Admin: Sleazy Stories II is in its proof-reading stage

As a brief update, I’d like to let you know that Sleazy Stories II is in its final proof-reading stage. Progress has been very smooth so far.

Stay tuned for further information.

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6 thoughts on “Admin: Sleazy Stories II is in its proof-reading stage

    1. Cool, I’m staying in Berlin for a few days. Do you have any recent experience with clubbing in this city? I went to KitKat club on Monday, the music was okay otherwise I wasn’t too impressed (lot’s of tourists, kinda boring). I really don’t want to step into another tourist trap, but some locals recommended me a club called “Kosmonaut” (on Friday) and “Griessmühle”.

    2. It’s been a while since I was clubbing in Berlin. Maybe check out OHM and Kater Blau. Friends of mine who still party a lot seem to like those places.

  1. I got two questions:
    – what’s the difference to „sleazy stories 1“?
    – do you think these stories could happen in nowadays society just as when you experienced it?

    1. You get new stories. Sleazy Stories II picks up days after Sleazy Stories. The encounters I recorded in Sleazy Stories II are quite unique. Even back then you very likely would not be able to recreate them. However, you can certainly pull off similar feats nowadays, just like it was possible to pull off similar feats back then.

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