeezing more money out of you. Plenty of guys are familiar with women who ask, no, tell them to get nicer cars. Yet, there will always be an even nicer car available, which is just barely out of reach. If you want to play that kind of game, you just can’t win. Just ask Kanye.

38 thoughts on “What you can learn from Kanye West

  1. The two things I love most about being single are that:

    1 – I have a lot of time for myself
    2 – Nobody is nagging me to spend money on superfluous BS

    This is priceless. It boggles my mind how most people, especially women, consistently manage to spend money they don’t even have yet.

    In comparison, I have a very decent income (quite above average) from three different revenue streams, but I am naturally austere in my life. My living expenses right now make up barely 27% of my income. The rest is being invested 🙂

    1. This sounds awesome! If you don’t mind me asking: what do you income streams consist of?

    2. @Yarara

      That’s awesome!

      I’m also quite frugal and I really watch my expenses. I also reserach a lot of stuff before I buy it. I’m a member of a consumer organization and it’s insane how much knowledge you can gain from them by reading all of the articles. In many ways you can actually get the same value for a lot less money.

      Just like Aaron I’m also quite curious to you’re sources of income.

      For me at the moment it’s the following:
      – My work –> although I’m working on skills to make more in the future.
      – The stock market. I learned this from my dad but once you’ve had a stock with a 480% return, it really makes you wonder on how “easy” it sometimes is to make money. I put it between brackets because it still takes some skill.

      At the moment I’m living with my parents so that when I do leave the house I have a good ammount of finances build up.

      Sometimes when I hear what guys let their girlfriends do I just go nuts. They buy lingery with their credit card, go shopping with their credit card. They bought a house “together”.

      It’s insane how pussywiped some men are.

    3. I don’t mind giving some general info, for privacy on the net reasons. About 80% is my salary at my main work. I am field manager/supervisor for a small company in the construction sector. Wasn’t my first career choice, but I am good at it and the money is good. You have to be willing to work 12 hours a day while on site, but while traveling 100% of my expenses are covered by the company and I have some flexibility.

      As stated elsewhere, I studied Political Science, so once a week I teach at a university. I love the field, I love teaching, its intellectually stimulating, it is not hard work (not for me at least) but it only represents 10% of my income.

      The other 10% comes from private tutoring and seminars I teach on a subject I specialized on. I do it freelance, I privately tutor on weekends as I like, but I only do seminars once or twice a year. Doing them costs me next to nothing and the money is VERY good, but I don’t do them more often because they conflict heavily with my travel schedule.

      Now currently in the planning stages of another side gig… wish me luck 🙂

    4. Btw I mentioned investment – I wanted to invest in some stocks or bonds, but the market in my country is a bit volatile. I found it a safer (and more profitable) investment to loan out 20k (usd) to a couple of friends who pay me back with interest. One of them needed the money for a masters degree (STEM field, no bs), the other to move.

    5. I know, I would normally advise against it as well. I wouldnt lend money to any other friends either, but these particular ones I did because it is very well within their financial means to repay me. The one doing the masters in a STEM field, for example already had a job with a very good income (better than mine!) and has an even better one already guaranteed (head of a research institute) waiting for him after he finishes the masters program.

    6. @Yarara

      If you want to lend, then rather not to friends I’d say. My personal experience is rather negative
      Instead of Bonds, go for some Senior Loans. You can play this via a mutual fund construct. Recovery rates are above High Yield Bonds, the rates are floating with 45-60 days Libor (usually )and consequently you don’t have interest rate risk. The typical yield for US Senior Loans is around 4-6 % per year net of fees. Europe is a bit lower. In case of default the loans are backed by hard assets in the company and rank higher on the active side of the balance sheet hence “senior”.
      Just my 2 cents

    7. I don’t think lending to your friends is a bad idea. Its actually a great one. I too have a loan portfolio of loans to mainly friends and also friends of friends. I would advise that you structure your loans that the only way you can lose value is if a asteroid impacts earth.

      For example, ask for collateral and not only that it should be 70% more than the value of the loan. For small and large loans alike people find that arrangement quite agreeable anyway. I tend to charge an interest rate some what less than the small banks but are more than the big banks usually.

      I don’t know about interest rates in Argentina but if they are generally high try to go for longer term lending and if not go for shorter term lending. BTW, its a Tip I learnt the hard way.

      I haven’t tried lending club as I don’t live the US but if you able I think it must be good as well. Due to their structure it seems appealing.

      At the end of the day its about good trustworthy people whom you know can pay you back under natural circumstances. For that friends and friends of friends is best.

      As for natural random thoughts comment about losing your friendships because of not repayment, that’s why I structure the loans where they can’t induce the friendship argument anymore. Structure is everything especially when lending to small businesses.

    8. The thing with lending to friends is that one must be able to make a realistic assesment of their ability to pay back, and it can be hard for a lot of people to be objective about it. I have done it before. Some of my friends I know I cannot loan money because they are terrible at handling their finances and have a shitty income.

