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I recently changed my web host. Soon it is time for the next step. “Aaron Sleazy” will continue to exist. It is a wonderful online persona. However, the site and its content will move, namely from to The new Aaron is Aaron “Sleazy” Elias, in short: Aaron S. Elias.

Not much will change for you, though. The old domain will simply redirect. Also, note that this move will not be the end of Aaron Sleazy. Far from it! In fact, Sleazy Stories 2 just made it through an editing pass. I will fully focus on that book after the release of Aaron S. Elias’s Meditation Without Bullshit.

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One thought on “Admin: Upcoming domain change to

  1. Fitting some meta levels of sleazy into that name. Next you’ll tell us SLEAZY has been an acronym, and the S in it stands for Sleazy which is also an acronym 😉 Sleazception.

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