Tailspinning Sweden: At least good for some unintentional humor

Earlier today I posted a quick note on some Muslims who were gang-raping a Swedish woman and streaming this live on Facebook. It probably won’t take long and they’ll stream live on Twitch, starting “bid wars” on which hole to enter next.

As I was browsing some more on that topic, I came across the Facebook page of The Local, which was most amusing. I took a screenshot:

Inspiring stories!?

The first post was on the story I wrote about before. The second one is a link to “inspiring stories about newcomers in Sweden”. In case you are unaware of shitlib parlance, “newcomer” is a leftist codeword for asylum seeker as well as illegal immigrant, i.e. invader.

I had to chuckle as I wondered whether anyone at that publication has any decency left. I guess they didn’t see the problem as the televised gang-rape wasn’t reported as a story of a bunch of Muslims violating a woman for hours. Instead they spoke of “men”. If you ask me, Swedes deserve all of that, and more, for their utter stupidity. Further, as much as I condemn those muslims for raping a woman, she certainly deserves some blame for putting herself in a situation where she could get raped. I really wonder how much must has gone wrong for a woman to party with a group of men from a deeply misogynistic culture. Oh, right, she was probably a liberal and believed the bullshit she has been fed all her life. It doesn’t take much to picture her scolding a concerned acquaintance with, “Racist! Vad could possibly go wrong?”

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One thought on “Tailspinning Sweden: At least good for some unintentional humor

  1. Across the pond…to Canada…our gorgeous prime Minister, Justin(a) Trudeau brought in a boat load of refugees…cos of ‘muh feelz’.

    Funding? Figuring out integration? Meh, it’ll sort itself out:


    Watching Trump kick Trudeau’s ass will be swift and brutal. It’ll screw Canadians but hey, we get who we elected (a self-identifying feminist who likes to say “um” a lot).


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