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The futility of wanting to impress women with money

There is the phenomenon of the 30k-millionaire, i.e. the guy who barely gets by but who pretends to be a big spender. If you have ever been to an expensive club and seen four or five guys sharing a table with exactly one bottle, that is the kind of guy I am talking about. They want to partake in a lifestyle they cannot afford, and they do not want to admit to themselves that they do not fit into the crowd they would like to be part of. A baller would order a few bottles for $500 each all by himself. The 30k-millionaire needs a few of his friends to chip in just so that they can afford one bottle for the whole night.

Let’s assume a woman is so unobservant that she cannot distinguish between a pretender and a wealthy guy. She walks past the dentist who does not wear flashy clothes, and straight into the arms of some guido who spends more than he makes, and then some. That guy is now happy because his supposed money got him the girl. But what is he supposed to do afterwards? There is a limit to the amount of money he can borrow from the bank, so the charade will fall apart sooner rather than later.

While it is easy to mock people who fit that stereotype, it is not at all uncommon that people spend way above their means. In the country I live in, for instance, the vast number of people live paycheck to paycheck. In your country, it’s probably the same, and if you doubt it, then maybe look up statistics that show the median amount of money people in your country have saved. It will be a surprisingly low number.

Yet, despite the obvious futility of that kind of lifestyle, living above one’s means seems to have an almost irresistible appeal. A particularly egregious example I recently learned about is about a young guy still in his teens. He has a net worth of a few hundred bucks at most, but he was so overjoyed when he got a date that he spent 200 bucks on it. In the end, he got nothing in return. However, even if that woman would have wanted to see him again, he would very quickly have run out of money. Basic arithmetic is a powerful tool. Yet, certainly some people on the left are quick to decry it as a “tool of oppression” if not an “enabler or racism”. However, how hard can it be for those people to realize the folly of their actions?

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23 thoughts on “The futility of wanting to impress women with money

  1. What’s people’s take on the so-named “FIRE” community, i.e. Financial Independence Retire Early? Typically, the community espouses saving lots, investing in the stock market (e.g. index funds)…then live off of your nest egg, drawing down 4% per year. So if you have $1M, that means you draw down “safely” $40K a year, assuming your capital grows by at least 4% yearly with compound interest.

    Is it a pipe dream? That said, if you can find a lady who is frugal, financially aware (or intelligent) and fuck-able…well, that’d be the type of lady to get!

    1. It’s a pipe dream, because your draw money is consistent, but the returns of the stock market aren’t.
      There are literally millions of variations to “stable passive income”, and I don’t wanna discuss them all because some half beaked weirdo always chimes in with “duh Real Estate” or “duhhh Hedge Funds” or “duhh [insert XYZ investment vehicle]”.
      Bottom line is: You need lots of money to make lots of money.
      What theses FIRE guys (1st time I hear about it) want is to play big playa game with small money.
      If your 6 % p.a. AVERAGE stock market returns equal 10 mio per year and you have a dry spell for 3 years, but only spend 1 mio per year, then you can do it. Them fuckers would be broke, or would have significantly reduced their working capital if they hit such a dry spell. TIME is the variable they all gamble against, and they never win.
      Steady 5-6% returns, that used to exist many moons ago in government bonds. And even then there’s inflation… bla bla bla.. the whole lot.
      Again: It takes money to make money.
      Alternatively it takes tremendous risk with a good enough payoff and the stock market with its index funds hardly provides enough upside to compensate for the possible drawdowns à la 40-50% like in 2008.

    2. May I add that financial crises are cyclical and we seem to be overdue for the next one. Some respectable economists and hedge fund managers are forecasting a big crisis within the next 2 years, if not sooner.

    3. Not only is it a pipe dream, it is a fucking joke. There are some people who have done it though. For example, a guy named Mr. Money Mustache has done it. But all you have to do is to look further to know the joke of all of them who have done it.

      Stock market returns are just as a joke as well. Even that joke is not true if you don’t reinvest dividends. Heck, even Donald Trump would’ve been a bigger billionaire if he only invested the money he got from his father in the stock market index funds according to some asshole FIRE enthusiasts. Well, yeah that is true only if he reinvested dividends.

      Get this, you can’t eat reinvested dividends. Let alone buy a Jet air plane and yacht like the Donald.

