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    1. They don’t have to be.

      a) They themselves admit they spend 10-20 hours infield to get “good footage”… and “good footage” means “a set where the girl is crazy into the RSD guy or super-attracted”

      That means they’re now putting in the video the other 356 interactions that were boring and went nowhere. Tyler even admits this, constantly and regularily.

      b) Everytime you see a girl acting crazy in their videos, she literally has slurred speech and is stumbling around, barely walking. They’re pass-out drunk.

    2. On a related note, notice how they’re saying what Aaron has been saying for years.

      They’re now moving into this thing where they’re admitting just how ineffective cold-approach is, and admitting social circle (lifestyle) is the highest return… and actually the only possible way to regularily get super-hot girls.

      They’re even admitting shit we’ve said here for years, like… If a nine were even to walk into a club, she’d be into the VIP area, or in private invite-only parties. They’re now admitting (after having pushed that method for a decade)… that their old cold-centred strategy is just for the “six in a tight skirt”.

    3. I have had a hate on for RSD for years, and on other blogs talking about dating someone will invariably post some stupid youtube video of Owen or Julien or whoever giving inane or useless advice. The videos either involve paid actors or are the result of editing hours and hours of footage. RSD’s standard advice was basically a lot of psychological mumbo jumbo combined with an emphasis on going out constantly and spam approaching women. If they are now stressing social circle invariably they might start releasing products that will claim to help you develop a social circle, similar to other products they offer that claim to help you with online dating, or texting or whatever.

    4. RSD’s standard advice was basically a lot of psychological mumbo jumbo combined with an emphasis on going out constantly and spam approaching women. If they are now stressing social circle invariably they might start releasing products that will claim to help you develop a social circle, similar to other products they offer that claim to help you with online dating, or texting or whatever.

      Sure, but the irony is that for years they mocked anyone who got laid “outside of a cold approach”. In fact that was an insult… “I heard pua so and so got most of his lays from friends of friends” or “Instructor so and so is a fake, because all of his lays are students at the music-school he teaches at”….

      In fact, that’s where this post came out of:

      Now I am looking at their videos promoting their new product launch… and i’m like… has this guy been reading the Aaron Sleazy blog comments and forum for all those years? He’s actually saying the same shit we’ve been saying to puatard troll invasions for years…

      Now it’s their most cutting-edge “revelation”?

    5. They want to stay in business so they have to change their methodology and have to evolve with the times and pitch ideas that are in congruence with what guys think and believe today. That’s why they’ve shot to the top of the pickup industry and outsold and outperformed every other pickup company, especially those which were still stuck on canned routine stacks and gimmicks well after they were beaten to death. Owen/Tyler is a very smart businessman and he knows he can’t be teaching the same things all the time. While he’ll completely deny it he knows very well the pickup industry at large is in decline, and he’s doing everything he can to keep his business from going under (can’t say the same for Neil Strauss).

      As for the videos, as a former somewhat insider, I can tell you many of their videos are in fact doctored. They make it look like they’re pulling some random hotties out of the club and make you think they actually pull them home for example. Also, they may get laid by hot women, but much of that can be attributed to, from the beginning, their social connections. It was never about ‘having good game’; that was all a bunch of dumb marketing gimmicks to draw in desperate guys and run with their money.

    6. At 35.05 of the above RSD video called “Get laid using group dates” and which is about some social circle blueprint, you can quite clearly see that it is Dan Bilzerian in the video at least from his signature beard. So, its either they are friends with him or…

  1. how come the germans, who are pretty industrious, hard working and fairly intelligent people have failed to assess the real threats that face them for the upcoming few decades?

    is it so called german guilt? the lack of experience with the islamic world or simply having their balls cut off from two failed world wars???

    1. They have been fucked over by politicians and political correctness. I would speculate that a lot of Germans would be strongly opposed the current immigration laws.

