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Open Thread 2018 (#9)

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37 thoughts on “Open Thread 2018 (#9)

  1. Ghost of Tsushima looks gorgeous. Sick gameplay.

    The studio working on this is responsible for the Infamous games, I think. Which I didn’t get into at all, but it looks like they’re coming into their own with this one.

    1. Also, I just saw a thumbnail for Last of Us 2. Very click baity with 2 chicks making out. I can tell you right now I didn’t click on it and I don’t plan on ever giving the game a chance. However, if a friend ends up playing it and I have to sit through some of it then I’ll comment on it.

    2. We talked about this game briefly last year. I’m happy with the new gameplay. In addition, the art direction is absolutely spectacular. I watched the fight at the end of the trailer in utter awe, and when I thought they couldn’t top it, the leaves started to catch fire. This was the first time in years I was impressed by visuals in a video game, having become quite jaded of the medium. Let’s hope the game turns out fine. I’ll definitely keep my eyes on it. Among other games that were shown during E3, Cyberpunk 2077 was another stand-out. Sekiro could be interesting, but I’m not that much into From Software games. Then there was Control, made by Remedy, which looks interesting. I wish the female protagonist were a bit younger and hotter, though.

    3. Yea, I discovered Ghost of Tsushima because you brought it up and I kept up with it. Death Stranding is looking to be kind of eh, when I was initially really stoked about it. I’m just not sure what I think about all these professional actors being casted in it. Perhaps Kojima should just make movies at this point? However, from what I’ve dug up the concept of the gameplay is supposed to be entirely new and community based. With alternate timelines continually cropping up and shutting down (when you die) with karmic/butterfly effect elements that affect other players in the community. But who really knows?

      I checked out your recommendations. Cyberpunk 2077 and Control do look pretty interesting. With so man games to play, though, I’d have to settle on Ghost and the RE2 remake. I know you don’t have a favorable stance on Capcom, but I loved the original when I was a kid and would love to relive the experience in a modern light. Trailer and demo look pretty badass imo.

    4. I am not a gamer…but I’ve seen some ads on YouTube promoting these shooting games where the lead character is some lesbian heroine.

      I’m sure those WWII games will feature strong independent women like Lyudmila Pavlichenko (is she like Ada Lovelace for wartime snipers??)

    1. Rose McGowan defends Asia:

      “Do NOT do the sexist thing and burn a woman on the pyre of misplaced blame.”

      Female ingroup preference at work here.

      “As I watch Asia do her job on set today, I see a pillar of strength who continues to work to put food on her children’s table.”

      Women don’t give too much of a shit about men in general. Asia didn’t love Bourdain and is able to carry on with little issue, what’s most damaging is her reputation being scorned. I doubt she has any issue feeding her children. Most likely it’s the issue of being able to afford a certain level of luxary.

      “Blame is NOT a conversation, it is the shutting down of our collective growth. ”

      Don’t blame Harvey Weinstein for Asia whoring herself out when she was younger, because that’s hurting our collective growth and spiritual development y’all.

    2. Oh, and this is new. Rose McGowan had very recently been indicted for cocaine possession.

    3. She claims they weren’t her drugs, like she was holding them for a friend lol. Maybe they belonged to HW. I think we shouldn’t blame Rose for her drug possession, but instead find someone else to pin it on.

    4. ==> “Women don’t give too much of a shit about men in general. Asia didn’t love Bourdain and is able to carry on with little issue, what’s most damaging is her reputation being scorned.”

      @pickernanny: Reminds me of that Rational Male theory about “War brides” and how women are quite adept in moving on from their dead spouse. Link:

      TL;dr: Women have evolved to shut off the emotional connection to their dead man and move on for survival.

    5. On the topic of the rational male…

      Last week was the first time I watched an interview with this dude.

      All of “his theories” are just him explaining theories from back in the early community. He even uses those terms and never gives credit. Dude acts like he invented this shit. And the people who praise him and his cleverness act like he’s coming up with original concepts and ideas.

      Like when he talks about prizing which is something that swinggcat introduced a long time ago. A lot of his other points are lifted from places like SoSuave (again, early seduction community).

  2. I think I made this same question months ago, but with a little rephrasing.

    What’s the rule of thumb for how long you should wait for a girl to get intimate with you in order to consider her LTR material? Is it worth to wait for a “virgin till marriage” kind of girl, as long as you are sure she’s not a reformed slut?

    1. you push for sex. her job is to push back. 5 dates plus is solid.
      then again you just gotta make sure she’s not using you to satisfy her need for attention and is genuinly interested in you and actually is conservative. her parents still living together significantly raises the chances.