      To expand the example, my friend doing the masters degree isnt particularly good with finances, but he makes a lot of money in a very specialized field. He could have saved up the money himself if he had had only 3 or 4 months more time before the course started. He has a life insurance worth 50K should something happen to him. And I know his parents well. The risk of non-payment is very low here, and the yield is 10%, better than any bond.

      The other is a female friend who had to move somewhat unexpectedly (owner of the apartment she rented had to sell it). She doesnt make as much money, but the amount I loaned her is a lot less, and she has a stable government job. Again the risk of non payment is very low. She has already paid back 66% of the loan, right on time. Its the second time I loan her money, the first time a couple years ago it was a smaller amount and she also paid back every cent, right on time.
      And I know some might wonder, but no, I am not banging her, and never have 🙂 Lets not mix pleasure with bussiness.

    9. PS: this conversation is getting interesting. Perhaps we should start a thread about personal finances and bussiness in the forum?

  2. I’ve followed those tweets in the media as well and lost respect for kanye. Three rules every kid should learn and most adults are missing:

    1) You won’t get rich from the money you make, you get rich from the money that you save.
    2) Quality of living is security and freedom with money you made, not material things you bought.
    3) If your living standard correlates to your income you will never know how much money you can save.

    1. I don’t agree with saving if you’re talking about saving for the long run. With interest rates as low as they are and the continuing devaluation of the dollar (plus all the taxes you have to pay), all you’re doing is parking money. It’s much better to instead have constant cash flow.

  3. The sad fact is that a lot of celebrities are narcissists with limited intelligence. Kanye West is one example of a fellow that seems to be getting progressively worse as time progresses. Every time he comes up in the news now one has to wonder if he is either insane, a total asshole, or both. He is pretty far from a struggling artist, though he has a lifestyle that might be a financial struggle.

    Marrying Kim Kardashian would only make sense if you want to be in a media fishbowl 24/7.

    1. 99% of the world would switch their life with Kanye’s.

      0% would switch lives with Clarke Wood.

      Who has limited intelligence? Clarke Wood’s comment reveal limited awareness.

    2. So, now that Hillary has lost, you need to vent your anger online, or what is your problem? I certainly would not want to be Kanye West, while the impoverished 3/4 of the world would pretty much like to be Clarke Wood.

    3. Kudzu, thanks for being my personal internet troll. Please put your tinfoil hat back on and start taking your meds again.

      Kanye is a public figure and Aaron and I pointed out some pretty large failings of his. Your counter argument does not make any sense. I think a lot of people might like to have my life, but that is not particularly relevant. It is not as glamorous but it is definitely not crazy. If my options were jail or marrying into Kardashians I would prefer jail by a wide margin. Apparently, jail would also be a lot cheaper, based on Kanye’s problems.

      Kanye makes a lot of money but blows it far faster than he makes it and can’t save anything. This is usually a bit of warning sign if you are researching a person with a business idea. Finally, he is not really pitching an investment idea in a very odd way. He is just approaching rich people on twitter and asking them to give him money, because he spends more money on his lifestyle than he makes from his artistic ventures. This is really the equivalent of panhandling in a wealthy neighbourhood.

  4. Calling Kanye West out for having a “welfare mentality” is ridiculous. He wants capital to build a creative company, and like all entrepreneurs, is seeking to return value to investors based on what he creates. The only difference between him a Silicon Valley entrepreneur asking for money is that he’s asking for it on a larger scale and actually has a track record of immense commercial success.

    1. Kanye is reported to have $53 million in personal debt. Furthermore, he is clearly asking for handouts. If you want funding for a project, you better tell investors what you want to do with the money.

  5. Aaron, it’s called a loan. The majority of startups take on debt funding in some way or another. Often it’s the preferable vehicle.

    It seems you have a fundamentalist view on debt, judging at always “bad”. Debt is just a bet. Sometimes the lender wins, sometimes the lender loses.

    Kanye clearly has a better life than you, sex whenever he wants with any woman he desires. I have friends who are incredibly good looking alphas whose girlfriends he’s banged.

    Maybe you don’t like his style, but his anthology of creative achievements is far more profound than the PDFs you’ve authored on Amazon, as good a read as they may be.

    1. You are talking out of your ass. Begging for handouts on Twitter does not in the least compare to building a startup.

      Oh, sure, Kanye is so fantastic with women, and knows so much about them that he managed to rack up over $50 million in personal debt trying to please Kim Kardashian. He could fuck any woman he wanted, yet Kim had to be it. You totally make sense, bro. Are you able to keep a straight face when you write those comments? (That’s a serious question.) Sure, any alpha let’s other dudes bang their girl. That’s, like totally, the definition of alpha.

      I think you’re being ridiculous. You know virtually nothing about me, yet you feel the need to compare me to Kanye West. Maybe point me to the books you have written in your spare time, or the music you’ve made. Besides, what the fuck does any of this have to do with Kanye’s ghetto mindset?