    2. Having been born & currently living in Germany I can only say, that it’s a whole cocktail of reasons. Yes, German guilt (albeit mostly on the political Left) does play a role, the overly pacifist nature of German politics is also a contributing factor.
      The thing with ISLAM is that although there is great unrest within most average citizens about Islam & more Muslims pouring in, most people just don’t know enough hard facts about it in order to logically substantiate their valid objections. Such an open and harsh debate is (still) being averted by the mass media.
      P. C. and overall incompetence (Merkel anyone?) of their political personnel should also not be overlooked. Current German establishment politicians are of a level of mediocricy and lack of erudition, which is absolutely unprecedented since 1945.

      Also, many Germans in former Western Germany habe become somewhat complacent, thinking that their overall life couldn’t ever really change for the worse. Merkel basically got elected in 2005 and reelected twice, because the public thought she’d take care of nasty politics like a boring but overall trustworthy office clerk, not bothering them enjoying their somewhat good life with any nasty responsibility crap. In that sense the average German IS unpoliticized and is of an obedient attitude towards government and public adminiatration.

      People in former communist East Germany on the other hand are much more on alert, having rid themselves of one shitty dictatorship less than a generation ago, so they’re much more aware of when they’re being bullshitted by government because many can remember their personal past experience. And they’re more willing to go out and protest openly if they feel like it.
      Now I’m writing this as a West-German dude, but I’ve have lived in both parts of the country, hence my attempt of an assessment. But that’s just my 2 cts.

  2. Its kinda of embarrasing but when I make friends with people sometimes theyll tell me or a friend of mine that they thought I was gay when they first met me. Now this changes when they see me pull or get to know me but its still frustrating because obviously not a vibe I want to be putting out there. Any tips on how I would I go about changing this

  3. The idea that European (Western) culture is threatened by immigration is false. The immigrants arrive and over time, their culture gets dominated by Western culture. They lose their language, religion, and ways of dressing. Immigration is by far the simplest way to defeat fundamentalist Islam.

    1. Moron. Immigrants are outbreeding the natives by far. In large cities, Whites either already are, or are in the processing of becoming a minority.

  4. Aaron, how do you compare these three cities when it comes to women and dating, more specifically the hotness of the girls and the easiness in your experience?

    London, and England in general
    Stockholm, and Sweden in general
    Berlin, and Germany in general

    Also the general lifestyle in each city and it’s overall ranking apart from the girls?

    1. Nobody here would stoop so low as to point the idioicy of Kezia Noble. That would be like stealing candy from a baby.

  5. Do you think the feminist movement in America is sustainable? I sure don’t, and the growing opposition to it sure proves

  6. Since this is the off topic thread:

    Aaron, since today, every entry I open at some point pops up a very annoying box to sign up mi email address for updates. Is there no way to disable it? O have it show up only once a day, perhaps?

    Otherwise the blog is great as usual


    1. Just hit the ESC key. Did you disable cookies in your browser? According to the settings I picked, you shouldn’t be bothered by that pop-up window at every single blog entry.

      EDIT: I just checked the settings. They are such that the pop-up is shown only once a month to each identified visitor, and not at all to subscribers.

    2. No Esc key, I was reading from my phone yesterday, and the little X to close the window was so small on this screen it was a little hard to hit.

      Anyway, the box hasnt show up today. Yesterday must have been a momentary glitch…

    1. On that note, The Donald announced that he is going to litigate against those hags who accused him of sexual assault. As a rich, successful guy you are doubly fucked because the women coming out of the woodwork making up shit don’t have enough money, so those guys effectively waste their time and money, and the leftist mainstream media isn’t overly keen on setting the record straight anyway.

  7. Hi Aaron! Nice change of environment…

    Don’t doubt that the recent onslaught of trolls is a product of your “endorsement” of Donald Trump. Being a Hillbot is a demanding job, sympathize with them man!

    Speaking of which, I’m intrigued about knowing your stance on Anthropological Global Warming. It’s kind of the only leftist dogma that I can’t totally shake off, but since all the other ones are mostly bullshit, the cognitive dissonance is killing me, LOL.

