Email Consultations

While it is often easier to talk about problems via phone, it’s sometimes not possible to schedule a phone consultation. In this case, Aaron Sleazy is available for email feedback to your problems and issues to help you overcome specific problems in the area of seduction and relationships.

・You send an email that illustrates your problems
・You include relevant questions
・Aaron Sleazy sends you a lengthy reply
・The time Aaron Sleazy spends on one email is limited to 40 minutes, in line with his phone consultations.

English or German

The content is entirely up to you, and you are of coures welcome to book more than one. You can ask any question you want. Recurring themes, however, are:

・Becoming more attractive, including fashion advice
・Developing confidence, becoming more outgoing
・Having more successful dates
・Meeting women in clubs
・Maintaining and improving sexual relationships

Cost and Payment
・70 EUR
・Payable via Paypal

Those offers have a limited availability. If you are interested in those services, please contact Aaron Sleazy at: aaron (dot) sleazy (at) gmail (dot) com.