    4. you could also buy bitcoin and hope John McAfee is right with his 100k prediction.

      Jokes aside, there are some solid digital asset investment cases out there. I’d say two or three. The other 2’500 are shit. If you can live with the volatility and the uncertainty of this potentially being one big ponzi scheme, then you can give it a try. The return potentials are “yuuuge”.

    5. That’s basically what i do. I just don’t get involved with some group of strangers doing my investments. I manage them myself with a trustworthy person who’s close to me. And who really knows the market. I don’t make 4%. I make between 10 and 30 percent a year on average. But i also had some very good years where i made 70%. I had to take risks to get the 70%. And it worked out fine. But i wouldn’t advice doing that. I’m trying to pull out the stockmarket. But i’m making more than i can pull out nicely and without alarmbells. Otherwise they’ll tax me right into a heart attack. So this situation wasn’t planned. It just turned out this way. It’s basically grey money. I don’t do anything illegal. But i can’t pull it out without giving the government it’s share. I’m not taxed for it now. But i will be the moment i pull out. Thats the part they don’t tell people. If you park your money that way. You can’t just pull it out. That would cost me a fortune. So i take it out slowly.

    6. Note: I didn’t start with zero. And i have one of the best professionals helping me. You would never get someone that good in some low profile investment club. And my guy does it for free for me. He doesn’t take a cent. Normally this guy would do investments for Billionaires. He helps me because of family relations. Normally he wouldn’t bother with a low level player like me. Thats the only reason this works for me.

      So it’s possible. But unlikely some low level investment club can pull it off. It’s more likely these people are scamed out of their money. Or that they’ll screw up and lose it.
      As the saying go’s.
      It’s a big club. And you ain’t in it!

    7. yeah but ben, this is only applicable to countries that have capital gains tax.
      And there are waysaround it even if you life in such a place. Holdings that you don’t own but control and that kinda jazz.

  2. Looks don’t matter to women, even Tyler from RSD said that in his seminar. Tyler is ugly, he looks like santa claus and he bang hot chicks. You can be bald with big belly and still fuck 9 and 10. Tyler is a proof. Game is everything. Confident matters. How do you will explain about Tyler from RSD? He is ugly as fuck! He can fuck chicks without difficulty. I hope Aaron reply.

    1. You’d have to prove that Tyler gets hot women first. Also, for someone who claims that looks don’t matter, he goes to great lengths to fit into the LA hipster stereotype.

    2. Unoriginal, shallow, no critical thinking repeats questionable or debunked assertions… I smell an NPC. 🙂

    3. If looks don’t matter why did he start working out?
      If Tyler was fucking so many chicks, how does he still have time for RSD business and a family with two kids?
      Yawn… what’s next, “Mystery Method actually works, you’re just not talking to the HB10 from the right angle and not using the right opener”?

      Oh boy, good old times hahahahaaa

    4. Tom Torero was caught using actresses for his videos, while Bad Boy was caught in-person negotiating prices with hookers. Also, I’m amused by guys like you who see a marketing shot of some dude with a chick and assume he’s banging them. Idiots like you see an RSD clown pose with a bunch of club girls who pay zero attention to him and you assume he’s having a five-some or something along those lines, when they end up going home empty-handed. With your defence of PUAs you are years too late, by the way. That boat has sailed. The industry is done.

    5. So what about Robert Greene Book, The Art of Seduction? is a scam too? Will not work for today world, for seduce girls?

      But badboy have good game, he is direct.

      Do you have proof, badboy negotiating with hookers? My friend payed 13,000€ for 3 days in Zagreb and he get laid, badboy was coach, my friend got results.

    6. Imagine how much experience that guy could have gotten elsewhere for that kind of money. Well, a fool and his money…

    7. Even in Robert Greene Book (The Art of Seduction) says looks don’t matter. Robert Greene is author of books 48 Laws of Power, 33 Strategies of War, Mastery, 50th law and Laws of Human Nature.

    8. Aaron, and what about Elliot Rodger? He kill people because of girls. He had looks…money and no girl was attracted to him

    9. I concur Tayob is a troll

      but for the beenfit of anyone else reading, Eliot Rodger had some clear mental health issues.

      I read somewhere he was offered advice regarding women by experienced guys and he rejected it.

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