Phone Consultations

Aaron Sleazy is available for phone consultations to help you overcome specific problems in the area of seduction and relationships.

Individual Q & A Session (40 minutes)
Mini Coachings (3 x 40 minutes)
…both done via Skype (VoIP with no additional costs)

Language of instruction
English or German

The content of a Q & A Session is entirely up to you, and you are of course welcome to book more than one. You can ask any question you want. Recurring themes, however, are:

・Becoming more attractive, including fashion advice
・Developing confidence, becoming more outgoing
・Having more successful dates
・Meeting women in clubs
・Maintaining and improving sexual relationships

Mini Coachings are a popular option for tackling bigger issues such as developing (sexual) confidence or overcoming approach anxiety. Normally there will be one session per week. The typical structure is:

・Overview of your current skill level
・Identifying areas of improvement
・Devising an individual action plan with exercises
・Q & A

Cost and Payment
・Q & A Session: 70 EUR
・Mini-Coaching: 180 EUR
・Payable via Paypal

Those offers have a limited availability. If you are interested in those services, please contact Aaron Sleazy at: aaron (dot) sleazy (at) gmail (dot) com.