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[Sticky] Open Thread 2019 (#9)

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22 thoughts on “[Sticky] Open Thread 2019 (#9)

  1. Throughout history, women have been viewed as property and have been routinely sexually objectified by the male population. With the advent of social media, women have taken to Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook, and so on and so forth to post nude, or near-nude, photos of themselves under the guise of female empowerment. People praise these women, claiming that it is their choice, and to speak negatively of their choice causes one to be labeled as “non-sex positive”. However, in a world of rape culture, where men still feel entitled to the female body, how is serving up low angle, bare butt photos on social media empowering women? Women who engage in these acts are doing nothing more than to continue the narrative that women are only good for one thing; sex. That our existence is only justified through the male gaze. Women of the world, if you really want to empower other women, put your clothes back on and pursue more worth while avenues.

    1. Don’t like the extremes that article is picturing. Women always knew about the power a firm, thin and young body has on men. Men are not and never have been attracted to a intelligent women – if she had not been attractive in the first place. So what they’re doing on social media is the same what they’ve always done: marketing.

      I have an affaire, she sends me once in a while nudes. Her intention is to get my attention to invite her. If I by the way ask for pictures she simply says “no I’m not fap material”.
      It’s different logic.

    2. @Daniel

      Of course women know about the power a firm, thin and young body has on men, but they tend to deny it. They take nude pictures of themselves and put them on Social Media and then say that it’s all about inner values. It’s totally fucked up logic. O_o

  2. I few days back I came across an article: How Many Bones Would You Break to Get Laid?

    Basically, it describes men who are members of an online community called “Incels” , short for ‘involuntary celibate’, who seek to improve their success with women through plastic surgery. Many of these incels were former pua followers who became disillusioned with the pua industry bullshit. My problem with the article is its inferences that these incels who opt for cosmetic surgery must all be mentally ill or complete losers on some level. Its as if its inconceivable to the author that women can be that judgmental about a man’s looks. I also thought the title was derogatory. I imagine if there were an article titled “How much would you spend on your tits to get laid” some women would complain.

    1. I actually posted this same article a few weeks ago.
      I don’t agree with your assertions, “all must be mentally ill” etc.
      That wasn’t implied or stated directly – and I was struck by the fact that a lot of these guys had perfectly decent looks (pre-surgery).
      As far as the title, the point is to get clicks and readers and given that these guys are card-carying members of an “Incel” group, I don’t find the title to be derogatory.
      I’d argue that some of these views expressed in the article (by the author) are similar to Aaron’s in Minimal Game – improve your looks and improve yourself overall and you’ll improve your attractiveness. That is one of my big complaints about the PUA industry. Rather than “learning daygame” or “learning pick up” guys would be far better off getting socially engaged, studying foreign languages, getting into a sport or working out, and improving their financial status. Instead, you’ve got self-proclaimed Incels burning up their braincells and time (their most precious resource) online and whining (and apparently, little else).

  3. This time I call for help. So here’s the story:

    Due to pure laziness and hating how I look in the mirror, I (it was years ago, I’m incel for 5 years now!) used my old photos, from the time when I was 19 yo on dating websites. It always worked fine, for 5 years.

    Even 5 years later, amount of chicks that said on dates “omg you look way worse than on photos, gtfo” were less than 5%. So as long as we talked for a month (yea I hate to meet quickly) , there was 95% chance this relationship will progress and they did.

    Then I felt ashamed to use such old photos, and removed them. Here’s what I did – to make sure I am not shooting myself in the foot, I used photos taken on days of successful dates – so it’s like a proof on that day I still looked “fuckable”. Immediately I started to have no success on dating apps. It’s like -90% of “hits”. WHY? “I am literaly the guy in the pic” What does it mean?

    1. Yah dude, doesn’t matter really. As an experiment I installed tinder couple of weeks back… and I put pics of me at my looks prime when I was 29 and had almost fitness cover model body, defined jawline (from low bodyfat)…

      I get no matches… zero… actually zero matches. Btw, at the time those pics were taken I got tons of porn-like sex based on looks. But those pics get me nothing on tinder.

      Now I do only swipe on sixes and above (even though i never even made a move on anything less than a seven in the real world)… i swipe yes even on sixes just to see if i’ll get matches… I don’t. I haven’t swiped on a five yet, so maybe that’s when the matches will start happening ROFLMAO.

      So AGAIN… on tinder, using my best pics from my prime I get zero matches from sixes in all all age ranges… 20 somethings, almost 30, and even the 30 somethings… But in real life I bang 19-22 year olds that I’d say are eights (using status)… and when the pics are taken I banged eights based on those looks (in the pics), but they produce zero matches on tinder…

      tl;dr = tinder isn’t real life.

    2. and when the pics are taken I banged eights based on those looks (in the pics), but they produce zero matches on tinder…

      Edit/Proofread: At the time those pics were taken, I had a bunch of porn-like sex where chicks were hitting on me in real life based on my looks. But when I put these pics on tinder (of the same me, who got laid a bunch using that look in real life), it produces zero matches on tinder.

    3. I think tinder has changed considerably, probably all those dating apps, to when they first popped up.

      I am not really bothered as to why am not getting as many hits than before. It is just a waste of time.

      I do experience what AlekNovy has, get little to nothing on apps, but more in real life, and this with girls far younger than me.

      Dont let an app determine your self worth or attractiveness. Go out and notice how girls react to you, if you want to know if girls are into you ( ala sleazy’s books)


    4. TINDER changed i mean i went from new accout to 30 matches in the first week, second time i made a new account i went 5 matches first week, third time i got zero. i think tinder is dead and it is not only me.
      from what i gathered there are too many paying users as a result women dont even see your profile.

  4. What I’ve just founded on Magnus Carlsen’s instagram channel. This is one of the most pitiful commercial I’ve ever seen.

    Please take a look, the video is up there and it’s called ‘MoveForEquality’

    This guy has an extremely high IQ and I can’t even imagine how he would go for such stupid thing. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t do much besides playing chess.

  5. I would like to start to write more.
    How can I improve my writing skills?
    The basic rule says when we want to be better at X skill, then do more of X skill. But it’s not completely true, we should do more of X skill in the “proper way”, in another case we will develop bad habits.
    So maybe the best way would be to hire an tutor?

    1. You are right, you need to do perfect practice to improve, otherwise you ingrain bad habits.

      You need to have someone with the required skill to critique and give good feedback to help you improve.

      Maybe join a writing club, or hire someone to look over your writings.


    2. No AlekNovy, I was a teacher though. So I know about learning and practice etc

      But for you I can be anything you want



    Feminist suggests women “punish” misogynistic men by refusing to get married. Funny, last time I checked it’s usually women that want to get married more than their partners. Maybe I should save this article to show to any future girlfriends who start pressuring me for commitment; “Babe, I support women too much to inflict marriage on one of them.”

  7. Aaron, you talked in one of your last posts about “your wife“ and i just saw “Sleazy‘s Girl“ is now “Sleazy‘s Wife“.
    ->Wanna make an article on that?

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