    2. Just go to Asia. When her hole family joins you on the first date. You know you have a winner.

    3. Oh and the reformed slut. She’s just a victim of banana confusion syndrome. See video below for more detail. It’s not nice to call these poor victims reformed slut. They are banana confusion syndrome survivors. Just so you know.

    4. @neutralrandomthoughts: That’s a solid summary.

      @ben: LOL. I’m from Latin America, there are still some conservative women to be met.

  3. @AaronSleazy: I know you’re a huge fan of that Silicone Valley wunder-girl, Elizabeth Holmes.

    This post assessing her body language in an interview is interesting. The author concludes that Holmes, based on her facial gestures, is a sociopath and liar. (Of course, being found to have defrauded many of hundreds of millions is another way to conclude she’s a liar…)


    The post also notes that Jennifer Lawrence will portray her in an upcoming 2019 film about Elizabeth Holmes. I am sure the film’s narrative will be how Holmes is misunderstood and brought down by the jealous patriarchy (fraud charges and evidence be damned!)…

    1. For some reason, the oppressive patriarchy seems to find ways to reward that woman. She should rot in jail and be bankrupt, instead, she’ll probably get a few millions for her “story” that serves as the backbone of that movie.

    1. This egg freezing business is a scam anyway. They don’t tell these women that they have to use them within 5 years. The oldest egg they ever fertilised was 7 years. They ask these women to sign a form for scientific research and donation for couples. Most these women basically pay thousands of dollars to be a donor. And these eggs are being sold for many thousands of dollars for scientific research and infertile couples. Plus what quality guy is going for these over the wall egg freezing career women? So the only option would be sperm donor. What quality guy would donate sperm? So at best they end up a single mom. With a child from bad genetics. And very likely a child with birth defects. Whowwww ain’t feminism great?

    2. “…because quite frankly, it’s not fair. I spent $60,000 myself. I’ve done the right things in my life, now all of a sudden I’m at a place where I have to spend thousands of dollars to preserve my fertility.”

      These women make me feel like I’m being misogynistic towards my own kind. Of course life’s not fair; she made a choice, that’s what it is. “I’ve done the right things” is also not an argument.

    3. Judging by the outcome, she clearly hasn’t done the “right things” from a long-term perspective.

    4. Aaron: (Judging by the outcome, she clearly hasn’t done the “right things” from a long-term perspective.)

      Hate speech!

    5. Somehow i wouldn’t be surprised if the tax payer is going to be the one who’s presented with the bill soon.
      Sadly not surprising at all this move. And sadly not that unlikely they’ll get it sooner or later. Specially in some european countries like cuckoldstan.

    1. Maybe i should try righting a official scientific report on this new discovered affliction. See if an official scientific newspaper will pas an article on Musa sapientum fixa confusus. That would be hilarious if all medical practitioners would get an update in their mail on this new discovered affliction.

    2. Haha dude I cannot listen to her. I tried. Made it half way through and couldn’t make it any further. So, sorry if I missed some kind of punchline or something. Maybe we could make a response video about where all the good girls have gone using turds, luxary sports cars and my little pony unicorn edition to compare them all.

    3. Btw, so if this chick is out there making money off of giving other women shitty dating and relationship advice, and if she’s not in a stable marriage by now, then isn’t she like the female equivalent of a PUA?

      The justification gerbal and verbal diarrhea is strong with this one. Her advice, if honest and useful, could be summed up about like this: The older and more experienced you are with dating, the more fucked your are. Diet and exercise efficiently, stay away from drugs and booze. Have a decent personality and level of agreeableness, do counseling if you have to. Have realistic standards and avoid being used up by alphas. Avoid the temptation to monkey branch once you’ve locked down an all around decent guy, and don’t drive him away by being a shitty person (see point about agreeableness).

    4. If women were just given the advice above when they were young and moldable, they wouldn’t have to sit through hours of Amy Young spewing rotten sewage at them through a computer monitor. I’m guessing they enjoy that kind of thing, however. Idk.

    5. Pickernanny: Basically her advice would be that after being dicked down by all the badboys. Women should raise their standards to impossible heights. And mister perfect is going to show up some day somewhere. And just mary her used up ass.
      But just the fact that she used the banana alone was simply hilarious. (i just can’t stop taking banana) “So many banana’s”
      This girl definitely had her share of banana’s that’s for sure.

    6. I went back and checked out the video after all. But what was most entertaining was the comments section. Also notice the number of downvotes she gets.

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