    1. I haven’t done enough research on that topic to have a well-informed opinion. However, you are right to question anything the Left brings up. Further, political influence on science is a fact, so I don’t think it is easy to find any unbiased source. At the rate things are currently going, assuming anthropological global warming is true, the Left will have wrecked the Western world well before the planet becomes uninhabitable. Thus, I wouldn’t get too concerned about that sideshow.

    2. You are right to be skeptical. I did some extensive reading into the subject a few years ago, and while I am not much closer to having a good answer, neither is the scientific community.

      I am not a climatologist, but I got a healthy sense of skepticism that raises alarms any time someone (usually a leftist) tries to push some policy agenda based on “settled science”.

      The so-called scientific consensus on climate change is only a consensus on the fact that the climate is changing. Beyond that, the causes, scope, consequences and eventual measures to take are wildly debated and there is little agreement.

      Fact is, climate is incredibly complex, and scientist barely seem to have a grasp on its workings. I see the same occurring in social sciences (I studied Political Science), where social scientists face the same problems studying something as complex and unpredictable as human society (not that this prevents them from believing they understand society and attempt to engineer it).

      One needs only take a look at the wildly differing future doomsday scenarios the MSM regularly regurgitates based on “recent research”, never mind if it contradicts or is inconsistent with the “recent research” they were quoting the month before.

      So, bottom line, climate is changing? Yes. So what? It has been changing since earth exists. We will have to adapt. Humanity survived the Ice Age with little more that animal pelts and spears, I like our odds a little better this time. At least this time around we have air conditioning 🙂

    3. Totally agree with both of you, Aaron and Yarara. My skeptical sense doesn’t trust either side enough. One might be pulling for the Oil industry, the other one might be (is?) for the Renewable Energy industry and is the one that promotes feminism and pro-Islamism, among others.

      Climate science is in some regards like Nutrition. Sure, there are solid facts, like you can’t gain weight if you burn more calories than your intake. But every new study about the merits of this or that macro or micro-nutrient is treated as dogma at the moment only to be debunked or largely revised later. And even then, people will be brainwashed enough to treat them as gospel for a few more decades, hence all the fads.

  8. On climate change – if you really want to have a good laugh, you should research the claim/argument that is most used by the “climate change doomsday robots” wich is the “97% of scientist agree…blah blah” argument. And research both what they first based it on, and then what they secondly based it on after they were called on their bulshit. This shit only fits in a standup show- never ending comedy and stupidity….

    1. Oh, whenever someone makes an argument based on majority instead of proper reasoning, you already know that they are bullshitters.

  9. Whenever someone says “settled science” before a policy proposal, you know they are bullshitting you. This goes for climate change, porn, video games, rape culture, gun control, recycling, nuclear power, education, nutrition, economics, psychology…

    Science is NEVER settled, at most you can speak of the current state of scientific knowledge. And if you thought bullshit is rampant only in the social sciences, think twice. And check out these links, for starters:



    These are only two examples, but Ronald Bailey at Reason magazine has written a lot of good articles about the crisis in science, check them out.

  10. Hi Aaron,
    I’ve looked at the testimonials on your website and I have to ask,do you still do live/in person coaching sessions with clients? If not,would you recommend anyone in particular? I know that bootcamps are not good,but one-on-one instruction seems ok. I don’t really need it right now,but I ask just in case I’ll ever need it in the future. (Scotty from Goodlookingloser has retired,and Chase Amante isn’t offering any In person training at the moment. Those are the only 2 guys I know of who you approve of)

  11. Can the problem of doubt in men about womens’ interest (plus its resulting problems) be a result of women not easily putting out due to culture/religion/laws/customs/etc.?

    Can they be remedied by traveling to locals where they usually put out easily? (Bangkok, Thailand comes to mind) or is that an approach you condemn as for only being for the week men like most people in some societies do?

  12. Hey guys,

    I have a rather unusual question for this blog. In the grand scheme of the topics touched in the last few months, it’s trivial. Anyway, here it goes..
    As I admire the opinions of a lot of men posting here I was wondering if you could give me some pointers regarding fashion for everyday life. Not specifically geared towards dating. Aarons books touch on the topic from a dating/ club standpoint. Of course, your daily wardrobe might be dictated by the dress code at your workplace. But if this is not the case what styles do you prefer? Minimalistic black hoodies, fancy blazer with pocket squares à la Angel Ramos? I read some fashion advice from Chase Amante and found it to be pretty dull. He just hammers home the point that the clothes should fit. Well, this is kind of obvious to me.