    2. Errors In you argument Kudzu:

      1. Assuming 99% of people would like to be like Kanye. Many people would, manly wouldn’t. Sweeping statements are the foundation of a lot of baseless arguments and are usually bred out of personal preference. Just because you would like to be like Kanye (lol) doesn’t mean everyone or even the majority wants this.

      2. He has clearly made a lot of money already and is shit at managing it (hence the personal debt) so why is he more deserving of a loan than anyone else. Has he got a plan? or is he just asking people to throw money at him because some rich plebs like his shit music.

      3. This again is subjective, just cause he has sex with hotter women is his life better than Aarons? Not necessarily. The extent to which a person enjoys their life is largely due to perception and genetics. By your logic because Kanye has some things which are coveted by western society he automatically happy. This is not an accurate representation of reality. If what you were arguing was correct , then why do celebrities similar to Kanye west kill themselves? their lives are so good right? why would they want to kill themselves? Because possessions and pussy are useless without the right mindset. I can believe how stupid your mindset is, its like your 15. Hot pussy=happiness, fucking lol.

      4. “Maybe you don’t like his style, but his anthology of creative achievements is far more profound than the PDFs you’ve authored on Amazon, as good a read as they may be.”

      This yet again is only a representation of your beliefs. As many music critics and seminal musicians think his music is terrible and imo they are right. This yet again is subjective and you could pull out all the usually stops such as “but he’s really successful millions of middle class americans like his music” but at the end of the day a large amount of commercial success and music quality are almost always separate from each other. Influence tends to be more important though won’t get into that here.

      TL;DR All you arguments are based of personal bias because you do not have the awareness to see that your thoughts and external reality are not representative of each other.

  6. Screw these lib-tard celebs. Look at what they say and then, how they act. Fat (and un-talented) turds like Amy Shumer and Lena Dunham vowed to leave USA if Trump won.

    Oh, but wait…fat Amy suddenly says her vow was a joke.

    Big f–king surprise – a woman back-pedalling on her words.

    I am glad that Trump won. Hilary had so much support from all fronts (e.g. celeb advertisings and testimonials, the media, the Clinton Foundation)…and yet still lost.

    What a great year…the Cubs winning the world series, Brexit, the German plan being shown to be a complete and udder failure…

    …and Trump #2016

    1. British voters said fuck the elites
      US voters said fuck the elites
      Whose turn is it in 2017? I sincerely hope Germany. Anyone think the AfD can pull a an electoral surprise?

    2. Yarara,
      AfD victory would be nice to see, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.
      Same for LePen.
      Too much leftist brainfuck over the last two generations.
      We had to read Stupid White Men by Michal Moore in Ethics class at the age of 15.
      Shit started early…

    3. LePen is quite likely, I would say. An AfD victory is, sadly, a pipe dream at this point. Germany is probably lost.

    4. “Ils viennent jusque dans vos bras, égorger vos fils, vos compagnes”

      How history seems to repeats itself. Almost ironic.

      I was there when they voted for that clown Hollande in 2012.
      It seems like the French flip over to some common sense, and then… puff.. again they vote for the left.
      The whole country is so stuck in leftist BS, they can’t think clearly. This overly protectionist job market, the extremely large social system & Health Care with all the benefits… Horrible.
      Let’s hope she wins.

  7. What do mean mean typical fucktard mentality of European people making poor decisions?

    America is the king of fucktard consumer capitalism. America, where in 2008 you had the biggest financial crash since the Great Depression because people made the fucktard decision of buying houses they can’t afford.

    At least Germans opt more for renting–which is wiser at this point in time. And credit cards, another fucktard American thing Germans are more averse to.

    But anyway, who taught Germans how to make fucktard decisions?

    Germans had something better going for them–National Socialism, until the Anglo world decided to conspire with the communist world to exterminate the vanguard of European identity.

    Now we have Kingdom Dumbfuckistan chastizing us on our “fucktard” decisions.

    Clean up your own filth before pinching your nose at ours.

  8. Well not sure if it’s just a rumor, but it sounds like out of all the many celebrities who would leave the country if Trump was elected, Kanye is serious about it.

  9. So Aaron, when does Germany get to show “Mama Merkel”, supposedly the new leader of the western world the door? They will, won’t they?

    1. The next German federal elections are in 2017. Note that Merkel may very well run for the office of Chancellor again. I have my doubts that the results will be very different. The new “rightwing extremist” (read: conservative) party AfD may get between 15 and 20%, thus sending a strong signal that people are getting upset with the ruling left-wing coalition. However, the leftist block (CDU/CSU/Green Party/SPD/Left Party) will easily get a majority, and those people would be deluded enough to make Merkel Chancellor for another for years.

      I think there is a very good chance that LePen will become the next president of France, which would send yet another massive shockwave through the European Union, after Brexit. Afterwards, the moronic leftist establishment of Germany may either decide to accelerate the ruin of their country (Hitler did double down until the end, too), or change some of their positions.

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