When looks overshadow talent

Some days ago I posted the article Women who use their looks to get ahead. The inspiration of that article was the following video of the Korean female drummer A-Yeon, in which she does a cover of “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns N’ Roses:

Go on, rub one out if you feel like it!

I was quite surprised by that performance. She is dressed like in a porn movie. You fully expect some dude with a hard-on walking in, shoving his dick down her throat, then putting her head on one of the drums and railing her hard from behind while he grabs her hair and pulls her head back. Sadly, that is not what is happening. I had to clean my screen regardless.

But let’s be serious: It’s great for her that this video has gotten so many views. She probably made a few thousand dollars off it. Yet, if she wants to be taken seriously as a drummer, it seems like a rather poor choice to dress like a whore. In fact, this is her shtick. On her channel you’ll find her in various costumes, targeting various fetishes. Again, go ahead and rub one out. She clearly wants you to.

A-Yeon most likely would have gotten a similar number of views had she just sat there, not even playing the drums, or just pretended to play. Well, by the time she’s too old for that kind of video, she’ll hopefully have managed to latch on to some well-off guy. If that’s her ultimate goal, her strategy is great. It’s not so great if she wants to be taken seriously as a musician. In that case, it would also help if she wrote some music herself instead of covering the work of others.

3 thoughts on “When looks overshadow talent

  1. Far out she is attractive not much skill though. As a session musician who has played with quite a few amazing drummers I can tell you she is a very mediocre drummer. Really straight forward generic easy song too. Though I have definitely seen talented girls on youtube putting their tits out for views when they are actually very good players and as you would expect the majority are usually talking about the girls assets.

  2. This lady named Jessie Graff got pretty deep in this summer show, “American Ninja Warrior”. Pretty impressive – to win a stage.

    Now all media is pump and humpin her, with girl power talk, “she beat 99% of guys out there”.

    While I find her winning a stage impressive, it’s funny how there would be nary a peep if it was a dude.

    Here’s a sample:

  3. She would have to be more creative in her custom, because I am already desensitized. I beg my cock to raise to the screen but it could barely get just a bit harder.

    I guess I need to go check on my T level, or my sexual satiation, or even my sanity.

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