    1. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to clothing, as it depends on your environment, lifestyle, physique, spending habits, and so on.

  13. Most people realize that women cheat on their photos (I assume), but I didn’t realize that they take it to this level though: http://www.yahoo.com/beauty/fitness-blogger-lets-her-belly-rolls-show-to-the-delight-of-fans-203639493.html
    And this is supposedly a “fitness blogger”….

    On pretty much the same subject- we always hear about all the body image pressure women are under- well around new year there was a poll on what were peoples new years resolutions… Was it the girls who were going on a diet? -nope- it was I believe around 25% og guys- while the girls were “going to eat more healthy” (sounds to me that this possibly is just their way of rationalizing not doing anything- maybe eating an extra apple a day…) . So this makes me wonder about how much truth is there in general about the difference in pressure on girls and guys….

  14. Does anyone follow the start-up landscape? Working in Berlin for Rocket Internet*, I noticed that most of the successful** German start-ups are run by former BCG/ McKinsey consultants with a strong operational focus, while a lot of the US unicorns were started by some blokes in their bedrooms with a product-centered focus.

    I doubt that Germany will ever come up with a truly innovative product as long as they keep following Rocket’s paradigm of copying first and scaling fast. No doubt the Samwer brothers made their cut but to what price. Also, the pseudo elitarian habitus is sickening. In Germany, they come from the same private business school by a large number (WHU). Granted, in the US a lot of start-up guys come from Stanford or Berkley but it doesn’t feel like here in Germany’s start-up scene and they’re mainly tech guys in the US instead of business folks. The name of the game here seems to be rich white boys club hiring almost exclusively among each other. Am I right or is it a similar tight circle in the US? From the outside, it looks way more diversified in the US with a stronger focus on what’s important – technological expertise.

    *Worst career decision ever. I am in the process of getting out. Out of Rocket and out of start-ups. Is anyone here working in the a start-up?


    1. Years ago I applied for a job at one of the Rocket companies in Berlin, for a full-time position. After some back and forth they approached me with the offer of hiring me for a six month internship first, and if I “outperformed” I would get “promoted” to a full-time position. To put this into context, I should point out that German employment law allows a probation period of up to six months anyway. Yet, Rocket somehow thought that their “brand name” was so great that they could offer someone an internship for 800 EUR for half a year. I chuckled, thanked them for their time, and simply ignored all their future calls and emails. They emailed me for weeks afterwards, about once a week for over a month, and sounded increasingly desperate.

      Yeah, working for startups is pretty much bullshit. There are a few angles that may work out, and I have friends who clearly came out ahead in the Berlin startup game (but not due to some IPO or other windfalls).

  15. Thanks for your reply Aaron. What was your motivation to join Rocket back then? Rocket is actually burning through employees like there is no morning. The wages are a joke (except you are a CEO at one of the companies). I had the dream of starting and selling my own venture at one point. But this dream is long gone, haha. Back to reality!

    If you don’t mind asking what angles are you talking about? Starting a company has not much chance of becoming successful or getting sold, and angel investing is even riskier. Not to mention that you need piles of cash and a massive network. The only real chance of making a buck is running your own development shack. So that start-ups outsource their app development or whatnot to your company. Like the saying goes: “In a gold rush it is best to sell picks, shovels, tents, and blue-jeans.”

  16. One more thing. How did you get into trading and at what point in your life? Did you start dabbling in the market at a young age, maybe even before you finished university? Or only after you had the money to make a return?

    I am very illiterate when it comes to trading and would love to learn more about it. What is a no BS suggestion on where to start? Thank you very much!

    1. what the fuck…

      I really can’t believe people actually applaud for this. Off course there’s always the case that people simply applaud out of politeness.

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