A hypergamous woman tells me that her current relationship “may not be forever”

Some weeks ago I mentioned the case of a third-world woman who got into the West and who was over-eager to learn about the financial situation of the men around her. Here’s another story, in the same language course setting. She’s from Southern Europe, from one of those heavily indebted countries. You know which ones I’m talking about. She’s currently on a one-year contract, which will be up soon. That was what I knew of her. I also knew that she has a boyfriend. She brought this up when a guy with relatively low socio-economic status hit on her.

The other week, we had an exam in that language course. I was done way before anybody else, but there was a second part that had a fixed starting date, so I had to hang around the examination venue. I was reading Emerson’s Essays, when someone asked me if she could sit down next to me. It was her. She tried to get a conversation going. It was getting a bit too noisy, so I couldn’t properly read anymore anyway. First we chit-chatted a bit about the exam, but she quickly segued into asking me about my work. I have a smart-guy job. While I don’t nearly get paid as much as a high-powered consultant or an investment banker, I’m in an industry that pays for brains. My job is also reasonably secure because if one of my superiors had a stupid nephew who needed work, that guy couldn’t replace me. In many other fields, I’m in particular thinking about various roles in business, the complete opposite is the case.

I vaguely described what I do, and I got the impression that she systematically probed for information, such as whether I’m an individual contributor or also have some managerial duties, and if I have people who report directly to me. That seemed all a bit invasive, so I cut that short and asked her what her boyfriend does for a living. She was a bit taken aback by that question, but then she talked about him, but she quickly transitioned about her goals in life and then, when it didn’t really fit, she added that her “current boyfriend may not be forever”. I was absolutely disgusted by this. She’s living with this guy who is presumably paying her rent if not more. Thus, she is living with him and off him. Yet, behind his back she’s probing other guys for their financial situation.

Some girls claim that guys who only want to fuck women are off-putting. Yet, their intentions are pure. Also, what’s another dick for a slut? She’s had plenty before. Yet, I find it disgusting how transparently some parasitic women look for another host. Supposedly we men objectify women as sex objects, but what does a woman do who sizes you up financially? She likewise objectifies you and, unlike a guy who has a genuine sexual interest in some woman, she doesn’t have an interest in you, but only in what you can provide. In comparison, a man’s sexual interest in a woman is pure and honorable.

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One thought on “A hypergamous woman tells me that her current relationship “may not be forever”

  1. When you understand hypergamy and briffaults law. It’s not hard to see why feminism simply can not work ever. Women are not loyal by nature. And with no fault divorce. Marriage has become a empty promise. Men should no longer view things they do for a woman like a investment. It’s not an investment into the relationship. Everything you do or pay for is an expense. The moment you provide the benefit to the woman. It already lost it’s value. You can’t earn loyalty points by providing for women. That’s not how female nature works. She’s not your woman. It’s just your turn. That pussy is on lease.

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